Phys100 Lecture One - University of British Columbia

Phys100 Lecture One - University of British Columbia

Welcome to Phys100 Section 102 Instructor: Prof. Fei Zhou email: [email protected] The following web page (with linked pages): Link to the section 102 web page contains the information about this course Please check it before each lecture, lab or tutorial various updated materials or important notices will be posted there. .html and .pdf formats Web Browsers: Mozilla, Internet Explorer Acrobat reader

To understand major global issues Climate change and global warming Consumption and conservation of energy resources Sustainability of current way of life. These questions have already an impact and will continue to influence our future. We have to make informed decisions and better address these issues. In this course, we will look at the basics of energy generation, electricity, and transport, and we will also look at a basic climate model. Phys 100 Topics Part I: Energy

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Forms of energy and energy conservation Dynamic equilibrium and thermal physics Home heating Radiation and simple climate model Climate change and positive feedback Part II: Mechanical Energy and Work 1. 2.

3. Kinematics, forces and Newtons laws Mechanical energy and friction Transportation Part III: Electrical Energy and Power Generation 1. 2. 3. Electricity DC and AC circuits Power generation

What we do Lectures: Discuss core materials which you have pre-read; have question & answer sessions and address basic issues. Tutorials: Improve problem-solving skills and test those acquired skills. There will be 10 sets of Mastering-physics problems with due dates! Help you to model and understand physical phenomena. Labs: Learn the experimental data acquisition and analysis techniques in the labs. Notice: Labs and Tutorials start next week (Sept 10th) Online course materials

Lecture notes will be posted online. The practice problems and the MasteringPhysics (MP) problems (to be marked) will be posted online. You have to register to use MP. Our course code is: UBC2007P100 You can download the lab software (LoggerPro) and use it to do the pre-lab exercises. We will use PRSs to check your understanding of prereading and lecture materials. It will be also used for tests, midterms and some homework. The Required textbook package Knight: Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics: Volumes 1-5 Boxed Set with Mastering Physics

UBC Package ISBN: 0135141583 Included in this package: Knight: 5 Volume Boxed Set Student Workbook eText Access Code pages from 3 texts PRS Clicker Rebate Coupon$25 value

MasteringPhysics Student Access Kit Where are my course resources located? You can find all of the resources for your course at this site, including: A link to the books Companion Website A link to MasteringPhysics (required for this course) A link to the eText which contains material from 3 other Physics texts.

MASTERING PHYSICS Your COURSE ID for MasteringPhysics is: UBC2007P100 You will need this ID to register for MasteringPhysics New PRS RF Clicker On this Friday, Shaun will talk about how to set up and we will test your PRS. Next Monday, we will start using them.

PRS (Personal Response System) How to use your transmitter (clicker)? Enter your student number Read the instructions how to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. join the class Answer the multiple choice questions

Answer the alphanumerical questions Write a self paced test Upload the homework Additional information and how to movies are available on: Lab Software: LoggerPro

Go to Laboratory link on course web page Follow the link Labs then Download Username is: Phys100Student Password is: LoggerPro2 Make sure that you download the file for your Operating system Additionally, the files require passwords to extract. The password for the mac file (.dmg) is: cicero The password for the windows file (.exe) is: dragon After you installed the LP visit and update the LoggerPro software to the newest version: LP 3.4.6 Other resources at UBC

1) Resource center 2 to 4pm everyday available for you in Hennings 208. 3 faculty members and 16 TAs are there to help you. 2) Tutorial sessions. 3) Form study groups and work in teams; learn via interactions and communicating with other students. Each of you is a valuable resource at UBC. 4) Email me if you want to talk to me personally. All the questions about the lab and tutorial schedules and lecture section changes should be directed to: Dr. Fran Bates and/or Dr. Evert Koster

It is very useful to bring the textbook and if possible laptop to lectures, tutorials, resource center and labs Marking labs % lab test (5%) 20 MasteringPhysics% 6*** Tutorial (group work) % 6 Final project 6

PRS (participation only) % 5** Surveys (participation in both pre-and post-) % 2**** midterm % 10* final % 45 Total 100 In order to pass the course, you must pass the written (exam and midterm) part and the lab part. People who failed the course will receive a maximum of 45 final score, even if your calculated grade may be higher than 45. *If you missed a midterm exam for a valid reason

(documentation must be provided to the instructor), the percentage for the midterm will be added to the final exam score. This way, the final exam score will be counted for 55% rather than 45%. **You can miss up to 15 questions during the term for whatever reason. The rest of the questions will count for your PRS marks. Since PRS is essentially a participation mark, no excuses will be accepted. Should the mark of this section be lower than the final exam mark, the final exam mark will be used instead. ***Should the mark of this section be lower than the final exam mark, the final exam mark will be used instead. ****There will be 2 on line surveys and 2 on line test 1 each at the beginning of the class and 1 each at the end. You have to participate in both surveys to get 1 point and in 2

tests to get another . Academic Misconduct Midterms and exams: open books but no electronic devices with communication abilities. No collaborations, discussions etc.. PRS Discussions are encouraged when appropriate. 2 clickers per person? NO! Labs working in pairs, Tutorials working in groups Read UBC Calendar page 48-49 on exam specific regulations. Calendar page 54-55 on Discipline on academic misconduct such as plagiarism..

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