Post production toolkit

Post production toolkit

Andrew Wild Essential tools for file based workflows POST PRODUCTION TOOLKIT Post - 1998 Standard Def Beta / Digi Beta

DV / DVCam Tape Tape Decks Beta / Digi Beta DV / DVCam Linear Online NLE

Evolution or Revolution? Revolution Evolution Noun A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system:the country has had a socialist revolution (often the Revolution)(in Marxism) the class struggle which is

expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism:when I grew up it was the Marxism that was very strong, it was like the revolution was coming next week a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation: marketing underwent a revolution Noun The process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from

earlier forms during the history of the earth. The gradual development of something: the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution Chemistrythe giving off of a gaseous product, or of heat:the evolution of oxygen occurs rapidly in this process [count noun] a pattern of movements or manoeuvres:flocks of waders often perform aerial evolutions Mathematics, dated the extraction of a root from a given quantity

Source: Online Oxford dictionary Post - 2009 Archive Transit medium SD/HD/3D File based data

Post Storage for editing NLE Online Whats happened? Editing and additional tool set being reduced to commodity computers and infrastructure! Camera to file based acquisition (Tapeless)

giant increase its here! Acquisition to edit timescales reduced (zero time?) Production costs driven ever lower What can we do in Post? Specialist skill set is still required. Specialist tool sets still required for finished program Grade / Dub / Deliver. Specialist infrastructure still required.

Back catalogue of tape based material access still required. Rule 1: Workflows You had a workflow for Tape, you just need several now for file based material! Understand the acquisition process and the

material it makes and the needs it brings with it. Adequate provisions for the production (Toolset for transcoding/storage etc) Data management. Delivery. Workflow example Deliver Capture Transport

Duplicate Store 2011 Andy Wild Archive Camera Codecs What type of file will you receive? RAW-MXF-.MOV-.MPG Can you access the data easily?

Can you process the data natively? How much footage/data will you get? It can be hard to relate GB to HRS of footage. Storage How much storage? What type of storage? Local disks Network Storage How to manage the the storage?

Man power Software tool set Storage Whats a TerraByte mean in real terms? In hours what does a TB mean? Its hard to tell! Data still needs to be ingested and this still takes time. 600:1 shoot ratios are madness but sadly the norm. Desktop copies can take hours when being

copied to SANs. Local disks Still has its place. Pocket drives still the most common transit medium. High performance at low cost. High capacity at low cost. Finishing workstations MAY need it if using uncompressed data streams.

Network Storage Expensive to deploy for real time editing. Expensive to expand and maintain. Does bring increased flexibility. Limited performance delivery medium depending. NLE Systems Can we use the camera codecs

directly? Do we need to transcode material? Are the workstations powerful enough? Do you have enough workstations? Do you have the right type of toolset NLE Software

Appropriate tool set. Avid Final Cut Pro Adobe - Autodesk Keep track with software versions. Native Codec support etc. Staff training. Understand new technology, workflows and project needs. Workstations Hardware more important then ever! CPU speed, RAM and GFX Card.

Highly efficient high quality codecs need fast systems and GPU acceleration to decode the image for playback. Delivery What format does the client want delivery in? Tape File

Do you have the right tool set to deliver the right file format? Transcoding How much to transcode? How much time will this add to the process? New files also need to be stored. Transcoding can be performed on NLE workstations or dedicated transcode software.

Encoding Files may need to encoded for delivery or shared workflows. Dedicated software or NLE software? Archive? Does the client need their rushes archiving? Does the final deliverable need to be

archived? Does the entire project need archiving, if so in what format? Disk Archiving Do you have the needed storage capacity for storing data indefinitely? Do you have the appropriate RAID protection? Do you have the power and the aircon?

Could the cloud offer you a solution? Data Tape Data tape solutions are easy to install... Good software search tools however are hard to come by. LTO5 is the current IT type solution but expansive and only 1.5TB per tape.

What about a MAM? What do you think you need a MAM for? How much will the MAM cost? Whats the ROI on your MAM? What will the MAM do for you? Ask yourself again... Do you really

need a MAM? Posts shopping list Knowledge of cameras and workflows. Storage plenty of it. Workstations ability. Data management skill set and SW tools. Archiving hardware and software. NLE

Transcoding Ingest Encoding SAN Archiving Use of technology & cost

Price Talent Production Post Production Deliver Conclusion Costing of equipment is falling but skill set is

still king. You must keep pace with camera technology to understand what you may have to tackle. Just because its on a drive doesnt make it instantly available. Make your client understand what can help you can help them! For further info please visit

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