Parts of the computer -

Parts of the computer -

2nd Grade Input and Output Devices. Is the brains of the computer and is located inside the tower. The tower is where you can turn the computer on.

Is both Input and Output. The tower is the part of the computer where everything is plugged into. Is an Output device. Can also be called a display screen

What is an output device, anyway? This is the part of the computer where you can type information. A keyboard is an Input device. You can also give the computer basic commands using the keyboard.

What is an input device, anyway? Is an Input device. Allows you to move and point your cursor on the computer screen. A cursor is a movable icon on your computer screen that helps you know where to point your mouse. Speakers are Output devices. Speakers allow you to listen to sounds and noises that are played from your computer.

Adding scanners, printers, joy sticks and digital cameras allows you to scan, print and play games on your computer. Peripheral is a fancy word that means to add a device to the computer. Peripherals can both be input

and output. Example: a joy stick is an input device while a printer is an output device. Why?

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