Newton's Laws of Motion JEOPARDY

Newton's Laws of Motion JEOPARDY

Newtons Laws of Motion & Acceleration JEOPARDY

An objects inertia is dependent on this.

Its mass Seatbelts reduce force by increasing stopping time therefore decreasing

what? Acceleration F=mxa

if a is smaller, then Force is smaller. A seatbelt acts as the unbalanced force

stopping your forward motion due to what? Inertia

If acceleration stayed constant and mass increased, what would happen to the Force?

Force increases A construction worker lifts a 45-kg bundle of shingles on his shoulder at an

acceleration of 3 m/s. How much force is he using? 135 N of force

A golf ball is still on top of a tee. Mr. Feys hits it and it flies into the pond. Mr. Feys swing is considered

this type of force. An unbalanced force

A dragster racing down a road, a rocket launching and a balloon being let go in the classroom are ALL examples of this.

Newtons 3 Law of Motion or Unbalanced forces

or Action/Reaction Forces rd A 500-kg car is using a

force of 15,000 N to move. What is its acceleration? 30 m/s/s

Mr. Ameel and his family went to Boyne Mountain for the weekend. They traveled in a straight line at 80 mi/hr at 0

acceleration (he used his cruise control). What was his net force on the car? 0 Newtons

Because there was NO acceleration The mass and distance between

two objects will determine this. The amount of gravitational force.

This type of force will be felt when a car rounds a curve on the road or you ride a

merry-go-round. Centripetal Force Mrs. Braniff threw a dodge

ball at a person. She noticed that it followed a curved path before it hit. Explain what caused the balls curve to happen.

The throw gave it a forward/horizontal motion and gravity gave it a downward/vertical

motion. How much does a 45 kg person weigh on Earth?

W= 45 kg x 9.8 m/s2 W = 441 N This would occur to an

astronaut because the moon has less mass than the Earth. A person would weigh

less. This type of force allows the moon to orbit around the Earth and the other

planets to orbit around the Sun. Centripetal Force

Mrs. Poloney drops a 15 LB rock and a 20LB from the roof of her house. Identify the rock that would cause the deepest hole when it hit

the ground. The 20 LB rock due to its larger mass.

An object in free fall would have this type of downward force. Gravity

This object would have the LEAST amount of inertia. A. train B. sports car

C. space shuttle D. bicycle A bicycle

(less mass of all of the vehicles) A boat is using 6000 N of force to tow a skier with an acceleration

of 12 m/s. Identify the skiers mass. 500-kg

Jacks bike front tire hits a raised portion of the sidewalk causing him to flip over and hit the ground. Why????

Jacks inertia or The bike stops & Jacks body still moves forward

or The crack is an unbalanced force If forces are unbalanced

what will happen to an object? The object will accelerate.

Why is rolling friction weaker than sliding friction?

Less surface area touches when an object is on wheels therefore fewer microwelds form.

According to Newtons 3rd law of motion, if forces are equal in size and opposite in direction, why does motion occur?

The forces dont cancel, they act on different objects.

When an object reaches terminal velocity, what happens to its motion? The object

will fall with a constant velocity, it will stop accelerating. If an 8th grader and a 1st

grader went sky diving, who would hit the ground first and why? The 8th grader will hit the

ground first because they reached a higher terminal velocity due to the larger mass.

Balanced or Unbalanced? Balanced The car is NOT moving

Balanced or Unbalanced? Unbalanced The tennis ball changes its motion when hit by

the racket. STUDY!! The test is tomorrow!


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