Palm Sunday -

Palm Sunday -

Part I Why is Passion Week so Important? It gives us Assurance of our Salvation

Knowing the truth from Gods Word makes us better witnesses Bethphage and Bethany Entering Jerusalem

Jesus entry fulfills Zech. 9:9 Hosanna means Save Now The Jews wanted deliverance from the Roman Government Cleansing the Temple

The Passover Lamb pointed to the Coming Savior The merchants had turned the temple into a Den of Thieves Jesus healed the blind, lame, and sick

Teaching in the Temple His parables insulted the religious leaders He condemns them as blind guides and broods of vipers

The Pharisees wanted to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus Judas makes a deal Satan enters Judas Iscariot He agrees to betray Jesus

He is paid 30 pieces of silver The Passover Meal This was the night of the 1st Lords Supper Jesus declares one of the 12 would

betray Him Judas prepares to betray Jesus In the Garden Jesus prays while the apostles sleep Jesus is betrayed with a kiss

Peter tries to defend Jesus Jesus is Arrested Jesus tells Peter to put away his sword Jesus heals Malchus ear

Jesus is bound and led away To Be Continued

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