OPNAV Action Officer Course - Freedom Technologies, Inc

OPNAV Action Officer Course - Freedom Technologies, Inc

Unclassified DoD Leadership Policy and Requirements Panel Navy Perspective Mr. Dave Weddel, SES Deputy CNO N6 Communication Networks DDCIO (Navy) 1 Unclassified Unclassified The N6 Battlespace NGEN Link 16 Navy Tactical Networks

NOC BLII IT-21/CANES Governance 1 Unclassified Unclassified The New N2/N6 Battlespace N2/N6 Information Dominance Sensors and UAS Electronic

Warfare 2 Unclassified Unclassified Departmental and Service Policy DOD Instruction 4650.01 SECNAVINST 2400.1 OPNAVINST 2400.20F Way Ahead Continual Process Improvement and Awareness Unclassified 3 Unclassified US Navy Global Presence

4 Unclassified Unclassified The RF Spectrum In General 0 - 300,000 MHz (300 GHz) Government exclusive, 1.4% Non-Government exclusive, 5.5% 93.1% is shared 0 30 GHz Government exclusive, 7% Non-Government exclusive, 30% 63% is shared Satisfying Multiple Requirements 5 Unclassified The Big Picture Why Do We Do It ?

Unclassified Why do we care ? Spectrum Management ensures bandwidth, interoperability, and availability of Information Operations Counter-IED jammer inadvertently disrupts BlueForce tactical communication s Unknown/ Uncoordinated UAV enters Battlespace and causes harmful EMI to tactical communication

s Incoming forces supporting a Humanitarian relief effort unknowingly disrupt civilian infrastructure Poorly managed spectrum disrupts Ground C2 High Power radar shuts down civilian infrastructu re

Undetected EMI prevents countermeasure system from engaging incoming threat Inadvertent EMI isolates platform from other C2 nodes Compatible operations ensure information availability and integrity and must be appropriately managed (Electromagnetic Environmental Effects) Unclassified 6

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