Ponchatoula High School

Ponchatoula High School

PONCHATOULA HIGH SCHOOL Welcome Class of 2020 Ponchatoula High School App Principal Danny Strickland Ninth Grade Academy Charlotte Dahmer [email protected]

Counselors A-D Denise Latour [email protected] E-K Orlisa DePhillips [email protected] L-Q Lynette Reno

[email protected] R-Z Tommie Robertson [email protected] How do I enroll my child? www.tangischools.org Registration Process 2 parts Online home, library, registration center Paperwork green envelope Green envelope

Distributed Weds, 2/24, to Ponchatoula public schools Complete paperwork Add requested documents Return to childs school (only and oldest) All Majority/Minority students must reapply. Registration Forms Online Registration Directions Registration Form 1 per family Homeschool or Non-accredited Private Placement Test

What is the Ninth Grade Academy? PHS Map Designed for FIRST-time freshmen Helps students to transition from 8th grade into high school Allows students to develop great learning habits Assists students with making the right choices Students placed with a team of caring teachers who use the best instructional strategies to teach the curriculum Teams meet EVERYDAY in order to focus more on students individual needs Conferences are scheduled during teaming time

Students Parents Administrators/Counselors What will the schedule look like? 9th grade schedule English I or English II On-level, Honors Algebra I or Geometry On-level, Honors Environmental Science On-level, Honors, AP

World Geography On-level, Honors PE II/NCCER, PE II/Career Ready or ROTC I Intro to BCA Elective Honors Course Criteria A student must meet three of the five criteria yearly for the subject area requested. 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. Minimum overall GPA of 2.8 Minimum subject area average of 3.0 Teacher Recommendation Student Self-evaluation Test Scores Excellent or Good on EOC test in subject area End of Course Tests Students must pass three End of Course tests to graduate. English II or English III

Algebra I or Geometry Biology I or American History EOC Test will count as 15% of the final grade. 9th Grade Electives Agriscience I Art I Beginning Band Beginning Choir FCS Family and Consumer Science I

French I (teacher recommendation) Principles of Business Spanish I (teacher recommendation) Theatre I Course Selection Please be sure to read the description of the elective before choosing. Please choose wisely, because we do not change electives once the master schedule is made. If you ask for a class and receive it, you are expected to stay there for the entire length of the course. Some courses require that you get special approval. Special approval means that you must get the teacher

granting permission to sign your schedule request form. For example, band requires that the PJHS band director signs. 9th Grade Electives When will schedules be completed? PJHS 2/19 & 3/17 Champ Cooper 4/18 Private/Homeschool by appt Ponchatoula High School Proposed Schedule 2016-2017

Name: _________________________________ Phone # ___________________________ Parents email: ________________________________ Career Cluster/Jump Start Pathway: _______________________________ ___ Jump Start ___ Core 4 ___ TOPS Tech ___ TOPS Core ____ Basic ___ Career ___ Core4 ___ TOPS Tech ___ TOPS Core 9th 10th 11th

Env Science Env Science * AP Env Science Biology I Biology I * Math Essentials Financial Math Chemistry I Chemistry I * Chemistry I DE AP Chemistry I

Physical Science Amer History Amer History * Civics Civics * AP Civics PE I or ROTC II World Geography World Geography * AP Human World Geography Elective:

12th English IV English IV * English IV DE Sr Applications Adv. Math Adv. Math * Adv Math 161 DE Adv Math Pre-Cal 161/162 DE Adv Math Stats 161/241 DE Calculus * Math Essentials Financial Math

A&P * Biology II * Biology II DE Physics Physics * AP Physics I AP Physics C Western Civilization Western Civilization * Western Civilization DE Elective: Elective: Elective:

Elective: Elective: Elective: Elective: English I English I * English II English II * English III

English III * Algebra I Algebra I * Geometry Geometry * Business English Algebra II Algebra II * PE II/NCCER Core PE II/Career Ready

