Philosophy of Graduate Education at Rochester: Depth and breadth

Philosophy of Graduate Education at Rochester: Depth and breadth

----Some controversies are only misunderstanding---The Big Picture - University of Rochester The smallest major research university (among the 29 tier-one research universities) in terms of students and faculty size (but not in terms of research funding and facilities) About 3600 undergraduates (900 per year) About 3000 graduate students About 300 faculty in the College (River Campus) About 300 faculty in the Medical School (also Eastman School of Music, and Laboratory for Laser Energetics). Departments at Rochester are about half the size of departments at larger universities. Individually we are small, collectively we are large and diverse. Individual large departments usually fragment into subfields which rarely communicate with each other. However, having small departments can be advantageous; Promotes collaboration between departments and research laboratories - all of UR facilities become available. And, everybody counts, so Aim to provide a supportive environment to our faculty, 1 graduate students, and undergraduates. Philosophy of Education: Depth, Breadth and Diverse National Academy of Science Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP) recommended in a 1995 report on Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineers [1d] that: To produce more versatile scientists and engineers, graduate programs should provide options that allow students to gain a wider variety of skills. Greater versatility can be promoted on two levels. On the academic level, students should be discouraged from overspecializing. Those planning research careers should be grounded in the broad fundamentals of their fields and be familiar with several subfields. Such breadth might be much harder to gain after graduation. On the level of career skills, there is value in

experiences that supply skills desired by both academic and 2 nonacademic employers. Philosophy of Education: Training Future Leaders The 1995 National Academy report added that the future training of graduate students should include especially the ability to communicate complex ideas to non-specialists and the ability to work well in teams. Off-campus internships in industry or government can lead to additional skills and exposure to authentic job situations. (I would add, those who fund both education and scientific research must be kept informed of 3 latest developments) One of the most important long term influences on the reputation of a scientific institution is the impact of its Ph.D. graduates. Good mentoring pays off. 4 Department of Physics and Astronomy At the University of Rochester Chair - Arie Bodek Director of Undergraduate Studies - Nick Bigelow (TA and RA support) Assistant Chair - Sondra Anderson

Teaching Faculty: 30 primary in Physics and Astronomy + 15 (joint appointments) (1/3) + 40 (cross disciplinary physics programs many in the school of engineering have PhD degrees in applied physics). Research Faculty - 10 Research Associates - 40 Graduate Students -120 (20/year) Undergraduate Majors - 60 (20/year) + Technical and Administrative Support Facilities: Barnes Computing Center - 3 system managers Barnes Laboratories: Electronics, Design and Machine Shops (Design, Electronics Machinist) Research Labs in Particle and Nuclear Physics Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE); Mees Observatory; Institute of Optics Center for Photoinduced Charge Transfer Reactions B&L Research Laboratories in Astrophysics, Condensed Matter, Quantum Optics, etc. Strong Medical School (Biological/Medical Physics) Facilities at Xerox and Kodak, and collaborating UR departments 5 Experiments at Fermilab, CERN, Brookhaven, CLEO (Cornell), Jefferson Lab, JPARC(Japan) Optics is by its nature an interdisciplinary science Institute of Optics Faculty - School of Engineering - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Appointments, 1. Govind P. Agrawal Optics, Physics, LLE. Fiber Optics, Lasers, Commun (PhD Physics) 2. Miguel Alonso Optics - Mathematical Models of Wave Propagation (PhD Optics) 3. Andrew J. Berger Optics - Medical Optics (PhD Physics) 4. Nicholas P. Bigelow Physics, Optics, LLE - Quantum Optics (PhD Physics) 5. Robert W. Boyd

Optics, Physics - Nonlinear Optics (PhD Physics) 6. Thomas G. Brown Optics, LLE - Optoelectronics (PhD Optics) 7. Joseph H. Eberly Physics, Optics, LLE Quantum Optics (PhD Physics) 8. Philippe Fauchet Electrical & Computer Engineering, Optics Ultrafast Science, Semiconductor Optoelectronics (PhD Applied Physics) 9. James R. Fienup Optics - Image Processing, Wave Front Sensing (PhD Applied Physics) 10. Thomas H. Foster Radiology, Physics, Optics - Photodynamic Therapy (PhD Physics) 11. Nicholas George Optics, ECE - Physical Optics, Imaging (PhD. EE) 12. Chunlei Guo Optics, High Intensity Lasers Interactions, Ultrafast (PhD Physics) 13. Susan N. Houde-Walter Optics. Optical Materials and Optoelectronic Design (PhD Optics) 14. Stephen D. Jacobs LLE, Chemical, Engin. Optics - Liquid Crystal (PhD Optics) 15. Wayne H. Knox Optics, LLE (PhD Optics) 16. Duncan T. Moore Optics, Optical Engineering Optical Engineering, Lens Design, Manufacturing, & Gradient-Index (PhD Optics) 17. Lukas Novotny Optics, LLE - Optics on the Nanometer Scale (PhD Physics) 18. Wolf Seka LLE, Optics - Laser Physics and Engineering (PhD Physics) 19. Carlos R. Stroud Optics, Physics - Quantum Optics (PhD Optics) 20. Kenneth J. Teegarden Optics - Optical Materials, Fiber Optics (PhD Physics) 21. Gary W. Wicks Optics - Epitaxy, Semiconductor Lasers (PhD Applied Physics) 22. David R. Williams

BCS, Optics - The Human Visual System (PhD Psychology) 6 23. Emil Wolf Physics, Optics - Physical Optics, Coherence Theory (PhD Physics) More of the big picture - everything is inter-related Leading Towards the Future, instead of coasting on the Past In 1950s and 1960 U of R Lead the Way, Ahead of all Ivy League Institutions in several ways: I will mention only two-done on moral grounds (win-win) A. Opening its doors to undergraduate minorities such as Jews and Oriental Americans - while Ivy League schools had quotas. This propelled the UR to become a leading institution for very talented undergraduates - --And later B. Robert Marshak, Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (later to become president of CCNY) and started the Rochester International Conferences in High Energy Physics - inviting top European, Russian, Indian, Japanese scientist to the USA, and encouraging talented foreign students to come to Rochester (in the height of the cold war). This conference is still called the Rochester conference.This resulted in scientists abroad encouraging their best graduate students to come to Rochester , and Rochester becoming known as a leading International InstitutionAnd later 7 C. Win-win - Emphasis on excellence, while others got mired in elitism Rochester Graduate Nobel Winners in Physics Breadth and Depth and Diverse . We aim to train the next generation of top scientists in the 21st century. Steve Chu - Nobel Prize in Physics 1997 Masatoshi Koshiba - Nobel Prize Astrophysics - 2002 Laser Cooling and Trapping (Stanford

