AIHA: Leading the Charge to Protect Worker Health

AIHA: Leading the Charge to Protect Worker Health

AIHA: Leading the Charge to Protect Worker Health & Safety Cynthia A. Ostrowski, MS, CIH, FAIHA AIHA President MIHS Fall Conference October 2, 2018 1 AIHA Organization Structure 2 New AIHA Strategic Plan (2019-21) AIHAs Mission - Empowering those who apply scientific knowledge to protect all workers from occupational hazards Our Vision A world where all workers are healthy and safe Domains

Community Awareness AIHA will foster networking, communication, engagement and interaction in our membership and among our professional communities, and work towards achieving common goals. AIHA will promote the practice of industrial hygiene to increase awareness of its value and to sustain the future of our

organization and profession. 1. 1. Advancement and Dissemination of Knowledge AIHA will explore, develop and deliver cutting-edge educational resources to advance the profession of industrial hygiene. Integrity of IH Practice AIHA will identify, develop and

maintain avenues to achieve excellence in standards of IH practice. Advocacy AIHA will advance public policies that protect the profession and foster worker health and safety. Strategic Objectives 2. 3. Create the umbrella for IH and allied professionals to

share, grow, and access information (member recruitment) Create pathways for individuals to grow and engage personally and professionally (member retention) Support and contribute to the development of product steward professionals for them to share, grow, and access information. 2. As a profession, let 1.

people know who we are, what we do, and 2. why. As AIHA, let people know who we are, what we do and why, and what we offer. 3. 4. Research emerging issues. 1. Develop educational resources for targeted

audiences. Support and contribute to the development of new consensus standards. 2. Develop and maintain competency in specialty areas through registry programs. 3. Provide educational resources for targeted audiences through multiple delivery options.

Enable colleagues from emerging economies to access fundamental OEHS education. 1. Generate, join, and sustain coalitions which are aligned with AIHAs public policy priorities (as well as any issues that are clearly important to the Association, but are not considered priorities) Maintain accreditation programs for industrial hygiene laboratories.

2. Educate stakeholders, the public, and policymakers at all levels of government. 4. Explore and establish new accreditation and PAT opportunities. 3. 5. Develop recognized leading

metrics for worker health and safety related to corporate social responsibility. Influence policymakers by encouraging AIHA members and the public (including Americas 126 million workers) to contact their policymakers in support of AIHA positions and issues. COMMUNITY 4 New Membership Classes Student

Early-Career Professional Full Emeritus International Organizational 5 Each level of an IH professional's career can be described by the relevant technical, management, and leadership skills. Student/Intern Young Professional Senior Professional Mid-Career

Professional Emeritus Professional 6 New Online Community Platform 1200+ discussions 94 unique communities Exclusive Member Driven Community Interactive Discussions and Private Forums Knowledge Exchanges and Solutions

Resource Library and Blogs Events and Announcements Information Delivered via Real-Time or Daily Digest New Mentoring Program Coming Soon! 7 48+ Technical and Professional Development Committees, Working Groups Internal Operations Committees and Task Forces Minority SIG Women in IH 8 LOCAL SECTIONS

9 AIHA Assistance to Local Sections Posting/Sharing Local Section Events Publication Discounts Speaker Resources / Distinguished Lecturer Reimbursement LSRR travel to visit local sections/student local sections Access to state lobbying funds Leadership Development via Leadership Workshop Online community platform, LS rooms (Catalyst) AIHA Assistance to Local Sections

Conference Call Lines for Local Section Officers Call Website Hosting National Mailing List for Membership Recruitment Dues Renewal Program Electronic Balloting LSC Business Meeting at AIHce (AV/F&B/Supplies) AIHA Banner Stands AIHA National staffing (i.e. Thursa) AIHA Handout materials/giveaways Administration of LS scholarships via AIHF General Liability Insurance Directors/Officers Insurance

2017 Local Section Operating Expenses: @ $285K 2018 Forecasted Operating Expenses: @ $323k Partnerships 13 Renewed Memorandum of Understanding (July 2017) Local Component Relations (including Student Chapters) Membership Cross-Over (WISE/WIH) Government Relations Education (e.g. eLearning, webinars) Technical Content Development (e.g. OHSMS) Grassroots Outreach (e.g. Safety Matters, Global Studies (IOSH Cancer Study, INSHPO Global Safety Principles)

Other International Activities 1 Launched in June 2011 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Joint venture with ASSE, CSSE, IOSH Vision: To be a recognized thought leader for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Provides over 100,000 occupational safety and health professionals in over 70 countries with a stronger voice in shaping sustainability policies: Health and safety performance should be publicly reported. Organizations have a responsibility to publicly and transparently report this

information. Leading frameworks and standards bodies, including the Center, have a responsibility to ensure this can be done consistently and in a fashion that allows for comparison among organizations. Continues to push the following because it is difficult to compare performance across organizations: Standardized Corporate Sustainability Reporting Consensus on metrics or indicators that should be reported, definition of terms, collection methodology and reporting formats 15 Sponsored research with Harvard University that evaluated trends in public reporting of Health and Safety performance data by comparing the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) submitted data with company annual reports. Worked with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to dramatically enhance the requirements for Safety and Health performance reporting in their newly issued reporting standards.

GRI Standards are the first and most widely adopted global standards for sustainability reporting. Renewed relationship with Corporate Knights and are making progress on establishing a global reporting scheme. Public reporting of performance-related data has been shown to be an impetus for organizations to improve or maintain performance 16 Developing World Outreach Initiative Total Worker Health Affiliate Organization 17 Public Awareness Outreach: Safety Matters 18 AWARENESS 19 20 KNOWLEDGE 21 AIHce EXP Direct Read Instrument Certificate

New Regional Workshops EDUCATION = KNOWLEDGE IOHA 2018 eLearning FIH Road Course 22 Industrial Hygiene Practice Foundation Fundamentals Application Content Priorities Hierarchy of Controls

Application Elimination Substitution Engineering / Ventilation Controls Administrative Controls Personal Protective Equipment

OHS Management: Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Risk Communication Exposure Assessment: Workplace, Workforce, Occupational Agent Information Fundamental s Workplace Hazards, Advanced Science, and Evaluation Techniques Air Sampling and Instrumental Analysis Biological Hazards Emerging Issues Chemical Hazards

Community Exposure Biostatistics and Epidemiology Ergonomics Fatigue Management Health Regulations Indoor Air Quality Toxicology and Human Disease Physical Hazards

Content Priorities OEB Business Case Sensor Technology Total Worker Exposure Big Data Global Standard of Care Changing Workforce/Workplace Noise, Radiation, Thermal Basic Science and Math Algebra, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Physics, Physiology, Statistics Foundation 23

NEW! Academic Track: 14 hours of content ( topics will include how to get CIH certification, fundamental research). 2018 eLearning New Online Courses OHTA W201 Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene Q1 2019 Occupational Exposure Assessment (OEA), Level 1 Certificate Program Q4 2018 Ethics Course Q4 2018 25 2018 eLearning Webinars (recorded) Health and Safety Hazards in the Cannabis Industry (April 17, 2018)

Industrial Hygiene Statistics The Next Generation (April 24, 2018) Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Contractor Management Program: A Case Study (June 21, 2018) Virtual AIHce, Exposure Assessment Conferences 26 Connect Now! Look for exclusive AIHA information, updates, and offers Follow us for important industry news and happenings Join the discussion with other like-minded professionals Check out AIHA Network TV, the I AM IH video series, and view popular uploads Get more information at

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