Mentoring By Donald W. Larson AC Bronze, CL

Mentoring By Donald W. Larson AC Bronze, CL

Mentoring By Donald W. Larson AC Bronze, CL March 21, 2007 The Successful Club Series

Sophocles Quote The ideal condition would be, I admit, that men [and women] should be right by instinct. But since we are all likely to go astray, the reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach. Antigone Greek Tragedy by Sophocles 495 BC - 406 BC Consider Your Life Experience

Was there someone who helped you get started at work? Was there a teacher who had a positive impact on your life? Probably two or three people had an impact on your life Mentor Definition A mentor serves as a role

model, coach, and confidante, offering knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom useful to the mentee. Mentors Primary Directive First, Do No Harm! Benefits for New Members, Part 1

Learn the program - Become familiar with manual - Reduce difficulty of new experiences Learn Club standards and customs Benefits for New Members, Part 2

Develop confidence - From knowledge Participate more - Through enjoyment Quickly learn speaking skills - Coached, enabling faster learning

A Mentoring Program Helps Experienced Members Further refine skills - Lubricate rusty skills Learn new skills - Learn from other advanced members, or officers who have particular skills

Benefits for Mentors Mentors Learn from mentees Remain productive Do something for others Receive recognition Benefits for Clubs Clubs with mentor programs

Have more members - Reduced turnover - Develop friendships Have more satisfied members

Retain more members - Through fulfillment Qualities of Mentors, Part 1 A good mentor is Available Patient - Provide what it takes Sensitive - Keep confidences

Qualities of Mentors, Part 2 Respectful - Differences Flexible - Not always 100% agreement Supportive of Club - Show pride in club Knowledgeable

Qualities of Mentors, Part 3 Confident Good listener Concerned about others

- Care about people - Desire to truly help Initially Mentors Should, Part 1 Sit with new members - Cover Mentor Guidelines Orient them to Club customs and procedures - Explain functions and assignment process

Initially Mentors Should, Part 2 Help with Ice Breaker speech - Make new member comfortable Next, Mentors Should, Part 1 By the next meeting, a mentor should:

Make sure members aware of resources - Explain roles of officers Provide positive feedback - Through compliments Next, Mentors Should, Part 2

By the next meeting, a mentor should: Explain responsibilities - Review A Toastmasters Promise Help with speeches and assignments - Provide personal evaluations - Explain function roles Later, Mentors Should, Part 1 Eventually, mentors should also do

the following: Tell how youve benefited - Share your goals and lessons Invite them to other events - Speech Marathons Later, Mentors Should, Part 2 Eventually, mentors should also do the following:

Acknowledge their progress Explain officers duties - Shadow Program Explain speech contests Describe the TI organization Continuous Improvement

Remember that new members tend to be shy Provide more than one way to stay in touch with them New members may provide new perspectives to share with Club

Officers Qualities of Mentees, Part 1 Eager to learn - Take on new challenges Receptive - Open to feedback - Opportunity to improve

Qualities of Mentees, Part 2 Open to new ideas - View things from other perspectives Loyal - Keep confidences and trust Grateful - Through appreciation A Finite Relationship

A mentor relationship does not last forever: - The purpose is to teach a mentee to think independently and successfully Former mentees acquire the skills and knowledge to become mentors themselves To Serve And Be Served

Right now, each one of you look around the room. Whom can you help as a mentor? Who may be able to help you learn new speaking and leadership skills? Talk to the VP of Education

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