University - Physics and Applied Physics) Supenova Neutrinos (U. Tokyo-detector designed to BS, Physics and Math UR, 1970 look for proton decay) UR BS work - Particle Physics UR (Ferbel) PhD, Exp. Particle Physics 1955; Panofsky Prize PhD work - Optical Science Particle Physics, 2002; Wolf Prize (Israel) 2002 Current Research - Biological Physics King Faissal Prize (Saudi Arabia) Physics Astrophysics. 8 Was Okubos room-mate Breadth and Depth Important Within a Subfield American Physical Society W.K.H. Panofsky Prize in Experimental Particle Physics: To recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in Experimental Particle Physics. Prize of $5,000 presented annually. 2004 Arie Bodek (University of RochesterFaculty) "For his broad, sustained, and insightful contributions to elucidating the structure of the nucleon, using a wide variety of probes, tools and methods at many laboratories." 2002 Kajita Takaaki, Masatoshi Koshiba (UR PhD in Particle Physics,1958) and Yoji Totsuka (University of Tokyo) "For compelling experimental evidence for neutrino oscillations using atmospheric neutrinos. (Note this was an accident, detector designed to search for proton decay!) 1999 Edward H. Thorndike (University of Rochester-Faculty) "For a leading role in 9

APS Nicholson Medal for Humanitarian Service: To recognize the humanitarian aspects of physics and physicists. 2001 Nicholson Medal for Humanitarian Service to D. Allan Bromley Yale University For his roles as He was the first Cabinet level a research scientist, an Assistant to the President of the United States for Science and outstanding teacher, a Technology and Director of the supportive mentor and White House Office of Science and colleague, a leader of the Technology Policy (1989-1993). He physics community in this is a member of the National of Sciences and in 1988 country and worldwide, andAcademy was awarded the National Medal of advisor to governments." Science. He has served as President of the AAAS, of IUPAP, and of APS UR Physics PhD in 10 and holds 32 honorary doctorates Nuclear Physics,1952 Rochester Alumni Now Lead Three Hadron Collider Experiments (CDF, Dzero, and CMS at FERMILAB and CERN) CDF: 2003:Young-Kee Kim- Chicago ( UR Physics PhD 1990) cospokesperson of CDF- named by Discover Magazine as one of 20 young scientist to watch for the next 20 years (product of Rochester-Japan-Korea AMY

collaboration) Dzero: 2002: Gerald C. Blazey NIU, a former U of R Senior Research Associate, co-spokesperson of the CMS-LHC: 1998: Dan Dzero Collaboration Green- Fermilab (UR Physics QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. PhD 1970) is the manager of the US-CMS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at 11 CERN First Fermilab Tollestrup Award for best postdoctoral work 2003 Fermilab Today: Jan 15, 2004 (L-R) Juan Estrada (Fermilab), Florencia Canelli (UCLA) and Gaston Gutierrez (Fermilab) are responsible for this new measurement of the top mass, and have also contributed extensively to the construction of the Central Fiber Tracker for Run II. Florencia's and Juan's PhD theses at the University of Rochester were based on these novel analyses of data. Juan Estrada, Rochester Physics PhD 2002,

Wins the First URA Tollestrup Award for Best Postdoctoral Work Done at Fermilab in 2003 12 Two Years in a Row Universities Research Associate Best PhD Thesis Award $3000 Award: Un Ki Yang (Rochester Physics PhD 2001) Selected to Receive the URA/Fermilab Award for Best Ph.D. Thesis Done at Fermilab in 2002 Michael Fitch (Rochester Physics PhD 2000) Selected to Receive the URA/Fermilab Award for Best Ph.D. Thesis Done at Fermilab in 2001 Since prize was introduced in 1998 it was won by: Ian Adam, Columbia 1998 (on Dzero Experiment) Peter Maksimovic, MIT 1999 (on CDF Experiment) Peter Shawhan, Chicago 2000 (on KTeV Kaon Experiment) Michael Fitch, Rochester 2001 (Accelerator Experiment, advisor Adrian Melissinos, Cross Disciplinary Physics)) Un Ki Yang, Rochester 2002 (CCFR/NuTeV Neutrino Experiment, advisor Arie Bodek - MS student on USJapan-Korea AMY collaboration) Valmiki Prasad, Chicago 2003 Maria Florencia Canelli, Rochester - nominated in 2004 on Dzero Experiment- Helicity of the Wboson in 13 Both Breadth and Depth are Important Rochester Ranked 6th in Atomic/Molecular/Optical/Plasma (AMO/Plasma) in 2003 US News Survey

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA) 2. University of Colorado, Boulder 3. Stanford University (CA) 4. Harvard University (MA) 5. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 6. University of Rochester (NY) 7. University of California, Berkeley 8. University of Texas, Austin 9. California Institute of Technology 10. Princeton University (NJ) 11. University of Washington 12. University of Arizona 13. University of California, Los Angeles 14. Georgia Institute of Technology 15. Kansas State University; Rice University; University of Maryland, College Park; University of Virginia 14 AMO/Plasma: both are collaborative programs between Physics and Optics, and Physics, Mech E and LLE Physics Faculty - Fundamental Atomic Physics/Optics Nicholas P. Bigelow; John C. Howell Joseph H. EberlyCharles Townes Award, OSA (1994) Emil Wolf Esther Hoffman Beller Award (Optical Society of America, 2002). President of the OSA, Frederic Ives Medal OSA, Albert A. Michelson Medal, Franklin Institute Max Born Award, OSA Institute of Optics Faculty - Optics Fundamental and Applied Optics (Agrawal, Boyd, Stroud Joint Appointments) ECE, Chemistry, Chem E, BME, Med School -Applied AMO Physics Physics Faculty - Fundamental Plasma Physics and Astrophysics Eric G. Blackman; Adam Frank Mechanical Engineering/LLE Faculty Applied Plasma Physics Riccardo Betti, Robert L. McCrory, David D. Meyerhofer; Albert Simon;

John H. Thomas 15 APS Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize Purpose: To recognize a most outstanding contribution to physics. prize consists of $10,000 2004 Lilienfeld Prize to H. Jeff Kimble California Institute of Technology For his pioneering work in quantum optics, for his innovative experiments in single-atom optical experiments, and for his skill in communicating the scientific excitement of his research to a broad range of audiences. Einstein Prize for Laser Physics (1989), the Albert A. Michelson Medal of the Franklin Institute (1990), the Max Born Award of the Optical Society of America (1995), and the International Award on Quantum Communication 16 (1998). U of R Physics PhD 1977 (with Len Mandel, Quantum Optics) Elected to the National American Physical Society Biological Physics Prize:

