Perseus - Missouri State University

Perseus - Missouri State University


Io of Argos Zeus loves Io turns her to heifer

Hera demands heifer Argos enchanted by Hermes

Gadfly pursues Io

Epaphus child of Zeus and Io daughter Libya bears Agenor & Belus

Sons of Belus:

Egypt(us) & Danaus Danaus & 50 daughters to Argos

Sons of Egypt murdered, all but one (Lynceus) Grandsons of Lynceus are Proetus and Acrisius

Acrisius, father of Danae

Danae and Perseus wash up on island of Polydectes Zeus w/ Danae > Perseus

Perseus w/ Andromeda > Alcaeus Sthenelus (kings of Mycenae, Argos)

/ /

Amphitryon w/


Electryon /

Alcmena (master of

H for 12 labors)

/ Iphicles

Alcides > Iolaus


Linus music teacher Eurytus archery teacher

vs. Minyans - Megara

/ Heracles (by Zeus, tho called

Commodus as Heracles

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