Pittsburgh District Overview

Pittsburgh District Overview

Programs & Opportunities: Fort Worth District Society of American Military Engineers Fort Worth Post 03 November 2014 LTC Neil Craig Deputy Commander Fort Worth District Bob Morris, CESWF-PM, 15 Aug 2013 BUILDING STRONG Fort Worth District Mission Areas Flood Protection Military Construction (Medical) Recreation Water Supply Core Drilling Military Construction (Army) Land Acquisition 930 Miles 15 hrs Interagency and International Support Disaster Response

Military Construction (Air Force) Environmental Restoration/ FUDs Hydropower Generation BUILDING STRONG Types of Work CONSTRUCTION Design/Build ENGINEERING SERVICES ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Levee Repair Design Remediation Hangars Survey and Mapping Studies Medical Facilities Construction Inspections Refuse Barracks

Master Planning Investigations Facility Condition Assessments Energy Assessments 3 BUILDING STRONG $ Millions SWD Military Program (M$ PA) 4,000 3,500 REIMB ARRA DOD BRAC AF BRAC Army BRAC DOD MILCON AF MILCON Army MILCON 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 MILCON workload will dip below pre-surge levels Majority of the program will be reimbursable

4 BUILDING STRONG SWD Civil Works Program 1,600,000 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 ARRA 2004 2005 2006 2007 FCCE American 0 Recovery 0 & Reinvestment 0 0 Act Flood & Coastal Emergencies 4,491Control 7,626 3,773

3,764 SUPP Supplemental 0 0Funding 86,519 REG Regulatory 9,306 10,483 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 0 671,171 0 0 0

0 0 0 CAP Continuing 7,582 Authorities16,639 Program 35,341 12,705 CG Construction, General 167,416 127,409 179,477 221,713 16,028 1,405 11,517 2,995 2,465 2,463 2,463 Trend: 83,406 269,428 38,999 0 46,000 0 0 0 Operations & Maintenance holding steady 14,195 6,881 9,439 13,846 13,976 13,794 13,891 13,891

Construction, increasing slightly 356,034 361,647 393,372 General 374,765 372,665 364,868 403,000 407,000 Regulatory holding 38,145 29,930 44,841 757 steady 15,984 0 0 0 265,504 129,579 124,063 153,100 94,100 12,271 85,000 General Investigations small, but28,649 steady GI General Investigations 14,872 15,013 14,210 16,451 11,589 9,666 12,126

O&M 281,465 Operations & Maintenance 279,629 309,118 312,742 16,933 13,015 6,956 5 7,640 7,892 7,900 3,101 4,848 3,400 BUILDING STRONG MILCON and SRM Awards: FY02-16 FY15 and FY16 are Projected Award Amounts BUILDING STRONG FY14 Military Awards (Contract Amount, 355 projects @ $368M) By comparison . . . FY13 210 projects @$558M 7

BUILDING STRONG FY14 Military Awards Number of Projects, 355 projects @ $368M) By comparison . . . FY13 210 projects @$558M BUILDING STRONG FY14 Military Awards FY13 Awards: 210 Projects @ $558M By Contract Award Amount FY14 Awards: 355 Projects @ $368M By Contract Award Amount BUILDING STRONG FY14 Military JOC SRM Awards Number of Projects (187 projects @ $22M) BUILDING STRONG FY14 District Expenditures Type of Funds Total Expenditures $1,476M 11 BUILDING STRONG Forecast for Projects Listing for upcoming projects are posted on our SB web site.

http://www.swf.usace.army.mil/BusinessWithUs/OfficeofSmallBusinessPrograms Remember all forecast listings are subject to change as awards are being made per quarter. SWFs point of Contact for forecast information is Carolyn Staten, Deputy, Office of Small Business Programs at 817-886-1382 BUILDING STRONG Fort Wingate FY15 MILCON Opportunities Fort Worth District White Sands Missile Range 1 Fort Worth 2 Dyess AFB Lone Star AAP Red River Army Depot Longhorn AAP Fort Bliss Louisiana AAP Goodfellow AFB Energy Efficient Lighting, Fort Bliss 1 1st Qtr, $1M-$5M Taxiway Replacement, Dyess AFB

2 1st Qtr, $25M-$50M Fort Hood 3-4 Laughlin AFB Camp Stanley 5-6 3 Dormitory Renovations, Goodfellow AFB Camp Bullis Joint Base San Antonio 1st Qtr, $5M-$10M 4 Structural Burn Trainer Facility, Goodfellow AFB Corpus Christi Army Depot 1st Qtr and 3rd Qtr, $1M-$5M ea SAMMC-N Fire Station, JB San Antonio 5 1st Qtr, $5M-$10M Fort Polk Randolph AFB Fort Sam Houston Lackland AFB FSH Barracks Complex, JB San Antonio

