Optimising CIT / OPAT in Acute Hospitals for admission ...

Optimising CIT / OPAT in Acute Hospitals for admission ...

OPTIMISING CIT / OPAT IN ACUTE HOSPITALS FOR ADMISSION AVOIDANCE AND EARLY DISCHARGE Ms Lorraine Myler OPAT/CIT Liaison Nurse, Beaumont Hospital PRESENTATION OVERVIEW What is OPAT and CIT? Benefits of service OPAT/CIT service in Beaumont Referral process Beaumont Facts and figures Why is OPAT/CIT successful? Evaluation of service

WHAT IS OPAT? Outpatient=Delivered in patients home/ infusion clinic Parenteral = intravenous (IV) Antimicrobial = antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral Therapy = treating infection Available to public patients via: HSE OPAT Clinical Programme and local CIT & some private health insurers offer OPAT service to subscribers TYPES OF OPAT

H-OPAT= Home OPAT Nurse visits the patients home to administer IV antimicrobials C-OPAT= Community OPAT Nurse visits the patients nursing home to administer IV via PVC (short course) or midline/PICC (>10 days OPAT)

H-OPAT & C-OPAT Up to three times per day schedule possible, but places logistical burden on nurse time once/twice daily dosing schedules easier to manage S-OPAT= Self OPAT Patient or patients carer is trained to administer their own IV via a midline or PICC More flexible dosing schedule possible and can use infusion pumps that administer drug over 23 hours WHAT IS CIT? Community Intervention Team: Dublin North and South set up in 2006 as pilot. Since then service available in more locations Roles of CIT:

1. Provide H-OPAT or C-OPAT up to three times per day 2. Provide short-term nursing support to assist with the management of acute illnesses such as; minor muscloskeletal injury, exacerbation of chronic illness and infection 3. Home phlebotomy service to include INR monitoring 4. In some locations, CIT also provide catheter care and wound dressing for a period of time BEAUMONTS REFERRALS TO CIT In 2017, 1,347 referrals to Dublin North CIT Reasons for referrals:

H-OPAT & C-OPAT INR monitoring Carer support Home phlebotomy Palliative care support Medication education and compliance. Central venous catheter care. Administration of Infliximab infusions. Acute nursing assesment (e.g., vital signs)

BENEFITS OF OPAT & CIT Patient satisfaction Frees up acute hospital beds for use by other patients Saves hospital costs Reduces length-of-stay & potential for admission avoidance in carefully-selected patient groups Reduces potential exposure to healthcare pathogens e.g., C. difficile, antimicrobial resistant organisms (e.g., CPE, MRSA) BEAUMONTS OPAT/CIT SERVICE OPAT available to Beaumont Hospital patients

since 2010: March 2014: OPAT/CIT Liaison Nurse 1.0 WTE post created to promote and coordinate the OPAT/CIT referral process, regardless of the external provider: ALL patients discharged on OPAT are captured October 2016: Second 1.0 WTE post created based on workload and need for service continuity Clinical oversight and governance provided by Consultants in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases ALL OPAT referrals are discussed and approved REFERRAL PROCESS IN BEAUMONT

Proactive daily case finding by OPAT/ CIT Liaison Nurses (Monday Friday): Attending post-call medical model meeting Receiving post-call surgical sign out via e-mail Attend bed flow meetings with all ward CNMs Liaise with ambulatory nurse in ED and FITT team Referrals received by OPAT/CIT nurses from clinical teams Suitable patients already under supervision of Clinical Microbiology and ID teams referred to OPAT service OPAT/CIT REFERRAL PROCESS IN BEAUMONT Every referral triaged and reviewed by OPAT/CIT Liaison Nurses as soon as possible

OPAT referrals discussed with Consultant Clinical Microbiologist daily at 11am, with ID patients managed by ID service Treatment plan recommended and communicated to team EXPERT TRIAGE IS CRITICAL TO AVOID UNNECESSARY OPAT If patient meets criteria, OPAT/CIT arranged as soon as possible WEEKLY OPD REVIEW IN ADMITTING CONSULTANT OPD MANDATORY FOR OPAT DISCHARGES

WE DECLINED OPAT FOR 53% OF OUR REFERRALS IN 2017 Suitable oral switch IV stopped prior to discharge OPAT capacity full Patient not on IV Unsuitable infection type 1.98% 1.19% 0.79% 0.79% 3.56% 42.29 % 5.53% 19.76 24.11 % %

