Popplet - The Manor Academy CPD

Popplet - The Manor Academy CPD

Open app store and download QR code reader This will shorten the time we take to find and download the apps today. uick q a s ol i ils

o p t u s p i Th irect ipad d o

t way es on the s. ite ac to pl as webs such Popplet The modern spider diagram. It could be used as a quick starter to a lesson or as an ongoing tool

throughout a session is Popplet. This app is free and very simple to use and is great for generating and organising ideas. Draw Insert images Assign colours Add text Simple use.

Students can create mind maps or brainstorm like diagrams that detail their ideas and thoughts, the interface is incredibly intuitive allowing learners to focus on their creative ideas as the device and app become transparent. For and against: Prepping for longer mark questions or essays. Because the app has the ability to colour different boxes different colours they can put all for points in one colour and all against points in another

colour around the posed question. Collaboration possibility. You could put in talk time. Then forming the popplet as a plan for the answer. Literacy

Planning for creating a story Analysing a story Students could be given the blank layout and shown this in order to create their own. Timeline

Art lesson example Exporting Once students have completed their mind maps or projects the exporting capabilities are simple yet effective, there are options for saving the Popplet as a jpeg directly to the devices Camera Roll or sharing via email. Again opportunity here to pair up and peer assess and improve before doing the longer exam

answer or essay response. What could you use popplet for? Starters Squad time Revision Plenaries Have a go at creating on

Popplet Exam question response prep The app that allows you to learn and teach!

Show Me Flip learning- Learning at the students own pace. Basic use. Portable whiteboard that students or teacher can air server to the IWB. Insert

pictures Linking the Ipad to your laptop. Which means that you can write on the whiteboard whist circulating the room. You can keep students in their seats and still have them interact with the whiteboard. (Either

by drawing on your ipad or linking their own to the IWB). What is so special about it? Insert images Published videos

available. You can publish. Recording capabilities Voice over You can pause recording, write something, then unpause recording which will have that section of writing/images to appear at

that point of time in your recording. What is being written on the whiteboard. Pupil use. Set a written problem (upload a picture or write it on the show me screen). Students can then record how they work out

their answer. Students can narrate what they are doing. http://goo.gl/XPVxB2 Google has a URL shortner Teacher use You can video how to clips in advance of a lesson so that pupils can follow at their own pace.

payback how to video Flip learning- I will set watching the video as homework and pupils will now come to lesson to apply the technique to higher order past exam questions. Traditional method

How could you use this in your teaching? Are there any good showmes already published you could use? Have a go at making a show me recording. Try making a video you can send o pupils this week. Could be setting the homework. Could be a support video. How to guide. T charts

T charts True or false Finding the greatest common factor.

SMSCGive a list of points that students need to put into a correct column. Is it cultural or moral? For and against lists. How else could we use this app? Think about what lesson

you could use this in Blooms Apps

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