Mlaga. His father is a painter and a teacher. Pablo likes to draw bulls and

doves. He studies Art in Barcelona, Madrid and in A Corua. He has lots of artist friends

in a little Cafe called "Los cuatro gatos". Los cuatro gatos

Saln de baile Boy with dove

He goes to Paris but its a sad period. His friend Carlos and his sister Conchita die, and Pablo doesnt have any money. All his paintings during this period are blue, thats why its called the

BLUE PERIOD Selfportrait

in blue Tragedy in blue BLUE PERIOD

Tragedy in blue ngel Fernndez de

Soto After that, he falls in love. He lives in Montmartre near harlequins, acrobats, clowns... He starts to sell

his paintings. He feels optimist so he uses warmer colours like pink. This period is called... ROSE PERIOD

Mother and son ROSE PERIOD

Now he paints pictures with cubes, spheres, cylinders, and other geometric shapes with his friend George Braque.

CUBISM Factory

SYLVETTE She was Picassos muse, he painted her more than

40 times Picasso was asked to paint a picture for the EXPO Exhibition

in Paris in 1937. When he heard about the bombing attack in Guernica, he painted this black and grey

picture to express what Spain was living at the moment and his own feelings about it.


Middle school Picasso Portraits

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