AP Biology Brookings High School Kelly Riedell Im

AP Biology Brookings High School Kelly Riedell Im

AP Biology Brookings High School Kelly Riedell Im not just making this stuff up: 17th year teaching in South Dakota Bachelor of Science Northern Illinois University Biological Science Minor-Chemistry Master of Biological Science Northern Illinois University Coursework toward PhD Southern Illinois University Molecular Biology 6 years Lab Research Experience: Human cell/tissue culture Microscopy radio-labeling

animal dissection enzyme assays Master's Thesis- SEM image by Riedell Morphological Differences in Wild-type, Mutant, and Revertant Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Lines: Light Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope Observations Im pretty good at what I do: Teacher of the Year BHS-2006 NABT-2008 SD Biology Teacher of the Year Presidential Scholar Teacher-2011 & 2014 HOW HAS BHS COMPARED? (%) AP Bio

Exam Score US AVG 200 8 BHS AVG 2008 US AVG 201 0 BHS AVG 2010 US

AVG 2011 BHS AVG 201 1 US AVG 2012 BHS AVG 201 2 US AVG 2013 BHS

AVG 2013 US AVG 2014 BHS AVG 2014 5 18.6 25 18.7 27.8 18.8

50 19.4 52.4 5.4 14.3 6.5 26.7 4 15.6 25 15.1

33.3 16.5 0 16.9 28.6 21.4 71.4 22.1 40.0 3 16.1

25 15.4 33.3 15.2 25 14.3 4.8 36.3 14.3 35.1 25.7

2 15.6 25 14.1 0 14.6 25 14.6 14.3 29.5 0

27.4 6.6 1 34.6 0 36.6 5.6 34.8 0 34.8 0

7.4 0 8.9 0 3 or Highe r 50.3 75 49.2 94.4 56.2

75 50.6 85.8 63.1 100 63.8 93.4 PRE-REQUISITES 1 year Biology (Bio I & Bio II) 1 year Chemistry (PSChem doesnt count!) A qualified AP Biology student is one that:

is highly motivated is academically oriented has excellent study skills and reading abilities views learning as a journey rather than an WHAT TO EXPECT: AP BIOLOGY is equivalent to a college Introductory Biology course for majors There will becourse HOMEWORK! (2 semester with labs) Expect to spend 5-10 hours each week working on biology outside of class.

This is NOT a class where cramming the night before a test will work! You must do the READING & HOMEWORK & KEEP UP! Due to the rigor and expectations of an AP course, grades are weighted. A B in an AP course carries the same weight as an A in a regular class when calculating GPA averages. SUPPLIES SEVERAL 3 ring binders (3) Tab dividers Loose leaf paper PENCILS/PENS Simple 4 function calculator (with ) Colored pencils/markers (optional)

TEXTBOOK & Lab Manual BIOLOGY (AP edition) AP BIOLOGY Campbell and Reece; 7th ed; Prentice Hall Publishing; 2005 Student Lab Manual Student Media CD ROM ($15 replacement cost if lost or damaged) OTHER RESOURCES AP BIO TEST PREP Holtzclaw & Holtzclaw

Cliffs AP BIOLOGY ADDITIONAL READING Just For Fun Genome by Matt Ridley An Autobiography of a species in 23 chapters OTHER AP BIOLOGY RESOURCES The Princeton Review Cracking the AP Biology Exam Kaplan AP BIOLOGY Test Prep McGraw-Hill 5 Steps to a 5 in AP BIOLOGY Barrons AP BIOLOGY AP Biology for Dummies SHMOOP test prep website Check copyright datesMAKE SURE IT SAYS- FOR APBIO REVAMP 2013

4 BIG IDEAS BIG IDEA 1. The process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life. BIG IDEA 2. Biological systems utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, to reproduce, and to maintain homeostasis. BIG IDEA 3. Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to information essential to life processes. BIG IDEA 4. Biological systems interact, and these systems and their interactions possess complex properties SCIENCE PRACTICES The student can: 1. use representations and models to communicate scientific phenomena and solve scientific 2. use mathematics appropriately 3. engage in scientific questioning to extend thinking or to guide

investigations within the context of the AP course 4. plan and implement data collection strategies in relation to a particular scientific question 5. perform data analysis and evaluation of evidence 6. work with scientific explanations and theories 7. connect and relate knowledge across various scales, concepts, and representations in and across domains 13 Suggested AP BIO Labs Lab 1. Artificial Selection Lab 2. Mathematical Modeling: Hardy Weinberg Lab 3. Comparing DNA Sequences (BLAST) Lab 4. Diffusion and Osmosis Lab 5. Photosynthesis Lab 6. Cell Respiration Lab 7. Cell Division:Mitosis and Meiosis Lab 8. Biotechnology: Bacterial Transformation Lab 9. Biotechnology: DNA Analysis Lab 10. Energy Dynamics Lab 11. Transpiration

Lab 12. Fruit Fly Behavior Lab 13. Enzyme Activity Fruit fly genetics DNA Fingerprinting Goldfish Respiration http://www.foxnews.com/images/225221/0_61_060921_fruit_flies.jpg http://inhissteps.gospelcom.net/peaches/circuit-riter9.shtml http://glendam1st.50megs.com/images/goldfish.gif Chromatography Image by Riedell http://www.valemount.com/joel/lightoptics/images/colour6.jpg AP EXAM Monday May 11, 2015 Cost: $89 90 minutes-Multiple choice (50%)

63 MC questions 6 grid in questions 10 minutes-reading time 80 minutes- 2 Long FRQ & 6 Short FRQ (Essay style questions) (50%) Your score on the AP BIOLOGY EXAM may enable you to receive college credit and exempt out of taking Introductory Biology as a college freshman. (Check the website to see the requirements for The NEW AP BIO EXAM will ask you to: pose a scientific propose question evaluate explain

calculate perform predict ...... identify state a hypothesis describe justify regurgitate FACTS Rather than If one of your goals is to obtain credit for an introductory college biology course, you should contact the colleges you are likely to attend.

Find out if they accept AP scores for credit (most, but not all colleges do). On the website http://local.brookings.k12.sd.us/krscience/open/info.htm there is a link to the College Board that allows students to search for AP credit policies at different universities Example: South Dakota State 3- General Bio I with Lab (BIOL 151/151L) (4 credits) 5- General Biology I & II with Labs (BIOL 151/151L & BIOL 153/153L) (8 credits) University of Nebraska Lincoln 4 or 5 Biol 101 (3 credits)

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities 3,4 or 5- Biology 1009 (General Biology); fulfills biological science/lab requirement (4 credits) SOME SCHOOLS MAY REQUIRE YOU TO SUBMIT YOUR AP LAB NOTEBOOK FOR LAB CREDIT Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you may have about your student. My office phone 696-4146 Email: [email protected] Homework calendar/class info: http://kr021.k12.sd.us

AP BIO Exam is MONDAY May 11, 2015 Countdown clock

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