Equity in ESSA Stakeholder Council Meeting 7 Dr.

Equity in ESSA Stakeholder Council Meeting 7 Dr.

Equity in ESSA Stakeholder Council Meeting 7 Dr. Roxie Hentz Facilitator April 20, 2017 Think Sheet

Plus (+) / Delta () THINK SHEET Overview Overview Timeline to Submission Overview of Plan: School Improvement

Focus on Equity Authentic and meaningful family and community engagement Rooted in implementation science Emphasis on support Overview of Plan: Accountability What we heard

Whats in the plan Long-term goals Strike a balance between ambitious and achievable goals, but time is of the essence Cut achievement and

graduation gaps in half. Timeline: 6 years School quality and student success indicator Focus on whats actionable, report additional indicators when available, opportunities for local customization Chronic absenteeism for all

schools. Other reporting and local customization will be considered for state Accountability and School Improvement: The Big Picture Federal Accountability Identification

of schools for Comprehens ive or Targeted Support and Improvemen t (CSI & TSI) School Improvement

Annual check points Identificatio n triggers activities to help improve student outcomes.

Accountabilit y & school improvemen t systems monitor progress and identify when schools can

exit CSI and TSI. Identifying schools: topic #1 Targeted Support Schools Averages of subgroup overall performance Cap identification at 10% of schools

Identifying schools topic #2 Exit Criteria for Comprehensive Support Schools Three components: 1) overall performance; 2) progress toward goals; 3) local practice (i.e., school School Improvement: Topic #1

Focus on Support Decisions driven at local level Support from the State School Improvement: Topic #2 Exit Criteria for Comprehensive Support Schools Third component

Required element of sustainability Equity Equity Council: Our Beginning Overview of Equity: Accountability Intention: make sure that all high-need subgroups are considered rather than just lowest-performing groups (which

could hide some groups) when identifying schools. To exit Comprehensive and Targeted Support status, schools must demonstrate improved performance overall and for different groups of students. Overview of Equity: Accountability Absenteeism rates are higher for high-need subgroups; including this indicator will draw attention to this need. The long-term goals are set with the intention of reducing achievement and graduation gaps by half in six years.

Overview of Equity: School Improvement Intentionally called out in plan Emphasis on decision making at local level to allow for specific context and focus on equity needs in each school Intentional inclusion of all stakeholders in decision making ensures equity in school level plans Successful implementation is an equity strategy, as students cannot benefit from an innovation they do not receive

Leading for Equity Educational equity means that every student has access to the resources and educational rigor they need at the right moment in their education, despite race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, family background, or family

income. -CCSSO Round Robin ACCOUNTABILITY Room Mendota Round Robin 3-25 minute

Stations Round 1: 10:1010:35 Round 2: 10:4011:05 Round 3: 11:1011:35 Purpose (Plan 1.1) To collect feedback on draft sections

EQUITY Room Monona SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT Room Waubesa Revisiting Group Norms Actively and

respectfully listen and speak Suspend judgment and assume good will Express

disagreement with ideas, not individuals Share the airtime Tell your own story

Think Sheet Plus (+) / Delta () THINK SHEET Equity Council Next Steps Thank You

Summer Meeting To be determined... Please leave your nametag and notes sheet on the table

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