OVCS Roundtable - dss.virginia.gov

OVCS Roundtable - dss.virginia.gov

OVCS ROUNDTABLE January 14, 2020 VACAP Legislative Conference 2020 CENSUS (KEY DATES AND FUNDING ALLOCATION) March 12-20: Invitations sent to respond online March 16-April 3: Reminder letters and postcards sent April 1: Census Day April 8-16: Reminder letters sent with paper questionnaire April 20-27: Final postcard sent before in person follow up May 4-July 24: Non-Response follow up visit Funding Allocation Formula FY 2021 Funding will be allocated prior to completion of the Census and the new numbers for Poverty in

each locality. Funding Allocation Formula changes will be made for FY 2022 (July 1, 2021 contracts). CENSUS 2020 ACTIONS AND FUNDING What are agencies doing? How are you involved? Are you fully engaged with local Census efforts Community Action Partnership information in several newsletters, let your Program Rep know if you need information OVCS MONITORING FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Board structure/vacancy

Board awareness and understanding of Community Action Agency focus on individual programs over role as CAA Income eligibility verification practices Sub-recipient monitoring practices Use of data for anything other than reporting Finance Reviewing audits in depth Reviewing and providing feedback on budgets Review of invoices Match tracking and documentation Tracking of Expenditures, Carryover Very important to review your numbers against CSBG Reporter OVCS UPCOMING TRAININGS

Regional Board Trainings (Large, Multi-agency) At least 2, end of March May do a few targeted trainings for agencies that most need it, two or three boards Introduction to ROMA Looking to do at least 4 a year, depending on need Using Data for Improvement and Planning Training Finalizing locations and dates by end of January Training in early- to mid-March TRANSFORMING VIRGINIA NEXT STEPS Virginia Network Summit

Kickoff to Statewide Network Strategic Planning/Visioning/Policy Development/Coordination Core Leadership, including Board members, key staff, EDs To discuss policy, structural, regulatory, code, and administrative shared visions and goals that can be pursued Network-wide Collaboration with the purpose of defining the Virginia Community Action Network in 10-15 years. Small core group meetings, surveys and focus groups, input sessions, facilitated meetings, spread out well over two years or so OVCS STRATEGIC PLANNING Values:

Responsible Stewards of Federal and State Funds, ensuring meaningful outcomes in our Communities Administer CSBG Program with integrity, efficiency, expertise, and accountability Goals: Provide Excellent Customer Service Be a Part and Partner for the Community Action Network Trusted Resource for Quality Technical Assistance and Training Provide Coordinated, Thoughtful, Meaningful Information to the Network Lead at National and State Level in Advocating, and Establishing Recognition and Resources, for the Virginia Community Action Network ANNUAL REPORT

FY 2019 information has been collected, reviewed, and requests for updates/clean-up sent Final report pending OMB Clearance Process (typically due by end of March) Possible changes to be proposed by OCS, our office will coordinate comments on the second OMB Process. Agencies can also provide comments to CAP, and directly to NASCSP. But we will give more info, and webinars will undoubtedly come. FY 2021 COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN Timeframe, still using a May 1st deadline. No major changes, emphasis on quality information submittal and

review/feedback this year. Ensure you are updating any strategic goals or needs assessment information that changed. Dont forget the strategies only of Community Initiatives We will be doing webinars in late February on the plan (newsletter will have more info) EITC/FREE TAX PREP VDSS is trying some initiatives to increase the number of eligible families that claim EITC CASH Campaign has many CAAs involved What additional ways can we support Free Tax Prep? What are you doing to assist if you dont run tax sites?

How are you working with your customers to encourage maximum benefit of EITC, and Free tax prep in general? ACSI SURVEY SUMMARY We will include a summary in the March newsletter, including ways we are addressing items of note. State Plan, knowledge of, was again lower than other items Sample Size Development of CSBG State Plan Extent of involvement Caliber of opportunities Reflects your input

Virginia 2017 Scores Sample Size 21 61 20 58 18 66 20 60 18

Virginia 2019 Scores Sample Size 16 62 13 55 12 72 13 53 12 DATA TASKFORCE

Network has invested in systems, there are several The systems have capabilities we arent realizing Agencies could learn from each other and share What is the format for a taskforce? How big? Whos on it? Is there anyone that would volunteer to lead such a taskforce?

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