Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular ...

Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular ...

Making people feel they are moving Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to Mitigate Simulator Sickness

Deliberately shocking the nervous system Vestibular Recoupling to a floating avatar J Watanabe

The Vestibular System Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation sensations of rocking or pitching, head and/or body tilt, and have ocular torsion all characteristics of otolith system

activation - http://www.frontiersin.org/Journal/10.3389/fneur.2011.00090/full OCULO-VESTIBULAR RECOUPLING CEVETTE ET AL. Can GVS be used to induce sensations of

motion that correspond with visual stimuli in simulators? Derive function to calculate signals from desired motion sensation Create a rig to apply them in a simulator Use the above to mitigate simulator sickness

in test group Creating the dose model Mapping Stimulation to Perceived Motion

The Experiment Helicopter Training Simulator 21 Subjects with no history of motion sickness Subjects experienced flight sim in normal operation After a time, uncontrollable oscillations were

added Control group received GVS with noise Test group received GVS based on models Results

Discussion Cevette, M. J., Stepanek, J., Cocco, D., Galea, A. M., Pradhan, G. N., Wagner, L. S., Brookler, K. H. (2012). Oculo-Vestibular Recoupling Using Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation to Mitigate Simulator Sickness. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 83(6)

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