Network and End-host Support for ... -

Network and End-host Support for ... -

Panel 2: Network applications of the future Jim Kurose Department of Computer Science University of Massachusetts New (and old) applications

various forms of tele* pervasive computing mobility homeland security e-sciences sensor nets evolutionary? revolutionary? hand-maiden?

Observations: limited success in predicting disruptive apps applications drive networking, yet networking often follows interesting diversity even within an area Architecture: stovepipes or layers? Duck Island: habitat sensing net

Oklahoma: atmospheric sensing net The importance of network management focusing on control plane, not data plane large number of deployed devices: complexity/scale demands automated management measure/monitor devices/services models/abstraction needed for reasoning about

system services, operations extending management beyond devices: automated management/reconfiguration of services Lesson: applications demand multidisciplinary teams The folklore stage conventional wisdom: soft-state is robust, less complex than hard-state signaling how to define robustness? how to define complexity?

posing/answering such a question: hard: no well-accepted models, paradigms easy: little/no past research important: a fundamental question open to the past: lessons from telephony, ATM Folklore stage overheard at a major research lab in northern NJ: Q: Given the network topology and the traffic matrix, how do you optimize the routes?" A1: "Uh." A2: "We don't really think about it that way."

A3: "Well, we don't know the topology, we don't know the traffic matrix, the routers don't automatically adapt the routes to the traffic, and we don't know how to optimize the routing configuration. But, other than that, we're all set!" Summary applications: yes management: increasing importance beyond folklore: fundamentals!

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