Navigating Career Paths-Industry, Government, Non-Governmental

Navigating Career Paths-Industry, Government, Non-Governmental

U of R CAREER CENTRE 2019 GRADUATE DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE Navigating Career Paths Exploring & Expanding Opportunities Industry, Government & Non-Governmental Strategies, skills and resources for long-term career development and realizing potential! Susan McKay, MC, CCC Career Counselor, Career Education [email protected] Situated on Treaty 4 Lands Territories of the Nhiyawak, Anihinpk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, Benefit YoUR Career Connections Build a strong bridge of

career development strategies, skills and resources! 2 (Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014; Pickerell, 2014) Focus Job searching as a skillful reflective and investigative activity Strategies, skills and resources for finding and monitoring employment opportunities of interest (non-academic) Preparing applications more likely to get attention by customizing resumes and application letters to each positions and employer Succinctly highlighting relevant strengths with supporting examples, details and results (e.g., paper, project, statistics) Avoiding common pitfalls of transitioning into non-academic work settings 3 To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life.

Samuel Johnson 4 Development: Educational, Career, Life Managing Change & Maintaining Career Fit Keys to Informed Decisions & Re-Decisions Navigate your journey with informed choices! Self-Assessment: You and Your Situation What are your interests, skills and abilities, attitudes, values, motivations, goals? What else is important to you? Whats external factors impact your decision? (e.g., relationships, location, employment) Explore and Assess Related Options Research options of interest: academic, funding, business, employment Assess how well each option could fulfill factors important to you for career satisfaction Identify the better choice (e.g., weigh pros/cons of each option)any compromises? Decide when you will make re-evaluate and make a re-decision if needed When undecided, try to keep multiple options open while you learn more about them Re-Evaluate Your Direction

How are things going? What do you know now that you didnt before? Now whats important to you? Next steps? 5 (Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014; Neault, 2014) Skilfully Direct YoUR Journey Navigate with Informed Decisions & Re-Decisions Keys Re-Evaluate Self-Assess (self-knowledge) (e.g., interests, skills, values, goals) Explore Options (options knowledge) (e.g., employment opportunities) Assess, Compare & Prioritize Options (decision-making) 6 (Osborn, Dozier, Bullock-Yowell, Hayden, & Sampson, Jr.,2019)

Career Satisfaction? What does this mean to youtoday? In the future? Apply your talents and abilities? Right level of challenge? Broaden your knowledge? Advancement? Decision-making? Flexible work hours? Realize a purpose? Make a difference? Supportive colleagues? Work/life balance? What else is important to you? 7 (Pickerell, 2014) Expanding Career Options What fields, industries and types of work are of interest?

Research Administration Writing Public Service Consulting Human Service Advising Management Teaching Publishing What else?

8 Government of Canada Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) Job Searching (right) #2 Specialized Fields #6 Government Government of Canada Graduate Recruitment Programs Post-Secondary Recruitment Campaign (PSR) PSR Campaign 2019-2020 Opens 1st Week of October Graduating in 2020? Already graduated? Apply soon for next year! Short application period! Applications received for about 3 weeks Sign up for alerts 4 Streams Open from 2018 Administrative Services (closes Oct. 19, 2019) Human Resources Partners (closes Oct. 23, 2019) Science, Nursing & Engineering (closes Oct. 1, 2019) Technical Fields, Labour & Trades (closes Oct. 1, 2019) Dont get rejected! Provide details! Attend to the details

e.g., give relevant examples from academic, volunteer and paid work Check testing datesdont be late! 9 Government of Canada More Recruitment Pathways Diverse Fields & Positions Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Apply Oct. 23-Nov. 6, 2019 Other Specialized Recruitment e.g., Postdoctoral Research, Patent Examiner, Cadieux-Lger Fellowship, U Recruitment Research Affiliate Program (RAP) e.g., PhD Biological Sciences, Geoscience, Big Data & Predicative Analysis, Cumulative Effects of Climate & Land Use and more! Regular GC Job Postings Keyword Search: e.g., PhD, Doctoral, Masters, Postdoctoral, research, analyst, policy, data, heritage, communications, digital GC Organizations Scroll down, select organization, review career info

