New Student Orientation - LCISD

New Student Orientation - LCISD

Welcome to Navarro Middle School! 1 Welcome to NMS! Stephanie McElroy, Principal Bertha Alvarez, Assistant Principal Gene Tomas, Assistant Principal Tanesha Crockett, Counselor Janice Owolabi, Testing Coordinator Andrea Dion, Math/Science Instruction Rosina Kiggundu, ELAR/Social Studies Instruction 2

Title One Parental Involvement What is a Parent Compact? Mutual Agreement between school , parents, and students to support student learning and success School

Studen ts Parents As a school we will Provide High Quality Instruction Communicate regularly about your childs progress Facilitate parent meetings Provide parent opportunities to volunteer Work to motivate students Provide a safe atmosphere Make sure students understand their learning

As a parent we will Monitor my childs attendance and grades Make sure my child does their work Participate in school events Contact teachers to discuss concerns Provide a supportive environment for learning at home Review all communication sent home and return items Encourage my child to do their best at school As a student we will Show respect and cooperation at school Come to class on time and be prepared to work

Complete all of my assignments Respect the rights of others to learn Show respect for people and property Follow the rules Spend time at home studying and reading Give my parents all notes from school Parent Involvement Red Nation Parent and Teacher Partnership (formerly PTO) Site Based Decision Making Team Volunteer (field trips, copy moms, special events) Family events throughout the year

Come join your child at lunch 7 Modeling Excellence at NMS Met Standard 2015, 2016, 2017 Academic Distinction- 2nd Year Closing Achievement Gap 81% Students Met Standard in Math ESL students continue to make gain-Up 60% from 2015 Increase in students earning Advanced Scores Tripled the number of Pre AP Courses offered at NMS in two years End of Year Awards-176 Students HonoredThats almost half our kids! 45 First Division Medals for Band Solo and

Ensemble 2nd UIL Academicst Competition-1st Chess, Spelling, 1 Music Memory, 1st Math Calculations 8 Online Forms Beginning of Year Forms are online this year All families in LCISD must complete online Open August 1st-Sept. 15th

Tutorials available on the LCISD Website Computer lab open tonight if you want to complete your forms, sign up for Family Access, Complete online Free and Reduced Lunch Application 9 Tonight Divided into 6 groups- please stay in your color group to ensure that sessions are not

overcrowded. (Color of the bar at the top of the schedule page) You will rotate every 15 minutes. All powerpoints and information will be loaded onto the NMS website by the end of the day Friday. 14 Presentations Station A- Keys to Success in MS (Gym) Station B-Meet and Greet Self Guided Tour

Station C-Bullying and Conflict Resolution(Library) Station D:Communication and Procedures (Band Hall) Station E:First Day Procedures and Supplies(Art Room) Station F: Nurse, Bus Routes, PTO, Cafeteria, PE Uniforms (Cafeteria) 15 Tips for Success at NMS 16 What Does My Day Look Like?

7 Period Day for 6 th Graders (6 Teachers) 75 minutes ELAR 75 minutes Math 49 Minutes Science 50 minutes Social Studies

50 minutes Physical Education 50 minutes Art, Band, Choir, or Theatre 3 minute passing periods 30 minutes lunch 30 minutes of Academy Time Character Education, Study Skills, Intervention, Enrichment, Club Meetings, Special Events, House Time 17 Curriculum and Instruction We follow the LCISD curriculum which is aligned with the states TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge

and Skills) Social Studies: World Geography. Students will travel the world. They will study the politics, religion, culture, traditions, economy, and challenges of every continent Math- Transition to Pre Algebra. Graphing, Decimals, Fractions, Integers, Rates, Ratios, percent, Algebraic Models, Financial Literacy, Geometry ELAR- Reading across genres, plays, novels, short stories, non fiction text and writing Science-Matter and Chemical Changes, Density,

Energy, Force and Motion, Cells and Organisms 18 Instruction Supports Tutorials Daily Monday-Friday 7:30-8:10 in Library Starts 2nd week of school Morning tutorials with teacher-make arrangements with the teacher in advance After School Tutorials Tuesday and

Thursday from 4:00-5:00-selected by teachers. Starts October. Academies Class Monday-Friday for Character Education, Enrichment, and Academic Interventions Computer Lab and Library Open Daily 7:308:10 19 Tips for Success Organization Time Management Study Skills

Plan Ahead Classroom Focus Develop routines Get involved Ask for help Learn to solve problems Accept Responsibility for mistakes 20 Tips for Success How Can I Help My Child? Check their homework every night

Check planner every night Connect with NMS through Twitter, Email, and Family Access Email or call teachers with questions and concerns Encourage them to problem solve Encourage Independence Understand their changing emotional

needs Utilize resources available to you Encourage them to get involved Volunteer at NMS Encourage Independent Responsibility 21

NMS Essentials Student IDs every Day Planner every day, parents check every night A book to read Binder with paper and pencil in every class 22 Clubs at NMS-Starts October, 2017

Art Club Stargazers Geography Club Book Club Science and Robotics Club

Men of Distinction Student Council NMS Star Squad Step Team Chess Club 4H/Gardening Arts and Crafts Intramural Sports Yoga/Dance Girls in Math and Science 23 House Reveal: Friday, Sept 1st 1:30 at THS

Stadium What House Will You Be in? REVEUR- French for to dream. We are dreamers. We are creative, inspiring, and passionate. ALTRUISMOSpanish for Altruism. We are givers.

We give of our time and energy to help others. We give 100% every day. Amistad- Spanish word for Friendship. We are: Caring, friendly, kind,

and generous Isibindi- African word for Courage. We are courageous. We stand up for others and have the courage to fight adversity. Any Questions?

29 Personal Property LCISD and NMS are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property. Students are responsible for securing their belongings. No sharing Shoes, Clothes, or other personal articles May not carry shoes. Athletic wear must be locked in PE locker. No Headphones. Earbuds kept in pocket. 38

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