To recognize and encourage outstanding achievement in biological physics research. Prize consists of $5,000(biennially). 1994 Biological Physics Prize - Robert S Knox University of Rochester Physics Faculty member BS Engineering Physics 1953 PhD in Physics (and Optics) - Univ. of Rochester 1958 Faculty member,Physics, Univ. of Rochester Previous research - Optical Physics, Biological Physics Most recent research publication 2004 - Earth Climate Other accomplishments - Past Chair, UR Physics& Astronomy AIP Industrial Applications of (Physics Also father Wayne Prizeof 2003 andKnox, 1998Chair and Director, Institute of Optics) Biological Physics Prize: Rangaswamy Srinivasan UVTech Associates PhD Physical Chemistry, UR Postdoc 1960 QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. 17

APS George E. Pake Prize: To recognize and encourage outstanding work by physicists combining original research accomplishments with leadership in the management of research or development in industry. Prize consists of $5,000, 2002 George E. Pake Prize to Paul M. Horn IBM For his innovative contributions to the understanding of 1/f noise, the elucidation of surface phases and phase transitions, and his signal achievements in managing IBM Corporation's global research team." U of R PhD Physics 1973 Currently Research Director of IBM (Condensed Matter Physics) 18 UR Physics and Astronomy Ranked 2nd Nationwide in Overall Graduate Student Satisfaction in 2001 A nationwide survey of graduate students ranks the Department of Physics and Astronomy 2nd place in overall graduate student satisfaction. Categories studied were as follows: Ranking Criteria: Overall Satisfaction - 2nd place Information for Prospective Graduate Students- 1st place Preparation for a Broad Range of Careers 2nd place Teaching and TA preparation - 4th place Professional Development - 3rd Place

Career Guidance and Placement Services -1st Place 19 Controlling Time to Degree - 8th Place programs ranked among the top 25 in the US (not including Rochester or Foreign), 36 from Physics and Astronomy and 6 from Optics 1) UC Berkeley Korkut Bardakci UR PhD physics - Professor of Physics 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Yale Allen D. Bromley physics - Sterling Professor of the Sciences MIT Daniel J. Ehrlich optics - Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Director of Biomems Laboratory Pennsylvania Deva Pattanayak physics - Professor of Physics Chicago Young-Kee Kim physics - Professor of Physics Chicago Donald Q. Lamb physics - Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics Cal Tech H. Jeff Kimble physics - William L. Valentine Professor of Physics Michigan Theodore B. Norris physics - Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 9) Wisconsin Sridhara Rao Dasu physics - Assistant Professor of Physics 10) Cornell Alexander L. Gaeta optics - Associate Professor, Applied & Engineering Physics/Director, Graduate Studies 11) Cornell Terry L. Herter physics - Professor of Astronomy 12) Cornell Joseph Rogers physics - Associate Professor of Physics 13) Johns Hopkins Frederic M. Davidson physics - Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 14) North Carolina John Hernandez optics - Professor of Physics 15) Washington Gordon Watts physics - Assistant Professor of Physics 16) Texas Karol Lang physics - Professor of Physics

17) Texas Charles Radin physics - Professor of Mathematics 20 18) Texas Jack L. Ritchie physics - Professor of Physics 19) Texas E.C. George Sudarashan physics - Professor of Physics continued 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) Texas Donald E. Winget physics Professor of Astronomy Virginia Bob Hirosky physics Assistant Professor of Physics Minnesota Ronald Poling physics Professor of Physics Minnesota Charles E. Woodward physics Associate Professor of Astronomy Vanderbilt Didier Saumon physics Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy 25) Penn State Iam-Choon Khoo physics Professor, Electrical Engineering/Director Liquid Crystals&Nonlinear Optics Lab. 26) Penn State Bruce P. Wittmershaus physics Associate Professor of Physics 27) Notre Dame Samir K. Bose physics Professor of Theoretical Physics 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) Stony Brook Thomas Hemmick Physics, Associate Professor of Physics Maryland Mario Dagenais physics Professor of Electrical Engineering Maryland Sarah C. Eno physics Associate Professor of Physics Maryland Rabindra N. Mohapatra physics Professor of Physics Maryland Rajarshi Roy physics Professor of Physics Arizona James C. Wyant optics Professor of Optical Sciences, Director Optical 34)

35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) Sciences Center Mayo Michael G. Herman physics Assistant Professor of Medical Physics Rutgers Mark Croft physics Professor of Physics and Astronomy Amherst Kannan Jagannathan physics Professor of Physics Bowdoin Mark O. Battle physics Assistant Professor of Physics BrynMawr Michael Noel optics Assistant Professor of Physics Hamilton James Walter Ring physics Winslow Professor of Physics Oberlin Robert E. Warner physics Longman Professor of Natural Sciences 21 Duke Daniel J. Gauthier optics Associate Professor of Physics Title: NSF: Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT) E-mail: [email protected] Program URL: SYNOPSIS: Support is provided to U.S. Ph.D. degree-granting institutions to facilitate greater diversity in student participation and preparation, and to contribute to the development of a diverse, globally-engaged science and engineering workforce. It is anticipated that $30.8 million will be available to fund thirty eight new and renewal awards. Deadline(s): 04/29/2004 22 PAS has encouraged majors to become double majors. At present, double-majors consist of 50% of

our undergraduate class (10 out of 20). Mostly Math, some Optics, some Music, etc. We practice what we preach - we encourage opportunities for educational breadth and depth. Know everything about something and know something about everything. Introducing BS/MS - Medical Physics this year (proposed by 23 Med School) + BS/MS(education) Graduating Year All Majors in PHY & PAS Double Majors 1986 19 9 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 27 15 23 16 11 17 11 4 3 7 4 1 1 0 Graduating Year All Majors in PHY & PAS Double Majors

1994 23 3 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 15 12 18 24 12 17 16 3 4 5 4 4 8 10 Graduating Year All Majors in PHY & PAS Double Majors 2002 2003 20 10 PHY = physics, PAS = physics and astronomy Back to the future: 21st century science will become more interdisciplinary. A private university must also excel in undergraduate education (Undergraduate Education subsidizes graduate education) 24 The Big Picture - Responsibility to both undergraduate and graduate education Undergraduate Tuition pays for Academic Faculty Salaries and for Graduate Stipends in first year, American Taxpayer pays for Faculty Summer salary and for Graduate Stipends after 2nd year. Physics faculty authored 35 textbooks (15 at the undergraduate level and 25 at the graduate level). The book PRINCIPLES OF OPTICS [11], by Born and Wolfs is one of the three most cited books in Physics. Prof. Emil Wolf 2002 OSA Esther Hoffman Beller Award for Contributions to Optics Education. Prof. Steven Manly was named the Mercer Brugler Distinguished