the website and reach out! 10 10 on Apply Early for Summer Jobs 2020 Some Applications Open Fall 2019 Keep checking employers of interest! Example: Farm Credit Canada Jobs for Summer Students (various fields) Applications open November 1, 2019 Search the U of R Job Board Register Online for Access! Job Searching Job Searching (right) U of R Job Board Registration (left) Students and Alumni (form)

Complete the online registration form Watch for an email with your password Log in to PlacePro (database) Check job postings: part-time, summer, full-time Read emails on upcoming career and educational events 12 Internships to Prepare for Your Career Research internship for graduate students and postdocs Research project with partner organization, any discipline Canadian or foreign citizens

Non-competitive, no deadlines 4-48 month internships, company cash matched by Mitacs Check the Projects tab (website) U of R Mitacs Contact Zsuzsa Papp, Business Development Specialist Email: [email protected] Call: 306- 491-2769 Mitacs Past Projects & Ideas 13 Mitacs Globalink Research Award Apply by Sept. 18, 1pm PT, for summer 2020! Watch for 2021! Applications accepted anytime, Not competitive 12-24 week research projects overseas Projects begin within 1 year of the award letter TRAVEL ABROAD Degree

Level Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows Citizenship Canadian citizens, permanent residents and international students Funding $6,000 CAD Destinations Brazil, China, European Union (selected countries), India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Tunisia, United States and other countries (ask [email protected]) 14 ImaginePhD Humanities & Social Sciences Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) Career Exploration & Planning Tool

Free career development planning tool (online)create your own account Assessment Clarify your career-related skills, interests and values Resources Explore Job Family Resources (e.g., job titles and skills) Advocacy Entrepreneurship Research & Analysis Communications, Public Relations & Marketing Higher Education Administration Faculty Consulting Human Services

Training Development K-12 Education Translation & Interpretation Diplomacy & Mediation Organizational Management Writing, Publishing & Editing Resources: General Resources (e.g., career articles, resumes writing) My Plan: Goal setting and SMART individual development plan (IDP) Also visit GCC Career Resources for more job searching resources! 15 myIDP Science Careers Individual Development Plan

Career Planning Graduate Students & Postdocs 1. Self-Assessment Evaluate skills, interests, values 2. Career Exploration e.g., Read About Careers (Resources Career Paths) 3. Set Goals Advancement, Skills, Project 4. Implement Plan Recruit Mentors, Summary Science Careers Jobs in Science & Technology (global) (e.g., Location: Canada) 16 Build Your Network Reach Out! Job Searching More Resources Associations with Student Memberships Association Job Boards & Career Info Friends, family, acquaintances Professors, other students Former employers, co-workers Members of interest groups

Conferences Enjoy connecting with people, and associations, getting involved and making a contribution! Saskatchewan Look for More! Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Regina Psychology Association of SK (PAS) SK Association of Social Workers (SASW) SK Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA) SK Writers Guild (SWG) Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Canadian Look for More! Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) Canadian Museums Association (CMA) International Look for More! College Art Association (CAA) Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) 17

(Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014) Keep a List Potential Employers Find Hidden Opportunities (unadvertised) Where might I like to work? How can I make a connection? 18 Recognize & Engage Your Connections Talk with others about your career interests, strengths and potential! Professors

Other students Former employers Co-workers Friends, family, acquaintances Members of interest groups Conferences

Who else? 19 (Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014) Develop New Connections & Networks Join Associations in Your Field Get Involved, contribute, check for Job Postings! Professional Associations Student Memberships Examples Canadian Museums Association Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS/SCT) Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC/ACDE) Editors Association of Canada (ECA) Geological Association of Canada Awards, Early Career Program (conference) International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Saskatchewan Kinesiology & Exercise Science (SKESA) Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA)

Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association (SPRA) Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute (SPPI) Saskatchewan Writers Guild (SWG) Publishing Insights Supply Chain Management Association SK (SCMA SK) Forum for International Trade (FIIT) 20 (Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014) Link to Link to Link Associations Employer Lists Direct Contacts Examples Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) SK Membership Fields of Specialization (select field to find employers) Careers (right) Current Job Postings Student Resources (right) Engineering Legacies (left) Find a job in consulting engineering: Resume & Cover Letter Tips from a CEO Frequently Asked Questions And more!

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Canada About Us (top) Member Organizations (all provincial & territorial consulting firms) Business Resources Industry Links & Resources 21 Job Searching Career Cruising Online Career Tools 1. Select: Job Searching Career Cruising (right, Quicklinks) 2. Log in: and password (right box) 3. Select a Heading/Category Careers Occupational Info - Related Careers (all fields) - Other Resources (e.g., association links, tips)

- And more! Employment Job Searching Info - Employment Guide - Interview Skills Guide - And more! 22 Academic Invest Online Career Guides For Career Information in Your Field Select Your Field Arts, Business, Engineering, Science Select a Job Searching Career Guide Major or Specialization Review job titles related to your field

Review specialized knowledge, skills and career info 23 U of R Job Search Databases Job Searching Review current jobs! Find employers and reach out to them! 1. All Fields (e.g., LinkedInJobs,, WowJobs) 2. Specialized Fields Arts, Culture & Heritage; Bilingualism; Business; Computer Science; Education; Government; Health & Medicine; International; Journalism, Media & Publishing; Science & Engineering; Sport, Recreation & Health 3. Short-Term Work Part-Time & Casual Jobs 4. U of R Campus Employment for Students, Faculty & Staff 5. U of R PlacePro Job Board (jobs on/off campus) 6. U of R Special Events & Career Fairs 7. SK Crowns, Boards & Agencies (e.g., SaskPower, SaskTel) 8. Co-op & Internships (U of R & other programs) 9. Equity & Diversity - Representative Workforce 10. Support Services Regina Area (e.g., recruiters, community services)

24 Vary Keywords for Searching Keywords for Different Interest Areas Examples Community, coordinator, development, group, program Statistics, quantitative, qualitative, risk, data analysis Accountant, accounting, audit, tax, financial, forensic Teacher, trainer, facilitator, development, curriculum International, trade, currency, export, global, risk Policy, analyst, research, consultant, development, non-profit Recreation, health, disability, wellness, rehabilitation Environmental, resources, assessment, water Research analyst, assistant, associate, director graduate degree AND your field 25 Keep a List Keywords for Searching Job Databases Examples: research, graduate, masters, consultant LinkedIn Jobs

Curator Islamic Art & Culture Content Strategist Research and Development Scientist and more! Scroll down for more search options! Search Jobs (brown tab) Managers of Operations (petroleum research, 3 positions) Director, Counselling, Health & Accessibility; Counselling Consultant (grad degree) Senior HR Specialist, Organizational Design Manager, Communications & Public Relations (masters asset)

Clinical Microbiologist (PhD) and more! Speech, Drama, Public Speaking and Debate Teacher (masters, theatre-related) Executive Director, Registered Psychiatric Nurses Assoc. SK (masters preferred) Labour Relations Advisor, Air Line Pilots Assoc. (grad degree substitute for experience) And more! 26 Job Search by Keyword Example: Kinesiology & Health Studies Field active living activity adjuster administration aging

arts athletic biomechanical child or youth coach communications community coordinator development disability ergonomic non-profit physical activity project or program volunteer rehabilitation recreation resort respite safety

senior or elder special needs sports (soccer, softball) team therapy trainer wellness or well-being event exercise facilitator fitness gerontology group or residential health promotion high performance independent living kinesiology communications

culture injury leadership lifestyle musculoskeletal 27 Job Search by Keyword Example: Human Services Field activity advocate child or youth communications community coordinator crisis development disability or special needs diversity facilitator

group or residential housing human immigrant inclusion international intervention non-profit policy probation project or program volunteer rehabilitation recreation respite senior or elder social work support women 28