Not ready for discharge Unsuitable social cirumstance Patient declined OPAT Other option for IV admin BEAUMONT HOSPITAL ANNUAL OPAT REFERRALS & DISCHARGES 600 500 532 476 475

400 258 300 200 545 301 223 186 100 0


SERVICE: JANUARY JUNE 2018 We are even busier, as above data does not include our referrals to private health insurers Source: HSE National OPAT programme BEAUMONT HOSPITAL ANNUAL DISCHARGES BY OPAT PROVIDER 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60

40 20 0 183 181 171 134 45 7 2014 55

73 47 20 2015 41 11 2016 2017 H/C-OPAT S-OPAT Private Health

Insurers TOP 5 INFECTION TYPES WE USED OPAT FOR IN 2017 Osteomyelitis (Bone infection) 46 Surgical site infection 32 Cellulitis 24 Urosepsis

19 Infective exacerbation of bronchiectesis 13 WHY IS OPAT & CIT SUCCESSFUL IN BEAUMONT? Open communication with all stakeholders (inside and outside hospital) Visibility OPAT/CIT Nurses visit wards and attend key meetings daily & always approachable Service promotion Screensavers, posters to advertise

the service, NCHD induction and Grand Rounds presentations, ward-based education Information folders available on all wards and also on Q pulse Quarterly activity reports on OPAT service Easy referral process No restrictions on who refers patients and phone call sufficient to refer a patient WHY IS OPAT & CIT SUCCESSFUL IN BEAUMONT? Response Strong

time Fast response to all referrals, usually same day relationships & governance Strong communication system with Clinical Microbiology & ID teams ensures patients are discussed in a timely fashion. Daily 11am meeting with Microbiologist. We closely monitor outcomes Documentation All OPAT or CIT referrals recorded and discharges overseen by OPAT/CIT liaison nurses ensuring all documentation is completed which reduces chances of mistakes causing delays to discharge Facilitator OPAT/CIT nurses follow OPAT patients from the initial referral until therapy is complete, thus giving all stakeholders a designated person to communicate with WHY IS OPAT & CIT SUCCESSFUL IN BEAUMONT?

Buy in from consultants and ward CNMs leads to prompt referral to the service which in turn facilitates early discharge. Fast track Access for patients needing midline/PICC fastracked with radiology where possible prevents delayed discharge Prevent delays If delays occur in compounding of medications/line placement for S-OPAT patients, we aim to facilitate the patient on the H-OPAT service until S-OPAT commences or device is inserted ensuring no delay on discharge CASE STUDY ADMISSION AVOIDANCE ED RANP reviews patient with cellulitis of leg - GP referral as not responding to oral antimicrobials. Otherwise well

Referred to OPAT/CIT liaison nurse. Pt reviewed and discussed with Microbiologist Discharged from ED to home under the care of ED consultant: OPAT x 72 hours and ED review and then switched to PO antimicrobials to complete treatment course CASE STUDY EARLY DISCHARGE Diabetic foot osteomyelitis patient admitted under endocrine team Day 2: Referral to OPAT/CIT liaison nurses. Reviewed and discussed with Microbiologist. Reviewed by Microbiologist on the ward and OPAT plan documented Patient did S-OPAT on a previous infection episode and wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, radiology could not insert a midline until the following week

Patient discharged on H-OPAT x 1 week. Midline inserted and then switched to S-OPAT service to complete remaining 3 weeks OPAT EVALUATION OF OUR SERVICE GOVERNANCE AND OUTCOMES ARE IMPORTANT TO US We produce and disseminate quarterly & annual activity reports We monitor outcomes: 30 day readmission rates, complications of treatment, C. difficile infection,

vascular catheter related bloodstream infections, complaints received EVALUATION OF OUR SERVICE PATIENTS LIKE OPAT! Recent OPAT patient satisfaction survey Overall very positive feedback: Good nurses, informed, always contactable by phone for advice and queries Excellent service, well delivered in all aspects, much appreciated I thought the service was very good, girls nice and helpful. I would recommend your service to

everyone. Very professional ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ms Anne Platts: OPAT/CIT Liaison Nurse Dr Karen Burns: Consultant Clinical Microbiologist Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Teams OPAT Management Control Centre CIT Dublin North All MDT staff of Beaumont Hospital THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION [email protected]

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