Teaching Professor in the College in 2002, and NY State Professor of the Year in 2004 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Prof. Judy Pipher was awarded the University's Susan B. Anthony Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to teaching and research. Prof. Eberly, Wolfs, Slattery, Auchincloss/ Bodek/Orr -5 UR Goergen Awards Prof. Das, Wolfs, Orr - 3 UR Curtis awards Prof. Tipton, Bocko UR Teacher of the Year Award Prof. Wolf, Bigelow, Meyerhofer, Foster 4 UR Graduate graduate teaching awards Sixteen Faculty won Department Teaching Award 25 Are Breadth Depth and Diverse Important? About 2/3 of Rochester Physics Graduates (>700 PhDs) enter Academia About 1/3 stay as faculty members in various departments Some Rochester Physics graduates come back to Rochester as faculty Susumo Okubo - UR Professor of Physics - Particle Physics UR PhD Particle Physics theory 1958 (Nishina Prize in 1976) (Marshaks program for Japanese Foreign Students) Paul Tipton - UR Professor of Physics - Particle Physics - UR PhD Particle Physics experiment 1987 Robert Knox - UR Professor of Physics - Biophysics UR PhD in Physics and Optics 1958 Mark Bocko - UR Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering (and Physics) - Superconducting Electronics - UR Physics PhD 1984 Tom Foster - UR Professor of Radiology (and Physics and Optics) Cancer Photodynamic Therapy - UR Physics PhD 1990 Esther Conwell - UR Professor of Chemistry (and Physics) Biological Chemistry and Physics - UR MS 1945 - with Weisskoff Theoretical Physics she is a member of all three academies National, American, Engineering) Thomas A. Edison Medal of the IEEE in 1997 Lewis Rothberg - UR Professor of Chemistry (and Physics) Biological Chemistry and Physics - UR Physics BS 1977 26

Physics at small distances: 18 faculty (+ 6 Senior Scientists) Particle Physics (13 faculty) + Ginther, Sakumoto, Budd, deBarbaro, Zielinski Bodek,Demina,Ferbel, Melissinos, McFarland, Slattery, Thorndike, Tipton - Expt Das, Hagen, Rajeev, Okubo, Orr - Theory Nuclear Physics/Heavy Ions (5 faculty) +Wu Cline, Manly, Wolfs, (Schroeder-nuclear chemistry) - Expt. Koltun -Theory ( ) = faculty with an appointment in another department who participate in the Cross-Disciplinary Physics Program Experiments at Fermilab (Neutrinos, CDF, Dzero), CERN (LHC-CMS), Cornell (CLEO), BNL (RHIC), LBL, 27 (Japan - JHF/KEK neutrinos), Jefferson Lab, LIGO, and other facilities Physics at large distances: Astronomy and Astrophysics (9 faculty + 4 collaborating faculty) Forrest, Pipher, Watson, Quillen - Experiment /Observation Blackman, Helfer, Frank, Thomas, Van Horn -Theory (+ Collaborative Program with 4 faculty at RIT) Plasma Physics and Laser Fusion (6 faculty+3 collaborating faculty) Frank, Blackman, Betti, Meyerhofer, McCrory, Simon - Exp/Theory + LLE (Craxton, Knaur, McInistrie) 28 Physics at intermediate distances: Condensed Matter Physics (6 faculty) Bocko, Douglass, Gao, Wu, Spoonhower - Expt. Shapir, Teitel - Theory Quantum Optics and Optical Physics (7 faculty) Bigelow, Howell, Boyd - Expt Agrawal, Eberly,Stroud, Wolf -Theory

Biological and Medical Physics (5 faculty) Foster, Zhong, Knox. Rothberg, Conwell - Exp/Theory 29 CROSS DISCIPLINARY PHYSICS PROGRAM Accelerator Physics (With Fermilab) currently 2 students Atomic and Molecular Physics Biological and Medical Physics Chemical Physics Communication, Computational and Information Plasma Physics and Fusion Imaging Science and Astrophysics Condensed Matter Physics Low Temperature Physics Materials Science Micro-Electronics Optical and Laser Physics Quantum Optics Industry 40 external advisors in other departments: Laser Lab; Optics; Chemistry; Electrical, Chemical & Mechanical Engineering; BME, Medical School; Math; Brookhaven National Lab, Fermilab, Kodak, Lucent, etc. + internal advisor in Physics and Astronomy Approximately 30% of our students do Ph.D. theses in this 2-advisor mode. The PhD degree is in Physics. There is an average of one seminar every day of week. 1. Weekly Graduate Research and Teaching Seminars 2. Weekly colloquia and seminar series in Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Optics, Mathematical Physics 30 Communication Skills: All graduate students attend TA training and TA for one year (usually the first year). Certificate in College Teaching of Physics (5 each year) for future faculty members: A program to train graduate students to teach

a course as a full instructor (for teaching careers) Graduate TAs are trained during the academic year as TAs in an introductory undergraduate physics course Subsequently, they teach the same course as a full instructor in the summer session. As a result of this program, some PhDs have gone directly into faculty positions (e.g., at SUNY Geneseo). Mostly our graduates first build up their research career as postdocs. 31 What about communicating with general public - We run a variety of outreach programs for Undergraduates (REU), High School Students, High School Teachers, and the General Public And Adam Frank, Professor of Physics and Astrophysics at Rochester received the 1999 Popular Writing Award of the from the American Astronomical Society. Michael Riordan (UR PAS Scientist 1983-1987-Particle Physics) Received the 2002 Andrew Gemant Award by the American Institute of Physics for "skillfully conveying the excitement and drama of science and for clarifying important scientific ideas through his many 32 Where do our graduate students go? Physics has graduated more than 700 Ph.D.s At present, about 1/3 or 250 are faculty members at Universities or Academic Research Institutes. However, they start 2/3 in Academia and 1/3 in Industry

In 1999-2000: 28 Ph.D. Graduates (14 per year) Universities+Labs: 18 (in 99/00) or 2/3 14 Postdocs (Research), 3 Assist. Professors (Teaching), 1 Astronaut Industry: 10 (in 99/00) or 1/3 8 Scientists/Engineers, 2 Business 33 PhD 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

Employer. Univ. Washington-St. Louis, Elec. Engr. Dept. Brookhaven National Lab. TRW Halcyon Inc., Toronto Sierra Monolithics Rio Grande Medical Tech. The Hartford Univ. Copenhagen Univ. Washington Univ. Maryland Corning, Inc. University of Michigan Univ. Rochester Univ. Rochester Albright College Naval Aviation School Pebbles Technologies Advant! Univ. Rochester, Inst. Optics The College of Wooster, Ohio NEC Research Institute, Inc. Augustana College Lucent Technologies (NJ) Naval Research Lab. Univ. Arizona, Optical Sci. Center Univ. Florida (Bryant Space Sci. Ctr. Univ. of Chicago Lucent Technologies Name Carney, Paul Scott Title Postdoc

