Peer-support networks The key to building great researcher communities? EPEC: The Europlanet Early Career Network EGU 2019 SC3.21 Maike Brigitte Neuland Europlanet Early Career Network Short History 2014: EGU PS ECS Representative: Lena Noack Our idea Provide an attractive program

for early career scientists (short courses etc) at the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) in the name of EGU ECS EPSC 2014 in Cascais/Portugal 3 short courses and a science flash A new part of the EPSC program was established similar ECS program at EPSC 2015 in Nantes A community to foster planetary sciences (meetings, access to research facilities, ) Definition of a road map

Planning ahead involving young scientists Change from community to society Europlanet approached us (in 2016) to form a network of young researchers within the society Finding the initial members to start the network A lot of web-search email-writing asking around Thinking of the networks purpose and structure

Official launch of at the EPSC 2017 in Riga Action item No.1 Attract more members!!!!! Advice No.1 Do not let people sign up to email-lists by handwriting The EPEC network consists today of 7 working groups: EPEC Annual week EPSC activities

Future space research Connected to Europlanet Roadmap Early career support outreach diversity communication EPEC members and early career scientists interested in EPEC meet once per year for 5 days Participation via application (for non-committee members) Europlanet provides accommodation and 150 travel support Intense workshops and trainings, working groups work What defines

monthly newsletter common interest/field/dream/aim leader/president/representative regular meeting in person online ? deliverables organisational structure, purpose & rules

balance of giving and getting help and support funding senior/well known scientists ? ? a network? needs

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