PolyAnalyst Web Report Training

PolyAnalyst Web Report Training

What is next for PolyAnalyst PolyAnalyst? Web Report Training Megaputer Intelligence www.megaputer.com 2014 Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

Growing Team of Consultants Outline Enhanced OutlineLinguistic Parsing Dependency Parser

Enhanced Standard Entities Extraction Enhanced Sentiment Analysis Context-based Outline Disambiguation Had some numb feeling going down his leg earlier in 1998 which resolved. Sounds like it might have been a nerve-root problem. Strength and reflexes full. Mid-2000 had similar probs w LBP and numbness down leg (either), esp noted driving. Resolved spont. Exam

unremarkable. Discussed and given back exercises. LBP Lower back pain? Low blood pressure?

Lipopolysaccharidebinding protein? Local binary pattern? Context-based Outline Disambiguation

Multi-Lingual Outline Capabilities Support for 14 languages 11 European Spanish, French, English, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Polish, Turkish

3 Asian Chinese, Japanese, Korean Multi-Lingual Outline Capabilities Multi-Lingual Outline Capabilities

Custom Entity Extraction - setup Outline LinguaMark pattern:

:@ [{}:mode] [{<,P(1)> }:dosage] [{}:frequency] Matches:

Feosol 325 mg p.o. every day lantus 20 units qhs Tylenol #3 p.r.n. Class Dosage

Number Class Mode Class Frequency

Extracted Mode Extracted Frequency Anchor Class Drug

Extracted Medication Extracted Dosage Custom

Entity Extraction - results Outline Medications & Dosage Industry-specific libraries of resources Outline Dictionaries

Taxonomies Industry standard (MeSH, RxNorm, etc.) Custom developed Visualizations Outline - TreeMap Web

based reports Outline Web based reports Outline Web

based reports Outline Web reports Outline WYSWYG paradigm Simplified browser-based user interface

Fast response GIS capabilities Outline GIS capabilities

Outline Geo-tagged Twitter Data Sentiment of Doritos Locos Taco Entity anonymization Outline

Expanding Outlinethe reach OCR-ing Machine translation Speech-to-Text conversion Cluster-based Outline Architecture

Running on a cluster of low-grade machines Parallel execution High availability Fast response (in-memory calculations) Hadoop-based algorithms

Outline Indexing Keyword extraction Categorization Contacting Megaputer Questions?

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