ROTC I Intro to BCA Elective: My signature below indicates that I understand all expectations and can meet all requirements for the above requested courses. I have reviewed the course information including the courses required for graduation. If applicable, requesting an honors course indicates that I have reviewed the information in the scheduling newspaper concerning honor courses. Furthermore, I understand there are no trial-periods for classes, once classes are scheduled there are NO changes. Student: __________________________________________ Parent: __________________________ __________ Individual Graduation Plans According to the Career Options Law, every student must

have an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) on file at the school. The plan is initiated in 8th grade and will be updated each year. The IGP shall be signed by the student and parent or legal guardian each year. The IGP reflects the curriculum pathway and the recommended sequence of elective courses. The IGP is flexible, yet sufficiently structured, to ensure that a student will meet the high school requirements for admission to a postsecondary education institution or enter the workforce. TOPS Consent Form Diploma Pathways

TOPS University JumpStart TOPS Tech JumpStart Pathways @ PHS Agriculture Tech Integrated Business Management Carpenter Certified Nursing Assistant Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary, & Retail Internet Web Foundations Manufacturing, Construction Crafts, & Logistics Prostart Restaurant Public Service Web Design Professional

Welder Welders Helper Credentials @ PHS Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional or Landscaper Horticulturalist Lice Certified Nursing Assistant CPR Customer Service FEMA - National Incident Management First Aid First Responder MOS Microsoft Office Specialist NCCER Carpentry NCCER Core

NCCER Electrical NCCER Welding Pharmacy Tech ProStart ServSafe Louisianas Taylor Opportunity Program for Students TOPS A series of merit-based scholarships that award amounts equal to tuition, some including a stipend, at a state public college, university, community college or technical school, (or the weighted average of public

school tuition at certain in-state private colleges). TOPS Opportunity, Performance, and Honors Awards 8 semesters of college tuition TOPS Tech Award 2 years of technical college tuition Source: http://www.osfa.la.gov/ TOPS Resources TOPS Core Curriculum TOPS Tech Jump Start TOPS Approved 5 Point Scale 5 pt calculation is only for the TOPS system; not what we use for ranking etc.

TOPS Tuition Amounts Overview of TOPS TOPS CORE TOPS Tech JumpStart 4 year college 2 year college

Technical college TOPS Core Curriculum 19 units 21 units TOPS GPA 2.5 2.5 ACT 20 17 Note: Students following TOPS Core Curriculum with an of ACT 17-19 would be

eligible for TOPS Tech Earning College Credit Advanced Placement (AP) Courses CLEP https://clep.collegeboard.org/exam Dual Enrollment Northshore Technical Community College - articulated Northwestern State University - online Southeastern Louisiana University PHS campus AP Course Offerings Environmental Science

Civics Human World Geography Chemistry Physics Dual Enrollment/Early Start Adv. Math Pre-Cal* SLU Course SLU Course Fall Term Spring Term Math 161 Math 162

Adv. Math Statistics * Math 161 PHS Class World History* Spanish II Math 241 History 101 Span 101

Span 102 Biology II * Biology 151 Chemistry I * Chemistry 101 Fine Arts Survey Music App 151

English IV * Psychology English 101 English 102 PSYC 101 NTCC Articulated Credit PHS Class ABC Welding Tech I ABC Welding Tech II Adv Tech Drafting Basic Tech Drafting BCA

NTCC Class WELD 1110 & WELD 1210 (5 hours) WELD 1411 & WELD 1140 (5 hours) Course approved by NTCC instructor CADD1210 & DRFT1110 (3 hours) BUSO1310, BUSO1320, BUSO1440 (9 hours) Early Childhood Ed IBCA Prin of Business ProStart I ProStart II

Veterinary Asst CDYC1110 (3 hours) KYBD101, CPTR1002 (6 hours) BUSN1100 (3 hours) CULN1130 (2 hours) CULN 1140 (3 hours) VETH1000, VETH1001, VETH1002 (6 hours) PHS Expectations Our goal is for students to become actively involved in both the academic and extra-curricular programs. Join clubs.

Attend sporting events. Attend our drama and musical productions. Perform to the best of their ability academically. Bellwork, Homework, Studying Show exemplary behavior. Hallway movement, courteous, polite

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