Advisor Wolf, E. QOT Chaloupka, J an Lucien Goodno, Gregory Gupta, Vinita Herr, Andrea Hull, Edward L. Khan, Adil A. Lee, Chi-Wei Herbert Markiel, J. Andrew McNaught, Stuart J ames Rahman, Ashiqur Reis, David A. Simon, Michael Wilhelm Begel, Michael Buerke, Brian Cassada, J osh Dadusc, Gami Delamarter, Guy Fitch, Michael Goetz, J ennifer Kuzmich, Alexander Larkin, J ohn Liu, J inbo Makinen, Antti Pu, Hahn Raines, S. Nicholas Yang, Un Ki Ye, Hong Postdoc Scientist Marketing Coordinator

Scientist Sr. Scientist Analyst Postdoc Postdoc Postdoc Research Scientist Postdoc. Postdoc Postdoc Assist. Prof. Astronaut Training Engineer Engineer Postdoc Assist. Professor Postdoc Assist. Professor Scientist Postdoc Postdoc Postdoc Postdoc Scientist Meyerhofer, D. Miller, R.J. D./B igelow, N. Myers Kelley, Anne Bocko, M. Foster, T. Schnidman, Y./ Shapir, Y. Rajeev, S. Thomas, J. /Va n Horn, H.M. Meyerhofer, D. Eberly, J. H. Melissinos, A.C. Cline, D.

Slattery, P. Meyerhofer, D. Tipton, P. Miller,Dwayne/ Wolf, E. Frank, Adam Melissinos, A. Pipher, J. Mandel, L. Foster, T. Bodek, A. Gao, Y. Bigelow, N. Watson, D. Bodek, A. Fauchet, Philippe QMX CMX CMX CMX BPX CMT PPT A/A P PPF QOT PPX NPX PPX PPF PPX CMX A/A P PPX A/A P QOX BPX

PPX CMX QOX A/A P PPX CME 34 Bryan, Diane* 1997 Casey, Dylan Chen, Tao Choong, Vi-En Collins, Timothy Diol, Sabrina* Fan, Qun Freeman, Charles Henderson, Robert # Herrick, Diane* Kalinski, Matthew Kurz, Kristin* Lobad, Ahmed Misra, Aalok Roberts, Scott Tollefson, Kirsten* # Torgerson, Justin (17) Bloomer, John # 1998 Branning, David Chaloupka, Jan Ejnisman, Renato Gupta, Pramod Hahn, Ki Suk Koffas, Thomas Roald, Colin Rudy, Paul # Solomon, Steven Turano, Edward

(11) Experimental Nuclear Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Theor. Chemical Physics/Condensed Matter Exp. Chemical Physics/Condensed Matter Theoretical Astrophysics Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Theoretical Quantum Optics Experimental Nuclear Physics Exp. Chemical/ Condensed Matter (with EE) Theoretical High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Quantum Optics Observational Astronomy Experimental Quantum Optics Expt. Plasma Physics and Fusion (with LLE) Experimental Quantum Optics Theor. Chemica/ Condensed Matter Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Theoretical Astro/plasma physics (with ME) Experimental Quantum Optics Observational Astronomy Theoretical Plasma Physics (with ME) Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Co. Assistant Prof., St. Johns College, MD. Manager of Internet Technology, lexisONE Staff Scientist, Motorola Scientist., Univ. Rochester Laser Lab Sr.Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Co.

Research Scientist, LBL Assistant Prof., SUNY-Geneseo Vice President, Element Re Capital Products Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Co. Research Associate, FOM Institute Scientist, Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab. Research Scientist, Los Alamos Sr. Postdoc, Institute of Physics, India Software Developer, DataChannel Assistant Prof., Michigan State Scientist, Los Alamos Scientist, Raytheon Systems Postdoc, NIST Assistant Prof., College of William and Mary Consultant, McKinsey & Co., Brazil Staff, IBM Toronto Research Scientist, Lucent Technologies Postdoc, University of Athens Internet Developer, Revbox Scientific Engineer, Coherent Laser Group Scientist, Santa Barbara Research Center Postdoc, Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab. 35 Carney, P. Scott 1999 Goodno, Gregory Gupta, Vinita* Herr, Andrea Domino* Hull, Edward Khan, Adil McNaught, Stuart Rahman, Ashiqur Reis, David Simon, Michael # (10) Begel, Michael 2000

Buerke, Brian Cassada, Josh Dadusc, Gami * Delamarter, Guy # Fitch, Michael Goetz, Jennifer *# Kuzmich, Alexander Larkin, John Lee, Chi Wei Herbert Liu, Jinbo * Makinen, Antti Markiel, J. Andrew Pu, Hahn Raines, Steven Nicholas # Yang, Un-Ki Ye, Hong (17) Experimental Quantum Optics Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Biological Physics (with Radiology) Theoretical Chemical Physics (with Kodak) Optical Science (with LLE) Experimental Quantum Optics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Exp. Plasma Physics and Fusion (with LLE) Experimental High Energy Physics Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Astrophysics Accelerator Physics/Lasers (with Fermilab) Observational Astronomy Experimental Quantum Optics Expt. Chemical and Biological Physics (with

Radiology) Theoretical High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Exp. Chemical/ Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical Astrophysics Experimental Quantum Optics Observational Astronomy Experimental High Energy Physics Exper. Chemical/Material Science (with EE) Assistant Prof, Univ. IL-Urbana-Champaign Staff Scientist, TRW Marketing Coordinator, Halcyon Inc., Toronto Staff Scientist, Sierra Monolithics Sr. Scientist, InLight Solutions Analyst, The Hartford Postdoc, University of Maryland Research Scientist, Corning, Inc. Assistant Prof., University of Michigan Postdoc, University of Rochester Postdoc, University of Rochester Assistant Professor, Albright College U.S. Naval Aviator Engineer, Pebbles Technologies Software Engineer, Advant! Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Assistant Professor, College of Wooster Postdoc, NEC Research Institute, Inc. Assistant Professor, Augustana College Postdoc, University of Copenhagen Scientist, Lucent Technologies (Illinois) Postdoc, Naval Research Laboratory Postdoc, University of Wa shington Postdoc, University of Arizona Postdoc, University of Florida Postdoc, University of Chicago Scientist, Lucent Technologies, NJ

