One Boys State IT Solution: A Case Study - American Legion

One Boys State IT Solution: A Case Study - American Legion

The American Legion Boys State of Missouri 2010 National Directors Conference September 25, 2010 Indianapolis, IN Agenda Welcome & Introductions Information Management

Recruiting Fundraising

Orientation Meetings Citizen Registration Office Communications Staff Registration & Check-In Facility Issues Voting Reporting Discussion Information Management

Database Recruiting 560+ High Schools in Missouri Communicate Visit in person 30-45 min. presentation To Juniors AND Sophomores Recruiting

Staff Coordination Search by Location Non-participating Enrollment Top

Top 100 100 View participation history Recruiting Staff Coordination

View assignments Update visit notes Recruiting Log Visit Make Make notes notes

Confirm Info Fundraising Suggest a Sponsor How do you know them? From From church?

church? Parents Parents company? company? Friends? Friends? Fundraising HQ Tracking

Contact Information Participation Previous Donations Staff Assignments Relationships Generate Reports &

Mailings Balance Sheet Orientation Meetings Several Meetings are held across the state Orientation Meetings MBS Staff can sign up to present at a meeting

Orientation Meetings Benefits Reduces No-Shows Reduces Cancellations Citizens are better informed before session NO SHOWS 50% The Master Sort

Sorting into cities Sorting into parties Room assignments Print Bed Tags 16 Cities of MBS Citizen Registration Citizen Arrivals Check-In Photo for IDs

Keeping tabs on our staff Office Communications Maintaining consistent contact info Email Addresses Email Groups

City Counselors Assistant Assistant City City Counselors Counselors Senior Staff Staff Registration & Check-in Must check-in upon arrival

Confirm Contact Information Text casting Mass Mass text text groups

groups of of staff staff Important Important Schedule Schedule Updates Updates Severe Storm Warnings Other campus emergencies Facility Issues

Allows Staff to report issues Reports managed by Operations Staff Process Process documentation documentation Easy Easy to to track track and coordinate coordinate with

with university university staff staff Voting Simple ballot creation & printing Error checking No No citizen citizen appears

appears more more than once per ballot Votes tallied by citizens Staff enters votes into the system Updates citizen

participation records Results are published automatically to our public website Citizen Reports Track Citizens status throughout the week Citizen Reports Extra curricular activities

Citizen Alumni Information Alumni can update their information at anytime via our website Used for mailings, fundraising, etc. Alumni Association Conclusion

Save time Reduce errors Meet deadlines Improve communication More interaction with citizens Questions?


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