6 2nd Qtr, $10M-$25M 13 BUILDING STRONG FY15 Civil Works Opportunities Fort Worth District Ray Roberts1-2 Cooper Lewisville Lavon Grapevine Fort Worth Hords Creek Proctor Dallas Benbrook O.C. Fisher Joe Pool 3 Bardwell Navarro Mills Waco Stillhouse Hollow Belton Lake O The Pines Sam Rayburn B.A. Steinhagen

Granger Georgetown Canyon Wright-Patman 4 Somerville 5 Onion Creek Recreation Project, 4 Design-Build, Travis County, 4th Qtr, $4M-$6M Ecosystem Restoration Project, Walnut 5 Branch, Seguin, 3rd Qtr - $1M-$5M Repair Spillway Channel Slopes, Lewisville Dam, 1 4th Qtr, $300K-$500K 6 2 Ecosystem Restoration Project, 6 Rio Grande, Laredo, 3rd Qtr, $3M-$6M Ecosystem Restoration Project, Lewisville/Frisco2nd Qtr - $1M-$5M Repair Embankment Seepage Area, 3 Joe Pool Lake, 4th Qtr, $400K-$600K 14 BUILDING STRONG FY15 Opportunities Galveston District

4 5 2 Galveston District Office 6 3 1 1 Falfurrias Checkpoint Relocation - 1st Qtr SBSA - $10M $25M 2 Jadwin Building Repairs 2nd Qtr SB $100K - $500K 3 Corpus Christi Residence Office Repairs 2nd Qtr SB - $100K - $500K 4 Port Arthur Resident Office 2nd Qtr SB $500K - $1M 5 Port Arthur Resident Office - Shoreline Stabilization 3rd Qtr SDVOSB - $1M - $5M 6 Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 3rd Qtr SB $500K - $1M BUILDING STRONG

FY15 Opportunities Little Rock District 1 2 3 4 MO Clearwater Table Rock 1 Mtn. Home Norfork 5 Ozark Blue Mtn. 3 3 Bull Shoals Beaver Greers Ferry Russellville Nimrod Little Rock District Office Gillham DeQueen

Dierks 2 Pine Bluff Millwood Tri-Lakes 4 5 Replace Gate Tower Windows, Blue Mountain (Between $250-500K) 1st Qtr, SB IDIQ Park Mowing Services, Table Rock Lake (Between $100-250K) 1st Qtr, SB Geothermal Conversions, Cleawater & Bull Shoals Project Offices (Between $500K-$1M) 1st Qtr, SB High Water Access to Tainter Gates, Table Rock Dam (Between $250-500K) 3rd Qtr, SB IDIQ Park Maintenance Services, Greers Ferry Lake (Between $500K-$1M) 2nd Qtr, SB Initial Outfitting Requirement 6 US Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe, Kaiserslautern, Germany (Between $10-$25M) 1st Qtr, SB Integrated Design Build Initial Outfitting Outside Little Rock Boundary 6 7 7 MATOC, US Air Force Medical Service Healthcare Facilities Modernization Program,

(Over $500M), 2nd Qtr, TBD 16 BUILDING STRONG FY15 Opportunities Tulsa District 9 11 7 5 4 5 6 8 1 $5M & $15M Design-Build Const SATOC (WOSB) 3rd Qtr 2 $5M & $15M Design-Build Const SATOC (HZ) 3rd Qtr 3 $49.5M Design-Build Const SATOC (SB) 3rd Qtr 4 KC 46 Two-Bay Hanger(TAFB)-4th Qtr-$50M-$100M 5 KC 46 Depot Maint Complex(TAFB) 4th Qtr Less than $50M 6

Gate Closure System (Broken Bow) 4th Qtr Less than $500K 7 Repair 4 Tainter Gates(Copan) 4th Qtr Less than $5M 8 Replace Flood Gate/Rehab Two Emergency Gates(Texoma) 4th Qtr Less than $5M 9 Install Hydro-Turbine Generator(John Redmond) 4 th Qtr Less than $500K 10 Seal Leaks in Discharge Conduit(Pay Mayes) 4 th Qtr Less than $500K 10 th 11 Repair Eight Service Gates(Big Hill) 4 Qtr Less than $5M 1-3 SWT AOR 17 BUILDING STRONG FY15 and FY16 Contract Opportunities