Job Search by Keyword Example: Visual Arts Field aboriginal art animation art art teacher artist arts administration cartoon ceramics communications conservator creative culture curator painting photograph design

digital display drawing exhibit frame games gallery graphic intermedia magazine media multimedia y print printmaking publishing museum scenic sculpture set

stage storyboard visual 2D or 3D 29 Keyword Search Result Example: Visual Arts Field art artist art administration ceramic concept art creative exhibition fine art gallery graphic design Visual Art/Fine Arts Instructors

Arts Centre Technical Specialist Concept Artist Ceramic Potter/Artist Gallery Assistant/Interpreter Graphic Illustrator/Visualization Artist Fine Art Sales Consultant Fine Art Preparator Display/Program Coordinator Events & Exhibitions Coordinator 30 Keyword Search Results Example: Marketing Field advertising brand communications Assistant Brand Manager consumer Events Coordinator, Director, Planner development Marketing Analyst, Assistant, Specialist

event Marketing and Communications Assistant export fund Product Marketing Manager internet marketing Promotions Assistant promotion outreach Proposal Writer recruitment What industry or business is of interest? sales (e.g., arts, cable, gaming, mining, sports) trade 31 U of R Annual Career Fairs Check the List of Exhibitors & Reach Out to Career Fairs

Exhibitors Careers Day Fall Volunteer Fair Fall Education Career Expo Winter Spring Career Fair Winter Social Work Career Fair Winter KHS Career Fair Winter Also check the schedule for Meet Employers Sessions! 32 Career Connections via Social Media Interact with Employers of Interest Alert! Protect Your Privacy in Online Communications Job Alerts

Blogs Twitter LinkedIn Facebook 33 Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume? What sections relevant to include for your purpose?

Personal Data Educational Background No P Thesis age Scholarships/Awards/Grants Teaching Experience Research Experience Publications/Works in Press or Progress Presentations (papers, lectures) Professional/Academic/Administrative Experience Professional Memberships Other Skills and Qualifications References Portfolio or Teaching Dossier (optional) 34 (Schiebelbein, 2001)

Lim it ! Customize Each Resume & Cover Letter Get Noticed & More Invitations to Interviews Tailor each resume and cover letter to the specific requirements Apply critical analysis and judgment to select and highlight your most relevant knowledge, skills and experience Highlight your interest in the company/organization and your field, and your potential to contribute Succinctly describe your relevant strengths and background (e.g., skills, knowledge, experience) Include supporting examples and resultsfrom academic, volunteer and/or work experience (e.g., paper, publication, presentation, statistics, results) 35 Customized Resume #1 Limited Work Experience Entry-Level / Junior

Revise Each Resume to Address Specific Requirements Page 1 Priority Highlights of Qualifications (option) Keyword Summary (option) Relevant Knowledge, Skills & Achievements Education (top or bottom of page) Page 2 Work Experience or Related Experience Other Work Experience (option) Memberships, Interests & Activities - Memberships - Volunteer - Activities References (if required or standard for the field) 36 Customized Resumes Examples Address Requirements & Employer Preferences 1 or 2 Pages? What sections? Order? Headings?

