Philip Barbour High School Complex

Philip Barbour High School Complex

Local School Improvement Council Board Presentation December 17, 2012 John Hawkins, LSIC Chairperson

2012-13 Student Council Officers C H A R


By S.C. Parliamentarian - Miss Brooke DePoy By S.C. Secretary Miss Rachel Stuart By S.C. Sergeant of Arms - Miss Karlie Smallwood

By S.C. Public Relations Director - Miss Raychel Fitzwater By S.C. Treasurer Miss Morgan Stemler By Ms. Rebecca Nesbitt Career Technical & New Tech Director

By S.C. President Mr. Trey Furby Aug. 15 Dec. 12, 2011 Aug. 17 Dec. 12,

2012 Total Referrals 4625 3624

Lunch Detention 1413 890

Exclusion 63 63 ISS

134 95 OSS 57

24 Tardies 680

By S.C. Vice President - Miss Brianna Waybright Positive Behavior High Standards Be where you are supposed to be , when you

are supposed to be there, doing what you are supposed to be doing! Colts Making a Difference! Ms. Heinbaugh

For Your Consideration Extra Custodial Care Continuation of ISS Supervisor/Behavior Coach Continuation of S3 and SLT Tutoring

Credit Recovery

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    Communicating for Results, 8e

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