Campaign Kickoff Enjoy the music! The webinar will

Campaign Kickoff Enjoy the music! The webinar will

Campaign Kickoff Enjoy the music! The webinar will begin at its scheduled time. Join the webinar using built-in computer audio or dial 669-900-6833 or 646-5588656 Webinar ID: 257-418-493 1 How to Adjust Your Audio 1. Select Audio Settings at the bottom of your screen. 2. Choose whether youll join using computer audio or your telephone. We recommend computer audio. 2

How to Chat 1. Select Chat at the bottom of your screen 2. In the chat window, select All panelists and attendees to share your message with everyone in attendance 3 Todays

Presenters Tina Reddington Director ASPCA Los Angeles Volunteer Program Olivia Melikhov Director ASPCA Social Media Strategy 4 What we Learned in L.A.

5 Case Study: ASPCA LA Foster Program Neonate Under 4 weeks (bottle babies) Pee Wee 4 to 8 weeks (eating on their own) Young 9 weeks to 5 months Adult 5 months and older

6 90% of the kittens under 5 months of age come in during Kitten Season 7 Live Release Rate (LRR) for juvenile cats before Pee Wee Program (2016): 21% LRR for juveniles after 1st complete year of Pee Wee Program

(2018): 50% Note: Juvenile cats includes kittens and neonates, as well as any cats without a date of birth entered . 8 About the Campaign 9 What is the Meow for Now

Kitten Foster Campaign? An effort to help animal welfare organization take their foster programs to the next level and expand their network of foster families to take some of the kitten-season burden off staffs shoulders. 10 Meow for Now Campaign 500+

Agencies YOU! 11 New & Informed Fosters in Your Community The Public

1,000s of Kittens Saved Who Should Join? Animal Shelters Rescues Municipal Agencies Already have a cat foster program

and are looking to grow it or connect more deeply with their community 12 5 Benefits of Joining: 1. Exclusive trainings and tips on how to elevate your foster program. 2. The ASPCAs public-facing Meow For Now campaign will drive foster volunteers directly to you. 3. Potential for your content to be

shared on ASPCA channels and through influencer/celebrity social media posts. 4. Access to private Facebook Group. 5. Access to fostering experts to answer your questions and guide you in best practices. 13 Yay! More foster families and less shelter crowding!

Benefits: Trainings and Tips Here are some of the types of trainings and resources well provide: How to increase efficiencies in your foster program in order to save money and save lives. Innovative ways to secure and sustain a larger network of foster volunteers for your organization. Shelter medicine protocols to improve the health of your foster population. Social media tips and tricks to raise

awareness about your foster program. A Pawckage that you can provide your foster families with. 14 Benefits: Gain More Foster Families The ASPCA will be launching a public-facing kitten foster campaign in May, driving cat lovers to consider fostering. All campaign registrants will be listed on the national campaign page at as part of an interactive map.

Prospective foster parents will be invited to connect with their local participating organization to foster kittens. 15 Benefits: Content Sharing Be sure to use the #MeowForNow hashtag in all relevant social media posts during the campaign for a chance to be featured on ASPCA social media channels and on influencer social media channels like @Cats_of_Instagram (10M followers!) For the second year, well be doing a nationwide livestream in which were inviting shelters/rescues around the country to share

live content of adorable kittens. Dubbed as the meow heard round the world, well be re-sharing compelling live videos on ASPCA channels and partner channels as well. Well provide you with customizable shareables, flyers, and posters that you can customize with your logo and information. 16 Benefits: Facebook Group Advice from ASPCA and other experts Networking opportunities Tips, tricks, and downloads Opportunity to share of best practices and ideas with each

other 17 Your Role in this Campaign Stretch yourselves and your organizations by trying innovative techniques to elevate your foster program! Join Facebook group Share your successes with others

Give us feedback in a postcampaign survey Turn Kitten Mountain into a Molehill! 18 Campaign Timeline Feb. 20 Campaign registration opens to organizations March 12 WEBINAR: How to Leverage Online Orientations Sessions to Get More Fosters in the Door and an On-Deck System to Keep Them Active March 20 Campaign registration closes

April 24 WEBINAR: Using mega-adoption events to get your foster kittens into loving homes May 10 Public-facing campaign launch June 30 Campaign ends 19 Are you in? Join:

20 Questions? Join: Reach us: [email protected] 21

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