Overview - Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering at SJSU

Overview - Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering at SJSU

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Overview Fall Preview Day 2 engineering.sjsu.edu 3 SJSU Washington Square Davidson College of Engineering Student Snapshot Largest engineering program in the 23-campus CSU system Largest Masters program among CSU and comparable university peers More than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students Student Enrollment 2014* ENGINEERING 100% 80% 1,902 M S BS 60%

40% 3,908 20% 0% *As of Fall 2014 4 Demographics Undergraduate Programs by Gender, Fall 2014 Undergraduate Programs by Ethnicity, Fall 2014 4 350 629 309 Female Male 111 1715 901 837 3,631 AmInd Black Asian PacIsl Hisp White

Foreign Other 33 Graduate Programs by Gender, Fall 2014 Graduate Programs by Ethnicity, Fall 2014 1 17 317 859 6 83 Female Male 80 1,622 1775 202 AmInd Black Asian PacIsl Hisp White Foreign Other 5

SJSU Washington Square Davidson College of Engineering Enrollment by Engineering Disciplines (Fall 2014) Software Engineering 590 245 96 Mechanical Engineering 693 50 54 Materials Engineering Industrial/Syst Engineering 120 15 Industrial Technology 164 BS M S 163 64 Engineering

213 405 Electrical Engineering 535 210 Computer Engineering 623 145 Civil Engineering 43 Chemical Engineering 192 70 Biomedical Engineering Aviation 519 124 177 49 Aerospace Engineering

0 250 200 400 600 800 6 Fall 2015 Eligibility Index (EI) Threshold Fall 2015 Impaction - Freshmen 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 936 115 444 65 158 29 562 70 239 35 546

90 479 90 1000 100 236 55 385 30 57 10 29 10 # Applicants Capacity 37 12 (EI = GPA*800+SAT;2900=SJSU min) Program 7 Fall 2015 Transfer GPA Threshold Fall 2015 Impaction - Transfer 4.00 3.00 2.00 128 40 62 29

71 30 153 52 207 70 228 65 326 110 430 80 32 5 45 20 35 20 155 55 # Applicants Capacity 30 12 1.00

2.0 GPA = SJSU min Program 8 ENG Graduation Rates 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Fall 2006 Fall 2007 Entering Cohort Transfer Graduation Rates All FTF Femal e Calcul us ready SAT Math > 700 HS GPA>

3.5 PreFallcalc 2008 ready Three-year Graduation Rates Six-year Graduation Rates FTF Graduation Rates 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 09 0 10 01 1 0 2 2 ll all all 2 a F F F All Transfers Female Full-time Part-time Entering Cohort 9

Supplemental Criteria for Transfer Admissions Fall 2016 Supplemental Course Credit for C or better in the following equivalents: Math 30, Math 31, Phys 50 (For Electrical Engineering): Add Phys 51 (For Computer Engineering): Add CMPE 30 (For Software Engineering): Add CS/SE 46A (For Aviation/Technology): Math 71 OR 30; Phys 2A OR 50; Remove Math 31 Applicants will be ranked by Score and admitted to capacity/show rate Max score = 1200 ENG applicants have an A3 waiver 10 IMCs for Transfer Students - Unofficial Four Intersegmental Model Curricula for engineering exist at: (https://c-id.net/degreereview.html) 1. 2. 3. 4. Mechanical and Aerospace Civil Electrical Computer and Software Currently, no benefit to Admissions ranking. However, upper division at SJSU will be very smooth if completed. 11

ENG Student Success Programs Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC) MESA Engineering Program (MEP) Women in Engineering (WIE) Community of Engineering Learning and Living (CELL) Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Scholarships Silicon Valley Engineering Council Engineering Leadership Program 12 Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Disciplines Overview Recommending an ENG Major Design/Build Big Things Aerospace Biomedical Civil Electrical Industrial and Systems Mechanical Robotics/Manufacturing Design/Build Tiny Things

Environment/Sustainability Biomedical Civil Chemical Chemical Electrical Electrical Materials Mechanical Mechanical Semiconductor Computer/Software Computer/Software Electrical Electrical Mechanical Chemical Industrial and Systems