36 Armstrong, Michael 2001 Avvakumov, Sergey Estrada, Juan Gardiner, Thomas Gbur, Gregory Macesanu, Cosmin Ponomarenko, Sergey Raychaudhuri, Subhadip Young, York # (9) Averett, Kent 2002 Bielejec, Edward# De, Subhranil Panfili, Raphael # Watkins, Neil Yan, Li Zhou, Xingxiang (7) Akant, Levent 2003 Canelli, Maria Florencia* Finlay, Jarod Johnson, Dean Johnson, Eric Kilminster, Benjamin Mitov, Alexander Poulios, Demetrios Rott, Pavel Santhanam, Jayanthi* (10) *Women (12) Chemical Physics (with Chemistry) Experimental High Energy Physics

Experimental High Energy Physics Theoretical Astrophysics Theoretical Quantum Optics Theoretical High Energy Physics Theoretical Quantum Optics Exp. Chemical/Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Quantum Optics Optical Science(with Optics) Exp. Chemical / Condensed Matter Physics Exp.+Th. Chemical Physics (with Chem E) Theoretical Quantum Optics Exp. Chemical / Condensed Matter Physics Exp. Chemical/ Condensed Matter (Kodak) Quantum Computation (with EE dual PhD) Theoretical High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Expt. Chemical+Biological Physics (with Radiology) Experimental Quantum Optics Experimental Nuclear Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics Exp. Chemical/Optical Science (with Kodak) Exp. Chemical/ Condensed Matter (with EE) Theoretical Quantum Optics(with Inst. Optics) # DOEd/GAANN Fellows (38) Cross-disciplinary physics (25) CEO, Fiber Optics Co.,Toronto Postdoc, Stanford University Postdoc, Fermi National Laboratory Postdoc, University of Maryland Postdoc, Free Univ., Amsterdam Postdoc, Syracuse University Postdoc, University of Rochester Postdoc, University of California-Berkeley Sr. Research Scientist, Corning

US Air Force Scientist, Sandia National Labs Postdoc, Princeton Sr. Scientist, Spectral Sciences, Inc. Naval Research Lab (fellow) Postdoc, University of Florida Postdoc, University of Rochester Postdoc, Feza Gursey Institute Postdoc, UCLA Instructor, Univ. Pennsylvania Sr. Engineer, Honeywell Postdoc search beginning Postdoc, Ohio State Postdoc, Univ. Hawaii Scientist, NASA Goddard Flight Center Sr. Engineer, Intel Postdoc search beginning Employers: Domestic (72), Foreign (7) 37 What about the reverse? The one student from Optics who did a PhD with Nick Bigelow in Physics is now a faculty member. The few students from material science or optics who are interested in working with physics typically do so because they are interested in a research academic career. Most academic positions in optics or material science are within physics departments. Therefore, knowledge of sub-fields like statistical mechanics is greatly beneficial. 38 Joint (or dual) PhD -standard college rules: Current participants Optics and Physics (2), Physics and Optics (2) will have one standing committee (instead of 4 different committees) Requested first by 2 students from Optics who are interested in a future academic career (following in the footsteps of Bob Knox). Who knows-> may double the

number of Rochester Nobel Prizes in Physical Sciences in the 21st century? -> Physics and Neuroscience (1) one student in Physics who is working with Professors Teitel (Physics) and Pouget (BCS) ->Physics and History of Science (2) - being standardized now Requested by 2 students in Physics- Our future science writers and connection to the public, MD/PhD in Physics (new) (as part of MD/PhD U of R NSF grant that funded MD/PhD Dave Mathews) -Joint PhD in Chemical Physics (proposal out for funding) In previous years, joint PhD degrees with Physics were also awarded in Electrical Engineering and Physics (student in ECE who was interested in academic career (in Quantum Information) Physics and Philosophy (student in Physics who was interested in a broader education) 39 (separate committee for each individual) Small Rochester campus fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between River Campus, LLE, Medical Center. The Physics of Medical Imaging has resulted in three Nobel prizes. First in Physics, Second in Chemistry and Third in Medicine. Last year (all given to physicists). This is true interdisciplinarity. Will the next breakthrough be in the application of fundamental science to the biology of the brain? Biological Physics is a growing science, Medical Optics and Physics is a growing science, Biomedical Engineering is a growing science. The university is putting ALL its capital resources over next 10 year $40M into the new BME /Optics building with the hope that it will be a leader in this new interdisciplinary field. Note that people do research - not buildings. First effort at joint recruiting of a Biological Physicist/Optical Physicist has started - between BME, Physics, Optics, Neuroscience and BCS department (with BME and Physics contributing one position each). 40 Summary: The Big Picture: We are entering the 21st century. Most large corporations have greatly reduced their research efforts in

the physical sciences (Bell Labs, IBM Labs, Kodak, Xerox). However, a small institution like Rochester can be successful by capitalizing on the geographical proximity of its small departments, and the collegial collaborative atmosphere within the University. This is how new ideas are exchanged and new discoveries are made. Our colleagues, like Professor Boyd and Director Wayne Knox, Dean LeBlanc, and others, share in the overall vision - one small step at a time (and a few large steps when we can afford them). Some of us are interested in major discoveries - Nobel Prizes, etc. Some are interested in major new innovative practical applications and revenues from new patents. We can do both while keeping in mind our responsibility to undergrad and grad. Education, as well as to society (and the U.S. Taxpayer). And if we do not keep up and improve, other institutions will. 41 The past does not guarantee the future (but the present could) New Ideas (and old recycled ideas from different fields) require many people to propose and implement. A few of the many examples related to inter- disciplinary research Adding Physics to BS/MS program at Rochester (was part of general NYS approved BS/MS program at Rochester but not know to students, so nobody took it). Two students (one in Particle Physics and one in Quantum Optics) wanted to do it, they got department (Lynne Orr) to clarify the requirements and put them on the Web. The two students graduated in 2003. BS/MS in Medical Physics - Proposed to by Prof, M. Schell in Radiology at request of two UR employees in Strong (who have BS but not MS in Physics). Now being implemented through a collaborative effort of Physics, Radiology and Biology as part of general approved NYS BS/MS program in Physics). To begin next year, aim at 5 students/year. 42 Clarification of Optics-Physics Ph.D (on the books as part of general Joint PhD program approved by NY State for

