Overview of Promotions at Boston University School of Medicine

Overview of Promotions at Boston University School of Medicine

Academic Advancement for Educators Boston Medical Center Kitt Shaffer, MD PhD FACR Professor of Radiology, BUSM Vice-Chair for Education in Radiology Chair, FAP Committee topics committee/procedures-BUSM FAP special issues for educators jumbled bibliography missing details letters from friends teaching portfolio committee administration

Trang Tran Manager of Faculty Actions Office of the Dean and Provost, BUSM 617-638-5301 [email protected] committee Chair, Kitt Shaffer MD PhD FACR, Prof Radiology since January 2012 Vice-Chair, Harold Lazar MD, Professor Surgery since January 2012 committee Chair, Kitt Shaffer MD PhD FACR, Prof Radiology Vice-Chair, Harold Lazar MD, Professor Surgery

Christopher Akey PhD, Professor Physiol/Biophysics Karen Antman MD, Provost and Dean James Feldman MD, Professor Emergency Medicine Susan Fisher PhD, Professor of Microbiology Richard Saitz MD, Professor Medicine/Epidemiology Barbara Smith PhD, Professor Biochemistry Jennifer Vasterling PhD, Professor Behavioral Health (VA) Robert Stern, PhD, Professor Neurology

procedures FAP meets 1st Thursday monthly files are due ~ 3 weeks prior to meeting Trang distributes agenda, links to files all committee members can access files Chair reviews ALL files Appointment & Promotions procedures Associate or Professors presented in detail by assigned committee member, discussion Assistant and Instructor approved without

discussion unless issues raised promotions-recent changes 1/1/12 new review procedure All faculty appointments shall be approved by the President and reported to the Corporation increased need for internal diligence, adherence to criteria goal: Improving Faculty Quality titles Instructor Asst Professor Assoc Professor

Professor entry level- many some new hires mid-career advanced career no reputation local reputation national reputation international or widespread national

reputation academic potential initial academic moving from mentee to mentor extensive mentoring publications +/- some publications solid publications

extensive publications, mostly senior author presentations +/- some presentations national committees and presentations international presentations, chairing national committees gen no grants

grants +/- some grants, depending on track more grants, depending on track new hires accomplishments (includes published curricula if educator) prefixes Clinicalmostly for preceptors outside of

BMC, not expected to have scholarly activity Adjunctpeople with primary appointments elsewhere Researchpeople who are doing research under the leadership of someone else, not independent organization of CV Use BU format-http://www.bumc.bu.edu/provost/ap/appforms/ Remove filler!! Sample items are included to demonstrate the proper format and should be deleted before saving the final CV. Delete sections in which applicant has no entries. organization of CV bibliography

consistent and complete (no et al) boldface name chronological, number items do not include items that are submitted or under review unless accepted for publication (in press) organization of CV bibliography give DETAILS awards for papers special citations or editorial notices high impact factor outstanding work done with mentees organization of CV bibliography for educators

consider adding subheadings emphasize strengths consider sections on curricula guidelines websites white papers give as much data as possible other common issues mentorship incomplete listing

for educators consider adding a table time spent, accomplishments, outcomes other common issues presentations incomplete listing for educators consider adding subheadings local/regional, national, inernational include venues, number attendees, ratings other common issues awards incomplete listing

for educators explain fully for those who are unfamiliar how many were in the running how often is it given Reference Letters Rank Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Total number 3 3

6 6 from non-BU faculty 3 4 letters NOT from colleagues or collaborators unbiased opinion emphasis on scope of influence regional/local (Assistant) national (Associate) international (Professor)

teaching portfolio for those who are primarily educators emphasis on giving measurable outcomes curricula (where they are used, feedback) websites (traffic, reviews) other nonprint materials (handbooks, guidelines) mentorship innovation teaching philosophy recent data from FAP collection of information from all CV reviews analysis of trends Details: promotion Assistant Professor since 1/12all approved years @ rank

mentees RANGE 1-17 0 AVG 4 - articles pres

0-28 0-14 8 4 pres intl pres natl grants 0 0-12 0

- - - Details, all Assoc Prof since 1/12 RANGE AVG [email protected] rank mentees articles

pres grants 0-12 3-54 0*-25 0-23 0-11 5 15

20 14 3 approved 5 2 11 26 4 denied 8 0

12 0 0 denied 11 4 7 28 0 denied outcome

* 39 curricula Details, promotion Professor since 1/12 time @ rank RANGE AVG mentees articles pres pres intl

pres natl outcome grants 1-10 12-25 39-94 6-144 0-30 0-83 9-26 16 approved 7 20 57

96 10 28 7 13 16 42 1 15

0 denied 13 5 16 18 1 3 0 denied approved

What if promotion is denied? FAP Chair calls or meets with Department head discussion of reasons for denial discuss options for faculty for future provide advice on any insufficient documentation single most important thing take charge of your CV! proof read carefully think about organization, presentation put your best foot forward dont leave it to someone else questions?

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