Materials Technology: Man/CENT Mechanical Web/Code Computer/Software Aerospace/Aircraft Aerospace/Aviation Mechanical/Electrical Computer/Software 14 Professional Accreditation ABET-Accredited Aerospace Biomedical (expected F16) Chemical Civil Computer Electrical Industrial and Systems Materials Mechanical

Other General Software (expected F18) Technology (accredited by ATMAE) Aviation 15 Quick Facts about our UG Programs Fastest Growing Program: Biomedical Engineering Fastest Shrinking Program (by design): General Engineering Largest Department: Computer Engineering Largest UG Major: Mechanical Engineering Largest Graduate Major: Software Engineering Smallest UG Major (at the moment): Materials Engineering 16 SJSU Washington Square Aerospace Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Aerospace Engineering and MS Aerospace Engineering Areas of Curriculum/ Research Focus: Distinguishing Characteristics:

Small class sizes; hands-on learning experiences; Careers: Aerospace engineering; aircraft and space systems research, design, development, testing and integration; navigation Aerodynamics aerospace structures Aircraft and spacecraft design Space systems engineering Sean Snyder, Senior Aerospace Engineering Flight mechanics Dynamics Stability and control Designing and working on machines that can explore the universe feels amazing. Our team is building a maglev train, and the research can apply both to land and to an orbital space station. 17 SJSU Washington Square Aviation Degrees Offered: BS Aviation Areas of

Specialization: Distinguishing Characteristics: Fundamentals of aviation (mathematics, science and general courses relevant to aviation); specialized training; student flying clubs Careers: Major airports and airlines, general aviation airports, air charter operators, and the military Professional flight Operations Enrique Taitt, Freshman, Aviation Aviation management Maintenance management Since my sophomore year in high school, I wanted to attend SJSU to complete my degree in aviation and pursue my dream career as a pilot. I have strong interests in understanding the mechanics and engineering aspects of airplanes and helicopters. 18 SJSU Washington Square

Biomedical Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Biomedical Engineering and MS Biomedical Engineering Distinguishing Characteristics: Curriculum developed in partnership with potential employers; project teams; state-of-the-art technology; hands-on laboratory environment; exploration of ethical issues; preparation to function in a U.S Food and Drug Administration regulated environment Biomedical devices, bioelectronics and instrumentation; imaging, bioinformatics and manufacturing Careers: Alexis Haire, Junior, Biomedical Engineering SJSU is one of the few universities that offers biomedical engineering in the Bay Area. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley, and employers here love students who have had hands-on experience in internships and labs and who are involved in the clubs the college offers. 19 SJSU Washington Square Chemical Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Chemical Engineering and MS Chemical Engineering

Graduate Areas of Specialization: Biotechnology Environmental health and safety Graduate and Undergraduate Area of Specialization: Careers: Biochemical Engineering Semiconductors and polymers Chemical process engineer, chemical plant manager, product engineer and automation engineer; semiconductor processing, biotechnology, and industrial chemicals Maribel Locsin, Senior, Chemical Engineering My favorite hands-on experience is the ChemE car competition. Our student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers designed and built a small-scale car fueled solely by chemical reaction. To compete against universities around the world was an amazing experience. 20

SJSU Washington Square Civil and Environmental Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Civil Engineering and MS Civil Engineering Curriculum Areas of Focus: Distinguishing Characteristics: Award-winning professors; hands-on laboratory experience; and active student clubs Careers: Construction or environmental engineer; geotechnical or structural engineering; transportation and water resources Construction Environmental Geotechnical Adam Rondeau, Senior, Civil Engineering

Structural Transportation Water resources engineering I like applying math, physics and material properties to real-world problems, I really enjoyed my hands-on concrete labs and annual Steel Bridge student competition from the American Society of Civil Engineers. 21 SJSU Washington Square Computer Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Computer Engineering and MS Computer Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization: Distinguishing Characteristics: Curriculum includes computer hardware design, embedded systems, software design and the construction of real and virtual systems for enterprises; handson practice using the latest developments in emerging technologies Computer hardware design, embedded systems, network systems, secure systems and systems design Careers: Embedded systems Networking systems Sarah Fried,

Freshman, Computer Engineering Secure systems Systems design My favorite hands-on learning experience was an SJSU engineering camp I participated in called EXCEED. I designed and built my own mobile shelving unit, which was donated to a nonprofit organization. 22 SJSU Washington Square Electrical Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Electrical Engineering and MS Electrical Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization: Careers: Design, fabrication, product or applications engineer; technical sales or management Analog electronics Digital system design

