No Huddle Implementation - Coach Jason Lynch

No Huddle Implementation - Coach Jason Lynch

No Huddle Implementation Shawn Liotta No Huddle No Mercy Offense 1,728 points scored (2014-2015) (28-2) record Averaged 58 ppg 2015- (770) total points - 14 Games Led State of Pennsylvania in Scoring 2014-(958) total points- 16 Games

Led State of Pennsylvania in Scoring Established Pennsylvania State Scoring Record Highest Scoring Team in Nation 2nd Highest Scoring Team in History of High School Football Offensive Philosophy Play Fast Make defense defend the entire field (horizontally and vertically) Create Space- Put our Speed in Space Create Conflict for the Defense Balanced Attack Take what the defense is giving

(Rushed for 350+ in a Game & Passed for 350+ in a game) Always attacking -expect to score on every possession Playing Fast Goal is Ball Snapped within 5 seconds of ready for play signal Limited Checks at LOS- Often built into the play Wear Down Opponent Mentally & Physically Increase number of plays in game Increase number of practice reps Shorten Practice/ Make Practice Fun

Limited Concepts/ High Repetitions Limit Wear and Tear on Offensive Line Keys to Success

Must Be in Top Condition Make defense defend entire field Ability to attack entire line of scrimmage Misdirection in the Run Game/ Play-Action Screens as extension of run game Ability to handle pressure/ protect qb Have Answers Effect of Playing Fast on Defense Forces opponent defense to become a no-huddle defense Limits blitzing/ coverage structures often are

automatic checks based on hash/ formation Tough for opponent to simulate our tempo at practice Gets them out of comfort zone- expect to see unconventional and unsound looks (2-man defensive lines, heavy pressure) Often the defense will be struggling just to get lined up especially the DL and LB- will often be misaligned at the snap Play-Calling

Primary Play-Caller on-field (not in booth) Call Formation (Get aligned Immediately) Signal Verbal (Preferred) Have used wristbands/ boards, ext.. Takes time to create and update. Takes man-power to utilize. In my opinion wrist bands slow down nohuddle Play-Calling Code

Most of our concepts can be called with one word. Often one word will tell formation/motion/and play-call Some plays we do not run both ways to simplify practice and execution (ex. Gadget plays) Teach the concepts with our code words from day one in the spring/summer Let kids create code words for some plays (one of our series were hip-hop names; Birdman, Drake) Cracking the Code 16 games- no one cracked our code

Even If we told them the play - we are snapping the ball so fast that they could not make a call to counter what we were doing in time (14-18 year old kids) Colors/ Numbers/ Words Example play-call would be our Sail Route (North, South, East, West, Atlantic, Pacific) We would add that with colors and numbers or words that mean nothing to create a dummy call Special Code Words We have several code words that tell us to 1. Freeze Tempo (No Snap)

2. Repeat the Previous Play 3. Flip the Play 4. Run a Series of 2-3 Plays in a Row Playing Fast -Pre-Snap Procedure

Get Formation/ Get Play-Call QB Relays Call to OL twice All Players should be set in Formation QB starts motion if any (ensures all players are set) Cadence Non Rhythmic Down, Set, Go We only go on one (Play Fast!) Have code words which tell the entire team there is no play (Freeze Tempo)- Draw Defense Off-sides. If they do not jump we call our play Defense gets conditioned to getting off the ball on one it is a great way to slow them down and get free yards.

Playing Fast - Offseason Implement Tempo to everything you do Become a No-Huddle Program Must be in Top Condition Work Tempo in All Off-Season Workouts from Day one

- Bandit Drill - Alignment Drill - 7 on 7 workouts In- Season Practice

Coach off of Film as much as possible Coach on the Move- everything we do is up-tempo Streamline your attack have everything scripted Create game-like situations at practice Practice at such a tempo that the game seems slow RUN WHAT YOU PRACTICE & PRACTICE WHAT YOU RUN How to Practice Fast We should average about 100-140 reps per practice session (Group & Team) Think about your offensive inventory and what you must

do to ensure that you are getting enough reps to EXECUTE the concept on gameday Always have someone spotting the football Use Multiple balls and spotters Coach with whistle to simulate the ready for play whistle. Coach with stopwatch to time in between plays (we strive for 5 seconds or less after ready for play signal) WEEK #1 INSTALLATION DAY #1 RUN GAME






Ability to Attack Downhill Run Gap & Zone Schemes Misdirection in the Run Game Create Big Opportunities with Play-Action Have Answers to Defensive Reaction/ Alignments Ability to Attack any Defensive Front Run Game Simple Scheme Appears complicated to defense with formations/motion/ window dressing

Must be simple to perfect the scheme and play fast. Must know what you are doing in order to play at the tempo we want to Attach Screens to Base Run plays (2 in 1) to protect our base concepts Jet Motion Creates problems for any defense Run Game Outline

Gap Schemes (Power/Counter) Inside Zone Outside Zone Complimentary Runs (Reverse, Option, Draw) Adjust to what personnel you have from year to year. Passing Attack Overview Horizontal and Vertical Stretches Make Defense Defend Entire Field

Attack Grass Find the Weakness in Coverage Structure Importance of being a great play-action team Protecting the Passer #1 priority is protecting your qb Keys to Protecting the Quarterback 1. Protection Unit 2. Vary the Launch Point 3. Built in Hots 4. Simple Reads/ Ball out of Qb Hands Quickly

Pass Protection Unit Vertical Set Slide Kick QB Launch Point 3- Step ( Catch and Throw ) 5- Step ( 3-Step in Gun) Semi-Roll / Sprint-Out

Play-Pass/ Boot Handling the Blitz We ask the quarterback to account for extra rushers Built in Hot Routes to most Pass Schemes- Get Ball out of hand- We drill this daily- Blitz Period We have limited Checks as the LOS. We feel that our passing attack has answers for most coverage structures (Man/Zone)

Base Pass Each of these concepts have many variations and adjustments Quick Pass 1. Stick 2. Hitch/Fade 3. Slant/Corner 5- Step 4. Shallows 5. 4- Verticals 6. Sail Play-Action 7. Play-Pass

8. Boot Action Screen Package Overview Big Part of No Huddle No Mercy Offense

Extension of our Run Game Puts our Speed in Space Protects the Box / Run Game Makes Defensive Line chase sideline to sideline Attack the Blitz Big Plays Off of Sucker Screens Fake Screen and Attack Down the Field Screen Drill Must drill screens daily in practice Screen Period/ Drill Each Day Allows us to rep all of our screen concepts to

both side in a 10 minute period Can be used as a pre-practice period Stress release sets and angles of departure for offensive linemen Screen Game 1. A. B. C. D. 2.

A. B. 3. A. Quick Screens Bubble Screen Fast Screen (Inside/Outside) Early Screen Suckers/Gadgets Slow Screens Slip Screens

Play-Action Screens Double Screens Key Screens Gadgets / Exotics Often Result in Big Plays Have Fun- Adds Variety to Practice Practice 2 per week until you use one then add a new one Often run only one way to increase reps Makes Defense waste practice time defending a play that you ran that you will not run

against them (Defend Ghosts) Contact Information Shawn Liotta Twitter @ShawnLiotta email: [email protected] Clinic Disk Available - All Clinic Power Point Presentations

- Cutups - Game Day Call Sheet Template - Practice Schedule/ Script Template - QB 3-Day Install Playbook Available

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