Global Transaction Banking Global Transaction Banking Scotiabank &

Global Transaction Banking Global Transaction Banking Scotiabank &

Global Transaction Banking Global Transaction Banking Scotiabank & Mount Allison University Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Scotiabank Card Program - Outline Welcome/Introductions Benefits of the Card Program The System and how it works Troubleshooting

Questions Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Mount Allison Benefits Welcome/Introductions ocurement/How_to_buy Policies to help protect end user Application form Acknowledgement of Responsibilities Global Transaction Banking | pg.

| Savings Opportunity for Mount Allison P-card solutions can deliver significant cost savings Process for small dollar items <$1,000.00 Simplifies the process Reduces Paperwork Reduction to wait time for order

Has a neutral impact on cash flow Limited liability Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Saving Opportunities for Vendors Receives Immediate Payment No accounts receivable functions No collection notices

Improves cash flow Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Team Members Pre-Spending Controls We are all on the same team working towards the same goal Cost Savings Program Administrators: Mary and Ruth -Responsible for administering cards, program coordination, helping resolve issues and training. Cardholder:

-Responsible for completing transactions, obtaining receipts, maintaining card security, adhering to University p-card policy, reconciliation and submitting paperwork correct and on time. Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Spending Controls Appropriate controls to monitor spending and reduce liability Single dollar transaction limit <$1,000.00 Monthly spending limit $5,000 Merchant type (MCC) blocking Spending restricted by category No Travel/Entertainment (see T & E Policy) this includes airfare/hotels/restaurants etc. No Cash Advances No High Risk III (Casino, Pawn Shops, Liquor Stores)

Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Spending Controls cont Purchases are linked to the GL account associated with the p-card application form. Card user must have 1-up signature approving purchases before submitting reconciliation and backup. Card user can access account daily to keep transactions up to date 100% audit of card holder transactions Global Transaction Banking | pg. |

Acceptable Purchases Purchase must be business related Books, subscriptions (but not from the MTA bookstore) Memberships/registrations (if not blocked by MCC) Research related goods (where allowed by grant or contract) Chemicals (where no special permit is required) Tools, small equipment Short term rentals (less than 60 days) Office supplies such as pens, sticky notes, pencils, flash drives Advertising Global Transaction Banking | pg. |

Unacceptable Purchases Personal Purchases Any University Bookstore purchases (please use internal account numbers) Monthly lease payments more than 60 days Alcohol, narcotics and hazardous chemicals which require special

permit Goods or services from other officers or employees of the University Wireless Printers, Cellular Phones and other devises not pre-approved by Computing Services Travel & Entertainment (includes airfare, car rental, hotel, food, alcohol)

Cash advances High Risk III merchants (second hand stores, pawn shops, jewelry stores) Note: Loaning of your card to others in the department is grounds for loss of use as this action is not permitted. Global Transaction Banking | pg. | How it works! 1. Activate your card 2. Make your approved purchases

3. Be sure that your delivery instructions are correct: -Central Receiving -62 York Street -Sackville NB E4L 1E2 4. Keep all of your receipts 5. Reconcile your transactions, save your work, attach your receipts, submit your file and send over your paperwork on time. Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Reconciliation Cardholder receives monthly e-mail to notify of cycle closure.

Cardholder has 5 working days to submit proper paper work and backup Cardholder access his/her account and ensures account numbers and charges are correct, inserts description as appropriate for the purchase. Cardholder saves, prints and then submits to Mary Richards the monthly statement Cardholder obtains proper 1-up signatures Cardholder sends over paperwork via interoffice mail Be sure that your full card number does not appear on any of the documents that you send over. Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Troubleshooting Declined Transaction

Exceeds single transaction limit Exceeds monthly total limit Attempted use where the card is unauthorized to be used (Blocked MCC code) Should a cardholder encounter any of the above situations, a purchase order should be done to accommodate the purchase. Attempts at getting the vendor to split a transaction to avoid the single transaction limit is cause for loss of the use of your card. Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Troubleshooting Cont Unauthorized Transactions The cardholder should monitor their card frequently to identify any possible fraudulent activity

Cardholder contacts the supplier to have charges reversed Cardholder contacts Scotiabank to validate/invalidate charges Cardholder notifies Financial Services of fraudulent activity Dispute documents are forwarded to cardholder for signature New card is issued Thanks very much for your time! Global Transaction Banking | pg. | Logging in to Centresuite Global Transaction Banking | pg. |

Centresuite Dashboard Global Transaction Banking | pg. |

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