Network Management Using NFV - KTH

Network Management Using NFV - KTH

IK2200 Midterm Presentation Network Management Using NFV Group 2 UnnA Oct.22th.2014 Outline Introduction Goal

Approach Work Splitting Challenges & Problems 2nd Term Plan Current results and Video shows Introduction Project name:Network Management Using NFV Team Members:

Epameinondas Kontothanasis: [email protected]

Sikandar Khan: [email protected] Maria Haider: [email protected] Ganapathy Raman: [email protected] Peiyue Zhao: [email protected] Jing Jin:

[email protected] Goal Separate hardware from network functions Virtualize the Network Functions Approach Study about SDN

Study about NFV Define tasks and sub-tasks We have sub-groups to finish different sub-tasks. Virtual physical topology OpenDaylight Controller OpenStack Integration between components

Mininet Topology Controller Node OpenVSwitch Compute

Node 2 Compute Node 1 Tenant1 Tenant 2 Division of Responsibilities

Project Integration : Ganapathy Raman, Peiyue Zhao Connectivity from Mininet to ODL OVSwitch Connectivity from the instance inside Openstack to Mininet Project Virtualization : Sikandar Khan, Maria Haider, Jing Jin, Epameinondas Kontothanasis Generate packet in Mininet Create a Tenant Network in Openstack Openstack Functions

Work Splitting-Gantt Chart Gantt Diagram Challenges & Problems Challenges Faced: Memory issues in physical machines OpenStack bugs

OpenStack gateway issues No connection between OpenStack nodes and external world 2nd Term Plan Finish the integration between Opendaylight and Openstack Implement Network functions

Design scenarios to test the functions Current Results-Mininet Topology Current Results - Packet Generator A packet generator tool has been created in python which can generate following packet types:


VLAN Current Results-Integration of OpenStack and OpenDaylight Integration of Openstack and OpenDaylight. Current Result-Video Show Video1-Ping between OpenStack VMs and Firewall functions. DLTFpcWpBaXQ1Q1U/edit Video2-Packet Generator c& Q&A

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