Rochester). Clarification asked for by two Optics students to Boyd, initial outline written by Boyd, expanded on in meeting with between Bodek, Boyd, Bigelow Wayne Knox and Gary Wicks. Detailed course schedule and resolving conflicts worked out by Bodek, two additional Physics students also interested in doing it. Joint Recruiting of a senior Optical/Neuro/Biophysicist Svoboda. Proposed by Wayne Knox to Bodek, now being coordinated by BME, Physics, Optics, Neuroscience and BCS. Requires resources from all departments. Just started Tentative plan, one senior appointment in BME (Svoboda) one Junior appointment in Physics, joint appointments in Optics, --just started to figure out the small steps in this very big initiative 43 Even bigger initiatives also require coordination and must be done in small steps across several disciplines. Everything is coupled. For Example: New buildings. (1) Currently Optics resides in the Space Science building which was initially built for Astronomy (note the telescope on the roof). The Optics Annex was build by DOE as the Particle Physics building. (2) LLE was proposed and built by Mechanical Engineering Dept. (3) Plan for new BME-Optics building - initiated by Wayne Knox. (a) Relocate faculty and staff in Physics Cyclotron Lab building (built by DOE for particle Physics) -currently being investigated by Physics. Building to be demolished in Fall 2004. (b) BME and Optics to share new building. Justification is new interdisciplinary research, 10% funding from foundation for BME, 40% funding from College (by delaying undergraduate Dorm renovations). Remaining 50% ($15M) still to be raise. (c) Keep track of the big picture - everything is inter-related 44 Joint or Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy Degrees - College Rules The following are the College rules for a joint PhD degree

(from the Regulations Section of the College Graduate Bulletin page 55) " Departments/programs authorized to offer work leading to the Ph.D. degree also may cooperate to offer work toward the degree on an interdepartmental basis. Joint work is supervised by an ad hoc committee for a single student (one member of the ad hoc committee must be from outside the two programs of study). Each ad hoc committee is appointed by the University dean of graduate studies upon nomination by the Graduate Committee of the college or colleges in which the departments/programs are located. A proposal outlining how degree requirements will be fulfilled along with supporting documentation (including program of study, proposed plan for qualifying examination(s), up-to-date advising record, proposed thesis topic) must be submitted for approval before the student is admitted to candidacy. For a continuing formalized interdisciplinary program (i.e., Visual and Cultural Studies, Neuroscience), a standing committee acts as a "department" and supervises the program requirements for its students. " Note: appointed by the University Dean of Graduate 45 Physics and Optics have proposed to the Graduate Dean, for the four students who wish to do joint PhDs (two from Optics and now two in Physics when they heard about the Optics proposal), that instead of having each ad hoc committee separately appointed by the University dean of graduate studies, the four students be supervised by the same standing committee, as follows: The committee to supervise the Physics-Optics Joint PhD program includes two co-chairs (one appointed by the Chair of Physics and Astronomy and one appointed by the Director of The Institute of Optics) which in 2003-4 are Professors N. Bigelow ([email protected]) and R. Boyd

( [email protected] ), the two chairs of the Preliminary Examination Committees in both departments (R. Hagen [email protected]) in Physics and G. Wicks [email protected] in Optics in 2003-3004), and the graduate student advisers in both departments (E. Blackman [email protected] in Physics, and G. Agrawal [email protected] in Optics in 2003-2004). The Dean of Graduate Studies has accepted the suggestion that the ad hoc committees for all these four students, and any future students, be a standing committee appointed by the chairs. 46 Eventually - every case is individual - The committee decides. However, So the request to the faculty from Physics and Optics was for Helpful Suggestions to the Committee To clarify a mis-understanding - The joint PhD program has always existed - we are trying to get it to be more streamlined when there is more that one student participating. Input from faculty and graduate students has always been welcome. As usual in every process, some peoples comments are well informed, and some are not as well informed. We count on good leadership to sort these out. For example, the College Graduate Dean could appoint a committee that includes a subset of the joint appointments in Physics and Optics (currently including N, Bigelow (Physics), J. Eberly (Physics), Emil Wolf (Physics), C. Stroud (Optics), G. Agrawal (Optics), R. Boyd (Optics), or T. Foster (Radiology, Physics and Optics, who can also serve as the the outside member of the committee). Other members could include the graduate advisors in each department and the chairs of the prelim committees in each department, as well as the student 47 advisors in each department. Ta ble C2: Department of Physics & Astronomy Faculty (42 primary appointments) Faculty Member Auchincloss, Priscilla S. Bigelow, Nicholas P. Blackman, Eric G. Bodek, Arie

Castner, Theodore G. Cline, Douglas Das, Ashok Demina, Regina Douglass, David H. Eberly, Joseph H. Frank, Adam Ferbel, Thomas Forrest, William J. Fulbright, Harry W. Gao, Yongli Gove, Harry E. Hagen, C. Richard Helfer, H. Lawrence Howell, John Jacobsen, Edward H. Knox, Robert S. Koltun, Daniel S. Manly, Steven McFarland, Kevin Melissinos, Adrian C. Okubo, Susumu Orr, Lynne Pipher, Judith L. Quillen, Alice Rajeev, Sarada G. Savedoff, Malcolm P. Shapir, Yonathan Sharpless, Stewart L. Slattery, Paul F. Sproull, Robert L. Teitel, Stephen L. Thorndike, Edward H. Tipton, Paul L. Watson, Dan M. Wolf, Emil Wolfs, Frank

Wu, Wenhao Rank and Faculty Status Senior Lecturer and Dean for Sophomores Dubridge Professor of Physics (and Optics) Assistant Professor of Physics Professor of Physics and Chair Professor Emeritus of Physics Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Associate Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Carnegie Professor of Physics (and Optics) (director Rochester Theory Cntr. in Optics) Associate Professor Physics/Astronomy Professor of Physics Professor (director, Mees Observatory) Professor Emeritus of Physics Professor of Physics Professor Emeritus of Physics Professor of Physics Professor Emeritus of Physics/ Astronomy Assistant Professor of Physics Professor Emeritus of Physics Professor Emeritus of Physics Professor of Physics Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor Associate Professor Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Associate Professor Professor of Physics and Astronomy Assistant Prof. of Physics and As tronomy Professor of Physics Professor Emeritus of Physics/Astronomy Professor of Physics (and Chem Engineer) Professor Emeritus of Astronomy

Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies Professor Emeritus of Physics/Astronomy Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Professor Wilson Professor of Physics (and Optics) Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Physics Principal Area of Research Physics Education/High Energy Physics Experimental Quantum Optics Theoretical Plasma and As trophysics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical Quantum Optics Theoretical Astrophysics Experimental High Energy Physics Observational Astronomy, Astrophysics Observational Astronomy, Astrophysics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics Theoretical Astrophysics Experimental Quantum Optics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical Biological Physics Theoretical Nuclear Physics Experimental. Nuclear/High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Theoretical High Energy Physics

