Near Earth Asteroid Sample Return

Near Earth Asteroid Sample Return

UK Activities: NEO Characterisation Simon F. Green Planetary and Space Sciences Department of Physical Sciences The Open University SMPAG, Vienna, 12-13 June 2014 Dynamics Surveys/Astrometry Queens Belfast Pan-STARRS1 asteroid science co-lead Cometary activity, collisions LSST data products UK proposal lead Dynamical modelling Armagh, Queen Mary London Long-term evolution, Yarkovsky effect

Composition Remote sensing Queens Belfast, Kent, Oxford Vis/NIR & mid-IR spectroscopy Returned samples/meteorites Open Univ., Imperial, Manchester, NHM, UCL/Birkbeck, Leicester, Oxford, Bristol, Glasgow, Kent, Edinburgh UK Cosmochemistry Analysis Network Physical Properties Shapes and Spin Kent, Queens Belfast, Open Univ. Shape, spin rate & axis orientation from light curve observation & inversion Spin/obliquity changes from observations & thermophysical modelling Thermophysical properties

Open Univ., Oxford Albedo, Diameter, Temperature, thermal inertia, surface roughness from IR observation & thermal models. YORP/Yarkovsky effect, density Instruments for Oxford: IR spectrometer, electrical charging missions MSSL/UCL: Cameras Open Univ.: Mass spectrometer Leicester: X-ray spectrometer Imperial: Magnetometer

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