Example Customized Resume #1 Limited Experience in the Field Entry-Level / Junior Business & Administrative Fields Engineering, Technology & Related Fields Example Customized Resume #2 Advanced Career Record of Employment in the Field Engineering, Technology & Related Fields Advanced Career 1-Page General Model (expand to 2 pages?) Critically review resume examples! Revise them as needed to best present 37 what you offer! Analyze Each Job Posting 1. Identify the specific job requirements (essential skills, assets) 2. Sort the requirements into categoriesnote keywords! 3. Name the categories and use them as headings Administration, Counselling & Interventions, Design, Entrepreneurship, Field Work, GIS & Mapping, Laboratory, Leadership & Teamwork, Policy Analysis, Projects, Research, Technical, Communication & Personal Qualities, Self-Management

4. Prioritize the order of sections and information 5. Page 1: Option Use the headings to structure a section on: Relevant Knowledge, Skills & Achievements Option If advanced in your field, highlight your work experience 5. Describe your related skills and experience (e.g., skills, projects, results) 6. Include examples and resultsacademic, volunteer and/or employment 38 (Pickerell, 2014) Keep a Master or Source File 1. Keep a file of your categories, statements and examples 2. To develop a new resume (e.g., for a job application), select the most relevant categories and statements 3. As needed, develop new categories and statements with supporting examples, details, statistics and results 4. For each new resume, prioritize the order of the categories and statements

(Pickerell, 2014) Resume Style & Format Length, Easy to Read, No Typos 1 or 2 pages, white space, proof read Highlight Relevant Work & Projects Academic, employment, volunteer, independent Describe Specialized Knowledge & Skills (verbs) Assessed ___, Conducted ___, Developed ___, Managed ___ Results-Oriented (details, statistics, examples) Supervised work team of 5 technical staff Increased efficiency by 10%... Improved the Promoted to Past Tense for Past Work CollaboratedEvaluated Produced Proposed Supervised... Professional E-mail Address 40 (Pickerell, 2014) Resume Tips from Employers Page 1 is most important

Note date of program completion Research the company and your tailor your resume Match resume to the exact job description (skills, knowledge) Highlight projects and your role Present your track record of work experienceeven if not related, the record accounts for your time Include volunteer work (teamwork, leadership) Shorten to the most important infotoo busy, HR loses interest In addition Include at least 2 supervisory references (not character only) Include reference to a portfolio (optional) Show your personality in applications and interviews 41 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Application Guidelines Digital Storage & Filtering Dont Use All capitals for YOUR NAME or HEADINGS (might print vertically) Tables, columns, headers, footers, WordArt, fancy design Large headings, unusual fonts or character spacing OK to Use

1 standard font, plain design elements (no images, borders) Bold and italics Keywords (from job posting or description) Common names for headings and skills Date style appropriate to the country (day, month, year) Your own computer to write your resume (preserve metadata) Follow the Employers Direction for Sending Files .txt, PDF, .doc (Word) Parker, Bob resume 032017.doc 42 (Fuerte, 2014; Sheilds, 2018) What Do You Offer Employers? Know What You Know Highlight Your Potential to Contribute Knowledge child development, ethics, control theory, digital imaging, federalism, GIS, intercultural communication, marketing principles, research methods, thermodynamics, treaties and land claims, security analysis Skills & Abilities (cognitive, hands-on) administered, analyzed, applied, assessed, designed, facilitated, investigated,

managed, motivated, performed, presented, taught Attitudes analytical, authoritative, collaborative, creative, diligent, efficient, empathic, innovative, organized, responsible, self-motivated What else? 43 (Pickerell, 2014) Use Verbs in Skills Statements Example: Engineering Acquired and applied knowledge of ___ Analyzed rock and fluid interfacial properties of ___ Applied a systems approach and modelling concepts to ___ Applied theory and principles of ___ Conducted studies of ___ Designed public sewer improvements that increased___ Evaluated construction progress and ___ Identified material and process parameters in __ Monitored and forecasted reservoir performance Performed spatial modeling of ___