Theoretical High Energy Physics Observational Astronomy, Astrophysics Observational Astronomy, Astrophysics Theoretical High Energy Physics Theoretical Astrophysics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Observational Astronomy, Astrophysics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Experimental High Energy Physics Observational Astronomy Theoretical Optics Experimental Nuclear + Physics Education Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 48 Table C3: Faculty with Joint Ap pointments in Physics and Other Departments (16) Faculty Member Status Agrawal, Govind P Professor of Optics and Physics Betti, Ricardo Assoc. Prof. of Mech. Engin (and Physics), Scientist, LLE Bocko, Mark F Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering (and Physics) Boyd, Robert W Professor of Optics Conwell, Esther Professor of Chemistry (and Physics) Foster, Thomas H. Huizenga, John R. Meyerhofer, David D. McCrory, Robert I

Rothberg, Lewis Simon, Albert Professor of Radiology (and Physics) Professor Emeritus (with Chemistry) Professor of Mechanical Engineering (and Physics), Senior Scientist, Asst.Director, Lab. for Laser Energetics Professor of Mechanical Engineering (and Physics), Senior Scientist and Director, Lab. for Laser Energetics Professor of Chemistry (and Physics) Professor of Mechanical Engineering (and Physics), and Senior Scientist Laboratory for Laser Energetics Spoohower, John Senior Scientist, Eastman Kodak (and Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics) Stroud, Carlos R., Jr. Professor of Optics (and Physics ) Thomas, John H. Prof. of Mech. and Aerospace Science (and Astronomy) Zhong, Jianhui Associate Professor of Radiology (and Physics) Van Horn, Hugh Director, NSF Astronomy Division Adjunct Professor Area of Research Optical Physics and Lasers Theoretical Plasma Physics/Fusion Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Optical Physics and Lasers Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Biological Physics Biological/Medical Physics Experimental Nuclear Physics Plasma Physics and Fusion, AMO Physics and Lasers Experimental Plasma Physics and

Fusion Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Biological Physics Theoretical Plasma Physics and Fusion Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Optical Science Optical Science Theoretical Astro/Plasma Physics Biological and Medical Physics Theoretical Astro/Plasma Physics 49 Table C4: Fourty Faculty in A llied Departments who supervise PhD stu dents in the Cross-Disciplinary Physics Program[39]) Name Field Berger, Andrew J. Assistant Profess or of Optics Brown, Thomas G. Associate Professor of Optics Chen, Shaw-Horn Professor of Chemical Engineering Chimowitz, Eldred H Professor of Chemical Engineering Craxton, Stephen R Senior Scientist Laboratory for Laser Energetics Donaldson, Wi lliam R Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics Farrar, Jam es M Professor of Chemistry Fauchet, Phillippe Professor of Electrical Engineering and Optics, Senior Scientist Laboratory for Laser Energetics Feldman, Marc J Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Sci entist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics Fienup, James R. Professor of Optics George, Nicholas Professor of Optics and Electrical Engineering Guo, Chunlei Assistant Profess or of Optics Golfarb. David Professor of Biology Houde-Wal ter, Susan Professor of Optics Hsiang, Thomas Y. Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Principal Area of Research Medical Physics Optoelectronics Chemical Physics Chemical Physics Plasma Physics, Lasers and Fusion Optical Physic s and Lasers Chemical Physics Material Science, Biological and Optical Physics Quantum Information, Material Sci ence, Condensed Matter Physics Imaging Processing, Wave Front Sensing Optical Physic s and Lasers High Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions Anti-Aging Drug Research Optical Physic s and Lasers Optoelectronics, Superconductivity, Ultrafast Phenomena Jacobs, Stephen D. Professor of Chem Engineering and Sci entist, LLE Liquid Crystal Optics Jones, Thomas B. Professor of Electrical Engineering Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Jorne, Jacob Professor of Chemical Engineering Chemical Physics Knauer, Jim Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics Plasma Physics and Fusion Knox, Wayne H. Professor of Optics Ultrafast Optics and Telecommunications Krauss, Todd Assistant Profess or of Chemistry Spectr oscopy of nanometer-scale materials McKinstrie Colin, J Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Senior Scientist Plasma Physics and Fusion Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Mathews, David Assistant Profess or of Biochemistry and Biophysis Calculational RNS Moore, Duncan T. Professor of Optics Optical Engineering Ning, Ruola Associate Professor of Ra diology Biological and Medical Physics Novotny, Lukas Assistant Profess or of Optics Optical Physic s and Lasers Parker, Kevin Professor of Electrical Engineering Condensed Matter, Biological Physics Misha Ovchinnikov Assistant Profess or of Chemistry Chemical Physics (Theoretical) Seka, Wolf Associate Professor of Optics and Senior Scientist Optical Physic s and Lasers Laboratory for Laser Energetics Schroder, Wolf-Udo Professor of Chemistry Nuclear Chemistry/heavy ions Sobolewski, Roman Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Sci entist, Ultrafast Optoelectronics, SuperLLE conduct ivity, Quantum communication Syphers, Mike Accelerator Physici st, Fermilab Accelerator Physics Teegarden, Kenneth J. Professor of Optics Optical Materi als Waag, Robert Professor of Electrical Engineering Ultrasound Wicks, Gary Professor of Optics Material Science,, Nano-materi als Willi ams, David R. Professor of Psychology and Profess or of Optics Psychological Optics

Wu, David J H Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and of Biological and Medical Physics Microbiology and Immunology Yang, Hong Assistant Profess or of Chemical Engineering Magnet ic Nanoparticles Yates, Matthew Z. Assistant Profess or of Chemical Engineering Colloids and Interfaces Zavislan, Jes Associate Professor of Optics Optical Engineering, Biomedical Optics 50 Additional Slides: Philosophy of Graduate Education in Physics and Astronomy Graduate students at Rochester come from diverse national and international backgrounds. Students level of preparation varies; therefore, each student progresses at his/her own pace. Advanced students can take second year courses and pass the prelim examination after 1 year. Typical students take the prelim exam after 1.5 years. Students who have not taken certain undergraduate courses can take upper level undergraduate courses, if needed, and take the prelim exam after 2 years. All students are expected to pass and continue on towards a Ph.D. Our retention rate is high, and the few students who leave the Ph.D. program do so for personal reasons (e.g. changing fields). The number of available research positions is such that all entering students are expected to join research groups as Research Assistants after one year as Teaching Assistants. The size of the entering class is determined under the assumption that all students will pass the prelim exam and continue on to a Ph.D. - i.e. it is not determined by the need for TAs. Note that in some large state schools the number of available research positions can accommodate only half of the entering class, and thus half of the entering students are expected to leave. 51 Each year, we aim at a class of 15-20.

Ye ar 04 03 02 01 00 99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92 91 90 89 88 87 86 85 84 83 82 81 80 Domestic Foreign 20 10 11 8 11 6

10 10 9 8 15 14 14 10 17 11 10 13 17 8 10 10 18 20 15 5 11 5 22 9 9 5 8 0 11 11 5 16 11 11 13 11

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