Parts of a Map - Westlake City School District

Parts of a Map - Westlake City School District

Parts of a Map Parts of a Map Most maps have the following elements, which are necessary to read and understand them

Title The title explains the subject of the map and gives you an idea of what information the map conveys

Compass Rose The compass rose shows you directions on a map Cardinal directions are north,

south, east, and west Intermediate directions are northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast

Compass Rose Labels Labels are words or phrases that explain features on the map

Legend/Key A legend or key lists and explains the symbols and use of color on the map

Lines of Latitude These are imaginary lines that. Lines of Latitude

A. B. C. D. E.

Some important lines of latitude are: The Equator - 0 The Tropic of Cancer - 23 26 N The Tropic of Capricorn - 23 26 S

The Arctic Circle - 66 33 N The Antarctic Circle - 66 33 S Lines of Longitude These are imaginary lines that

Absolute and Relative Location Latitude and longitude lines are used to find absolute location. This is an exact point on the earth.

Scale Scale shows the ratio between a unit of length on the map and a unit of distance on the earth

Scale Ratio Scale - Shows the distance on the map compared to real earth measurement (1 = 30,000,000, 1 =

500 miles) Bar Scale - Shows the ratio of distance on the map to distance on the earth (Page 16)

Symbols Symbols represent items such as capital cities, economic activities, or natural resources. Check the map legend for more details (Page 15)

Parts of a Map Colors Colors represent a variety of

information on a map. The map legend indicates what the colors mean. Colors

Here are some common colors Blue = Water Contour Maps Contour lines are a way of

representing elevation on a map. Lines that are closer together mean the elevation is steeper. Contour Maps

Contour Maps

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