Reduced errors by 35%, resulting in ___ Synthesized components to ___ 44 Present Relevant Academic Work Supporting Examples & Details Collaborated with team members to develop a program for ___: Title Conducted comprehensive research on ___. Course project: Title Analyzed ___ and proposed recommendations to ___. Course paper: Title Researched and wrote several course papers on ___. Example: Title Prepared and delivered two course presentations on ___: Title and Title Applied comprehensive knowledge and skills in ___ to propose a new system to improve ___. Academic paper: Title Proposed social policy to improve housing for Indigenous peoples living in northern communities. Academic paper: Title Researched and wrote several academic papers on determinants of health. Examples: Title and Title Present academic examples in resumes and interviews! 45

Clearly Describe Specialized Learning Review Course Descriptions in U of R Catalogs Graduate: Future Student Programs Course Descriptions Undergraduate: 46 Recognize Specialized Strengths Example: Economics Knowledge assessment, economic development, land claims, government, interventions, international trade, quantitative techniques, tax policy Skills & Abilities (cognitive, hands on) analyze, apply, calculate, collaborate, communicate, develop, evaluate, forecast, manage, organize, predict, present, propose Attitudes

analytical, creative, detailed, diligent, efficient, insightful, motivated, organized, positive, reliable, resourceful, trustworthy What else? 47 (Pickerell, 2014) Describe Specialized Learning Example: Economics Analyzed economic data on provincial health spending and proposed recommendations. Academic paper: Title Proposed recommendations for economic development in northern and Indigenous communities. Course paper: Title Researched and wrote policy papers on the economic costs of climate change. Academic example: Title Developed and analyzed a survey on public perceptions of corporate taxation. Course project: Title Prepared and delivered two class presentations on _____ Courses include: Northern Resource Economics and Policy, Econometrics and Data Analysis, _____, _____

48 National Occupational Classification Search the NOC online NOC 2016 Review Occupational Descriptions Select Quick Search (top left corner) Keyword search for an occupation of interest (e.g., policy, statistics, research, advocate, engineer) Review examples of specialized skill statements Recognize Your Skills Described in Verb Form Assess, create, conduct, develop, motivate, perform, oversee Write relevant, specialized statements about yourself Include supporting details, examples, statistics and results (e.g., project title, improved performance, promotion, award) Cover Letter = Statement of Motivation Your Interest, Strengths & Potential Contribution Example: Business & Administrative Fields What motivated you to apply? Why this work or position?

Why this company or organization? What impresses you? What do you offer? What can you do what they need? 50 Highlight Relevant Experience & Examples Use Keywords from the Job Posting Examples: Related to the position, I analyzed social inequalities and proposed recommendations for improving ___(course project): Project Title. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I oversaw ___ As an Industrial Engineer, I analyzed inventory levels and implemented recommendations to optimize production by ___. As a Board Member for the ___ Association, I demonstrated skills in leadership, team work, public speaking and community engagement. During my 3-year term, participation in service access increased by 15%. Note academic, employment, academic and/or volunteer work! 51

Job Scams Alert! Job Searching (Quicklinks) Job and Employment Scams Visit the website for resources on protecting yourself Know what personal information not to disclose in applications, resumes, social media, interviews Protect your confidential personal and financial information, such as ... Bank account numbers Credit card numbers Birth date Review the website resources for more recommendations! 52 Protect Your Privacy Review Safeguards & Options Dont give your street address

Give a cell number (not home phone) Give a LinkedIn address Set up an e-mail account for job searching Use privacy settings in social media Use strong passwords Use your discretion in each situation Keep informed about scams! 53 Employment Equity & Self-Declaration Commitment to a Representative Workforce Does the employer have a statement on employment equity? Equity Groups Aboriginal People Visible Minorities People with Disabilities Women in Non-Traditional Careers (less 47%) Self-Declaration is Voluntary Applicants decide whether to self-identify Self-Declaration Example Cover Letter

In submitting my application, I would like to self-declare as an equity candidate (note your equity group). 54 Guide to Application Forms & Interviews Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Its Against the Law to Discriminate on the Basis of: Religion Creed Colour Ancestry Marital Status Sex (includes pregnancy & sexual harassment) Sexual orientation Marital status Nationality

