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Olympic games 2.stupe Autor: Mgr.Radek Hasch, Masarykova Z Plze Projekt "EU penze kolm", registran slo projektu: CZ.1.07/1.4.00/21.1740 Tento projekt je spolufinancovn Evropskm socilnm fondem a sttnm rozpotem esk republiky Anotace Anotace-Uebn materil slou k pipomenut vznamn udlosti konajc se v roce 2012 v Londn.

Autor-Mgr. Radek Hasch Jazyk-Anglitina Oekvan vstup-Pipomenut si aktuln udlosti Klov slova-Sport Druh uebnho materilu-Prezentace Druh interaktivity-Aktivita Clov skupina-k 7. 9. ronku Stupe a typ vzdlvn-zkladn vzdlvn druh stupe Typick vkov skupina-13 - 15 let Celkov velikost-570kB Vyuity materily z vlastnch zdroj a z

internetu. *OLYMPIC GAMES LONDON 2012 *The ancient Olympic Games were the great Greek religious, athletic, and cultural festivals. *From 776 B.C., these Games took

place every four years. *Athletes from all Greek city-states joined the festivals at Olympia *Only men were permitted to take part in the Olympic Games. * The ancient Olympic Games

*The man who stayed behind the revival of Olympic Games was Baron Pierre de Coubertin. *The first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Athens in honor of ancient Greeks. 13 countries participated in the Games but not Bohemia. The athletes competed in 9 kinds of sport *The highlight for the Greeks was the

marathon victory by their compatriot Spyridon Louis. * Reviving of the Olympic Games *The first winter games took place in Chamonix in 1924. *The games are organized every four years except the war years. Until 1992 were Summer and Winter

Games held in the same year. Since this year winter and summer games change every two years. *Winter and summer *Our first Olympic winner was Bedich upk. He won the climb in Paris in 1924. Our most successful athletes who are known all over the world were Emil Ztopek he surprisingly won 10 and 5 km run and marathon in 1952 in Helsinky, Vra slavsk the best gymnast in our history. Our first Winter Olympic winner was Ji Raka. He

won ski jumping competition in 1968 in Grenoble. *Celebraties *Our republic has many Olympic winners. Some of them won more than one gold medal: *Emil Ztopek athletics *Vra slavsk gymnastics *Jan elezn athletics *Martin Doktor canoying *tpnka Hilgertov canoying

*Martina Sblkov speed scating * Czech Olympic winners *27 July to 12 August 2012 *The world looks forward to this year summer Olympic games which will be in the capital city of England LONDON. *London 2012 *Places where will be

the Olympic Pouit materily: http://www.tyden.cz/obrazek/4ae06f9299871/a-ohen3-4ae0703c43 167_540x806.jpg http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letn%C3%AD_olympijsk%C3%A9_hry_1 896 http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/39278000/jpg/_39278675_cou berten300x300.jpg http://mm.denik.cz/46/fa/olympijske_kruhy_olympijska_vlajka_olym pijske_logo_denik_clanek_solo.jpg

http://img.aktualne.centrum.cz/171/64/1716421-olympijsky-stadionlondyn-2012.jpg http://www.cestovatelskydenik.cz/wp-content/londyn.jpg http://livesms.cz/fotka/lond_Un.jpg/variation=1668/format=normal http://www.cklub.cz/direct/img/obsah/londyn.jpg http://londyn.eurovikendy-24.cz/londyn.jpg http://i.idnes.cz/12/031/cl6/ROU41b062_zatopek.jpg http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/39467000/jpg/_39467741_jan_ zelezny_300x300.jpg http://i.idnes.cz/09/123/gal/OT2ffab3_caslavska2.jpg http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2008/dec/12/michael-phelps

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