Networking and communication Uche Igwe, Junior, Electrical Engineering Digital signal processing Integrated circuit design and fabrication It has been a great opportunity to attend SJSU, one of the top engineering programs in the country, because its located in Silicon Valley, which is known as the hub of all things innovative. The program continues to give me a broad understanding of engineering so that I have the flexibility to see a wide range of jobs after graduation. 23 SJSU Washington Square General Engineering Degrees Offered: BS General Engineering; MS Civil Engineering; MBA/MSE Business Administration and Systems Engineering; MBA/MSSE Business Administration and Software Engineering, undergraduate minors include Business and Green Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization:

Careers: Bioinformatics, electronic materials and device engineering; environmental health and safety, and green technology Bioinformatics Electronic materials and devices Daniel Fix, Freshman, General Engineering Green technology Environmental health and safety When I toured SJSU and learned about the opportunities in the engineering field, I knew that the campus was a good fit for me. As an engineer, I can have a part in almost any major business. 24 SJSU Washington Square Industrial and Systems Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Industrial and Systems Engineering, MS Industrial and Systems Engineering, MS Human Factors and Ergonomics, MSE General Engineering, Engineering Management Graduate Areas of Specialization:

Careers: Systems engineer or analyst; supply chain or process engineer; quality assurance engineer, human factors engineer and management consultant Manufacturing and service organizations Human factors and ergonomics Diane Ashley Licardo, Junior, Industrial and Systems Engineering Engineering management My favorite hands-on learning experience was building robots, combining multiple disciplines from computer engineering for programming to mechanical engineering for overall design. 25 SJSU Washington Square Industrial Technology Degrees Offered: BS Industrial Technology (Computer Electronics and Network Technology or Manufacturing Systems, Green Manufacturing) Distinguishing Characteristics:

Practical hands-on experiences; in depth technical knowledge; use of current programming languages to analyze and solve industrial problems Careers: High-tech systems, computers, networks, green technologies, electronic devices, and manufacturing Allen Dutra, Senior, Industrial Technology, Computer Electronics and Network Technology The curriculum is about applying theory in realworld applications. Designing and building automated systems with microcontrollers and transducers is by far my favorite hands-on learning experience. 26 SJSU Washington Square Materials Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Materials Engineering and MS Materials Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization:

Careers: Materials engineer, materials scientist, semiconductor engineer, metallurgical engineer, failure analysis engineer or characterization scientist Biomaterials Composites Electronic and magnetic materials Polymers Patrick Ala, Senior, Materials Engineering Semiconductor processing MEMS Microelectronic packaging Nanotechnology I choose SJSU because it gave me a chance to pursue a degree in materials engineering. I highly enjoy the handson training. At SJSU, youll learn the things you need to know to become an engineer, and youll have an opportunity to network with industry professionals from Silicon Valley. 27 SJSU Washington Square Mechanical Engineering

Degrees Offered: BS Mechanical Engineering and MS Mechanical Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization: Careers: Mechanical design engineer, mechanical manufacturing engineer, simulation engineer, semiconductor manufacturing and equipment Energy systems Electronics cooling Electronics packaging and reliability Robotics Kyle Schmidt, Senior Mechanical Engineering Product design Finite element analysis and CAD Mechatronics and MEMS Automation and manufacturing

For my senior project, I was a member of an engineering team that designed and built a human-powered vehicle for an American Society of Mechanical Engineers competition. I value the one-on-one time with my professors and the camaraderie of my fellow engineers. 28 SJSU Washington Square Software Engineering Degrees Offered: BS Software Engineering and MS Software Engineering Graduate Areas of Specialization: Careers: Software engineer, software developer, software engineering manager, and product marketing manager Cloud computing and virtualization Cybersecurity Enterprise software technologies Akshay Wattal, Graduate Student, Software Engineering

Networking software Software systems engineering Being in Silicon Valley, SJSU provides me with a lot of career opportunities. The software engineering courses are relevant to industry and up to date with the latest trends. For my big data analytics project, the program provided hands-on experiences working with new and different technologies. 29 30

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