Physical or mental disability Age (18 and over) Receipt of public assistance Place of origin Race or perceived race 55 Academia to Industry Managing the Transition 9 Useless PhD Transferable Skills in an Industry Job New Scientist Blog by Olga Pougovkina, 2018 1. Long, complex writing (e.g., emails) Use the least text and ask specific questions 2. Going too deep into science Delete extra info, complexity in reports Delete nice to have info 3. Working under flexible deadlines Work within deadlines (time = $$$)

Evaluate your progress 4.Sprinting Plan time for a marathon and keep well Avoid burn outcarefully allocate energy and resources 56 (Pougovkina, 2018) 5. Overcommitting Be realisticdecline expectations that you cant meet 6. Spreading yourself thin Set limits on the number of tasks 7. Over-focussing on details Be selectiveavoid getting stuck in minutiae Know when to focus on the big picture: and what to skip Do details only when necessary 8. Too many priorities for the day: Set a dynamic list thats reasonable 9. Perfectionism (cultivated in academia) Accept good enough and focus on the overall result Avoid wasting time and energy

57 (Pougovkina, 2018) Lifelong Career Development Keys Awareness of Self & Situation (self-assessment) Whats important to you nownear future? What are your current interests, skills, values ? Describe your unique situation? What factors influence you? Explorations & Connections with Related Opportunities What are your options academic, funding, business, employment ? Re-Evaluate Your Direction How are things going? What do you know now that you didnt before? Now whats important to you? Whats your next step? Enjoy navigating your journey! 58 (Boyd & Spurgeon, 2014)

Career Development Sessions For a Meaningful Career & Realizing YoUR Potential Job Searching Career Sessions (monthly schedule) Choosing or Re-Evaluating YoUR Career Direction Job Searching All Fields for more part-time, summer & full-time work! Customizing Resumes for more interviews! Interview Prep for more offers! Career Fair Prep Strengthen your career development strategies, skills and resources! Career Education supports you in building a rewarding career! Connect with us! 59 Visit Us! U of R Career Education Services, Programs & Resources Indigenous Career Education Career Exploration & Counselling Co-operative Education & Internship Programs Student Employment Services

163 Riddell Centre / 306-585-5161 60 Photo Credits All images are used with permission from Microsoft unless otherwise indicated. References Boyd, S., & Spurgeon, K. (2014). Lifelong career management. In B. C. Shepard & P. S. Mani (Eds.), Career development practice in Canada: Perspectives, principles, and professionalism (pp. 383-410). CERIC. Forte, M. (2014). How an applicant tracking system (ATS) reads a resume. Retrieved from Neault, R. A. (2014). Theoretical foundations of career counselling. In B.C. Shepard, & P. S. Mani (Eds.), Career development practice in Canada:

Perspectives, principles, and professionalism (pp. 129-150). Toronto, ON: CERIC. Osborn, D.S., Dozier, V.C., Bullock-Yowell, E., Hayden, S.C.W., & Sampson, Jr., J. P. (2019). Cognitive Information Processing Theory: Applying Theory and Research to Practice. In N. Arthur, R. Neault & M. McMahon (Eds.), Career Theories and Models at Work: Ideas for Practice (pp. 295303). CERIC, Toronto. Pickerell, D. A. (2014). Work search strategies. In B. C. Shepard & P. S. Mani (Eds.), Career development practice in Canada: Perspectives, principles, and professionalism (pp. 199-221). CERIC. Pougovkina, O., (Oct. 19,2018). 9 useless Phd transferable skills in an industry job [Blog post]. Retrieved from Schiebelbein, J. (2001). Putting your graduate degree to work: The Canadian career & employment guide. Edmonton, AB: Career and Placement Services, University of Alberta.

Shields, J. (2018). 8 things to know about applicant tracking systems.Retrieved from

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