OSC in Summary

OSC in Summary

OSC in Summary Innovations in computing, networking, and education Providing a base infrastructure for Ohio higher education Collaborating with state and national partners Potential for growth in key areas Taking advantage of our infrastructure Wider collaboration Strong support from national/international partners High Performance Computing Systems CRAY SV1ex SUN SunFire 6800 IA32 Cluster Itanium 2 Cluster (includes SGI Altix 3000) Mass Storage System Interface Laboratory High Performance Computing Systems System Alliance Grid Testbed (AGT) Cluster Processors Total Memory Peak Performance Special Purpose 300 900 MHz Intel Itanium2 752 GB 1.1 TF IA-64 Distributed parallel and serial

applications 512 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon 1024 GB 2.5 TF IA-32 Distributed parallel (128 nodes with Infiniband interconnect) and serial applications 100 1.53 GHz Athlons 100 GB .31 TF BALE Visualization cluster with NVIDIA Quadro4 900 XGL graphics board / node 192 550 MHz Pentium III Xeon, 144 733 MHz Itanium, 256 1.4 GHz AMD Athlons 736 GB 1.92 TF Cluster Ohio -- Distributed computational grid at 15 institutions around the state 52 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 Xeon 52 GB .23 TF One of 8 sites around the country for computational grid testing and deployment

24 500 MHz vector processors 64 GB .05 TF CRAY SV1 -- Parallel-vector 56 900 MHz UltraSPARCIII 48 GB .04 TF SUN COE with Time logic boards for specialized bionformatics apps 32 900 MHz Intel Itanium 2 64 GB .20 TF SGI Altix Linux IPF Shared Memory System 1668 processors 2840 GB 6.35 TF Utilization by Platform Sun with Decipher Cards Cray SV1 vector/parallel SGI Altix Sun multi-purpose SMP 32-bit Athlon cluster

Sun higher processor jobs 64-bit Itanium2 (McKinley) cluster 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 % 10Utilization 0 Jul-02 Jul-03 Oct-02 Apr-03 Oct-03 Jan-03 Jun-03 Jan-04 Feb-03 Mar-03 Feb-04 Mar-04 Aug-02 Sep-02 Nov-02 Dec-02 Aug-03 Sep-03 Nov-03 Dec-03 May-03 Usage by FOS Other Mathematical and

Physical Sciences Engineering Computer and Information Science and Engineering Biological, Behavioral, and Social Science Geosciences Other Yearly Computational Usage by Projects COE IA32 IA64 SV1 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 No. 10of Projects 5 0 < 1 day < 1 wk < 1 mth < 6 mths < 1 yr < 5 yrs < 10 yrs < 50 yrs < 100 yrs Storage Files Bytes OSC Storage Management LinTel boxes (PvFS/ Active Disk Archive) (20) ( 2) (2) DV D ( 2) DVD D VD (2) (2 ) B/s Th r ou DV D ) (2 890 M D VD D VD D VD D VD DVD D VD DVD D D D DVD DVD


DVD (40 - 2 per x Series) 10 GB/s ghput (40 - 2 per T600) 384 MB/s throughput (2) 890 MB/s through put MetaData Servers D VD ) (2 DVD ) er t r v hpu Cisco e r s oug e p hr - 4 /s t (4) 6 B ( 1 M772 MB/s throughput 0

89 FAStT600 Turbo (20) Scratch / Archive Storage Pool (310/420 TB) Directors 9509 (4) 772 MB/s throughput (4) (4) 772 MB/s throughput (4) 772 MB/s throughput SAN Volume Controller (4 servers) FAStT900 (4) Core Storage Pool (35/50 TB) with SAN.FS Backup Storage 3584 Tape 1 L32 2 D32 Actual: 640 cartridges @ 200 GB for a total of 128 TB 4 drives max drive data rate is 35 MB/s Phase 3 Third Frontier Network Map Future Directions Cluster Expansion with Commodity Processors Parallel / Vector, Large SMP Capability Enhancements Adaptable Computing and Networking (FPGA) Increased and Improved Data Management Data Grids / Shared Data Resources

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