Location SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF AE SVCS (Design) SWF ECSO Horizontal SWF ECSO Horizontal SWF ECSO Horizontal SWF ECSO Horizontal SWF ECSO Horizontal Value (Capacity) Set-Aside Decision Release Date 30.0 Mil ($15 x 2) Unrestricted Mil 2Q, FY15 30.0 Mil ($10 x 3) 8(a) Mil 4Q, FY15 10.0 Mil ($10 x 1) SDVOSB Mil 3Q, FY15 10.0 Mil ($10 x 1) EDWOSB Mil 3Q, FY15 5.0 Mil ($ 5 x 1) HubZone Mil

2Q, FY15 15.0 Mil ($7.5 x 2) Small Business Civil 2Q, FY15 40.0 Mil (Target of 5, RGV) 8(a) 70.0 Mil (Target of 5, TX) SDVOSB 30.0 Mil (Target of 5, San Diego) 8(a) 30.0 Mil (Target of 5, Tucson) 8(a) 79.0 Mil (Target of 5, SW Border) UR 18 3Q, FY16 1Q, FY16 1Q, FY16 2Q, FY16 2Q, FY16 BUILDING STRONG Fort Worth Small Business Program FY11-14 Obligation Trend $700M $618 $600M $530 $500M $456 $402 $400M $377 $374 $329 $304

$300M $263 $200 $200M $177 $99 $89 $90 $100M $96 $70 $96 $78 $31 $51 $0M SB SDB Women FY11 FY12 FY13 19 HUBZone SDVOSB

FY14 BUILDING STRONG Fort Worth Small Business Program FY11-14 Percentage Trend 70% 65.2% 60% 50% 40% 51.3% 50.0% 38.7% 49.4% 37.0% 35.3% 30% 23.7% 23.5% 20% 16.4%16.7% 8.5% 10% 15.6%

11.3% 10.1% 6.2% 6.0% 8.2% 7.4% 3.5% 0% SB SDB Women FY11 FY12 FY13 20 HUBZone SDVOSB FY14 BUILDING STRONG Small Business Dollars at Work in Texas Dallas/ Fort Worth FY11 $14M FY12 $3M FY13 $46M

FY14 $12M Fort Bliss FY11 $59M FY12 $59M FY13 $342M FY14 $6.4M San Antonio FY11 $19M FY12 $62M FY13 $65M FY14 $39M For more information on how do business with the Fort Worth District, Corps of Engineers contact Carolyn Staten 817 886-1382 or email [email protected] Central Texas FY11 $82M FY12 $133M FY13 $305M FY14 $44M BUILDING STRONG Doing Business with Fort Worth 1. Respond to sources sought and requests for information. 2. Attend all events concerning the proposal to make sure you know exactly what's expected - site visit, pre-proposal conference, etc., and read all amendments. 3. Ensure your SAM information is up to date. Visit with a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) for SAM and proposal process assistance. Consider multiple small business certifications. Market yourself to the Districts as a SB concern with multiple-certifications and be sure your business cards and capabilities statements prominently reflect your status. 4. Form teaming agreements or subcontracting arrangements with other contractors. Subcontracting work is great for experience and understanding of Corps projects. 5. Take advantage of feedback via a de-brief with contracting officers following unsuccessful proposals. 6. Attend monthly and/or a capabilities briefings and demonstrate your companies experience and how you will contribute to our Districts small business programs.

22 BUILDING STRONG FY15 Items of Interest SAME Small Business Conference Kansas City, MO Date: Dec 9-11, 2014 Small Business Open House and Networking Forum Fort Worth, TX Date: Feb 13, 2015 POC: Carolyn Staten - [email protected] Arkansas Procurement Small Business Conference Little Rock, AR Date: April 2015 POC: Soila Reando [email protected] 23 BUILDING STRONG Key Small Business Contacts Division Leader, Office of Small Business Programs Melea Crouse [email protected] District Small Business Specialists Carolyn Staten Fort Worth Ken Adams - Galveston [email protected] [email protected] (817) 886-1382 (409) 766-3006 Soila Reando Little Rock Gene Snyman Tulsa [email protected] [email protected] (501) 324-7194 (918) 669-7010 24

BUILDING STRONG Key Contracting Contacts Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) Denver Heath Regional Chief of Contracting David Curry Chiefs of Contracting Kathrine Freeman Fort Worth Curtis Cole - Galveston Sandra Easter Little Rock Brian Brobson - Tulsa Deputy District Engineers Peggy Grubbs Fort Worth Edmond Russo - Galveston Randy Hathaway Little Rock John Roberts - Tulsa 25 BUILDING STRONG Questions? Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Worth-District-US-Army-Corps-ofEngineers/18808371129308swdusace Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/usace_FortWorth Flickr: www.flickr.com/usaceswd DVIDS: www.dvidshub.net/unit/USACE-SWD Online: www.swf.usace.army.mil 26 BUILDING STRONG

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