Naval Square Annual Meeting - Amazon S3

Naval Square Annual Meeting - Amazon S3

Naval Square Annual Meeting March 24, 2015 7:00pm Naval Square Condominium Association Annual Meeting Agenda I. Call to Order 7:00pm II. Introduction of Candidates 7:01pm Meet the Candidates Maria Cianfrani

Gary Gladstone Joyce Dascola Laura Thomas Election Committee Accomplishments Ensured Associations Governing Documents were followed throughout election Compiled all mailings pertaining to the Annual Meeting Arranged Meet the

Candidates Members Dan Kroll Molly Murray Maryellen Schwartz Election 2015 Goals o Establish a social media policy for next years election o Use tools and procedures created this year to conduct another smooth election Association Annual Meeting Agenda III. Reading and Approval of Minutes 7:10pm

IV. Collection of Votes 7:15pm V. Dash & Love Presentation Ken Dash 7:17pm VI. 2014-2015 Board Report 7:45pm VII.Managers Report 8:00pm VIII. Committee Reports 8:30pm IX. Questions 9:00pm X. Naval Square Trivia 9:20pm XI. Election Results 9:30pm

Dash & Love I. Introduction of Ken Dash, Dash & Love Insurance II. Condominiums Commercial Insurance Package A. Property Insurance Overview What is covered? Common Elements Units III. Insurance Losses A. B. C. D. I have damage to my home, now what? Emergency restoration services

Rebuilding after the loss Who is responsible for damage to my unit? IV. Loss Prevention A. B. What can the Association do to prevent losses? What can unit owners do to prevent losses? V. Q&A Naval Square Executive Board Dan Kroll

Jeanette Litts 2014-2015 Board Accomplishments Committees: o Creation of two Ad Hoc Committees Pool/Fitness Center & Election Committees o Redefined Committee Terms as May 1 April 30 Website: o Secured Domain name o Set up Email addresses for Board, Management and Staff o Website went live in November & enrollment of residents continues Business: o 215 Secure is our new security/access/proximity system vendor o HOA Insurance Policy - increased our limits on our umbrella policy

o As of April 1st - OPS is our new gate staff company Traffic Flow: o Improvements were made in regards to signage and flow this included a rules change Management: o Worked with FSR to develop management goals for 2015 Developer: o Resolved issue with Toll Brothers regarding sale of parking spaces to 2400 South owners. o Began negotiations with Toll Brothers (first offer received) 2014-2015 Board Accomplishments Relationships:

o Sponsored table & chairs at GFA Triangle Park o Instituted board member meet and greets o Letters sent: to CHOP outlining 4 primary Naval Square concerns to the proposed project. to Councilman Johnson requesting his assistance in getting streets department to review traffic calming at Bainbridge/Schuylkill (CHOP agreed to pay for upgrades if streets approved) to support CHOPs grant application related to pedestrian bridge over CSX railroad tracks (CHOP was awarded the transportation grant) o Jeanette Litts is the NS Community Advisory Committee representative and is attending monthly meetings. Board Training: o Some board members attended training classes in governance and finance at the FSR offices. o Some board members attended a condo officer round table to share ideas.

Legal: o o o o Leasing restriction opinion obtained Pet restriction opinion obtained Extension of Tolling Agreement Concierge Facility opinion requested Treasurers Report Investments - $4M o o

Laddered CDs (6mo 60mo) - $2.75M Liquid accounts (Money Market) - $1.25M Delinquencies - $89,772 (vs $117,472 in 2014) o o o Reduced delinquencies $28K in the last year Settled one of three large accounts (each over $25K) Initiated Sheriffs sale on other two units Budget o o

o Major expenses Changes for 2015 2014 Year End Audits o o o Finalized 2012 audit 2013 is being revised 2014 is underway Thank you for your

service! Chris Cosgrove Mark Molyneux Wendy Steesy Meet the Staff Management Donna Marconi, CMCA Community Manager Molly Murray Assistant Community

Manager Chris Boyle Resident Services Coordinator Maintenance Kevin Miller Maintenance Superintendent Glenn Senavitis Jorge Naveiro Concierge

Quanda Murray Eddie Williams Porters Horatio Morales Strickland Christian Ortega Grounds Charlie Riley Bainbridge

Terrance Taylor Lawrence Anthony Ramos Adison Walt Street Pemberton Biddle Security: OPS Security Group Transition to a new security company o Enforcement of parking policy o Have IDs ready

o Frequent visitors may need to reregister Parking Policy Reminder Residents are only to park in their assigned parking space(s), not in visitor parking. Vehicles may not park in any restricted space, including fire lanes, pedestrian access areas, and fire hydrant zones. Guests can only park in spaces designated as Visitor spaces for a period of 24 hours. o The same visitor is not permitted to receive more than three vehicle visitor passes within one week o All visitor passes must be displayed on the vehicles dashboard Any vehicles in violation of these policies

are subject to being towed at the owners expense. Security Philadelphia Police Department Operation ID o Property identification program developed to aid in the prevention of crime and identification of personal property in the event that it is lost or stolen o Management Updates Holiday Contributions Staff Holiday Fund o The staff of Naval Square would like to thank all residents of Naval Square for your kind contributions to them during the holidays.

Knowing that you appreciate their services is such reward. Philabundance o Between Naval Square, Toll Brothers, and 2400 South, we collected 834 pounds of food! Management Accomplishments By the Numbers o 88 resales o This means 622 IDs made this past year, it takes 6 minutes to make and update an ID, which is 62 hours over the course of a year. o 62 unit rentals were processed o 150 orientations which most orientations can take about an hour to

complete. o An average of 130 bills a month came through the office, which average 1560 bills a year and it is a 3 step process. Maintenance o Rear vehicle gate manufacturers investigation of old systems parts, successfully made it through winter o Passed all inspections o Host liberator shampooing carpets, non drenching

Pool bracelets for 2014 season Transition to new community website Getting Philadelphia Water Department to get actual readings Staff changes Charles and Michele to Molly and Chris Successful Goodwill drive New security company 2015 budget Vendor fair Management Challenges Differentiating between the Associations obligations, residents needs, and residents

expectations Finding multiple vendors to submit bids for work and being able to compare the bids apples to apples Overseeing a community on 20+ acres Taking multiple layouts (four story townhomes, two over two townhomes, condos) into consideration when creating and enforcing policies Neighborhood construction o Being at the mercy of outside contractors (PGW, CHOP) Contract Management Inspections o o

o o o o o Fire sprinkler Fire extinguishers Fire audible Detention basins Elevators Pool water inspection Black flow preventers (both domestic and fire) o Trees by an arborist

Preventative Maintenance o o o o o o o o HVAC Compactors and chutes Elevators Gates Proximity systems

Domestic pumps Landscape Snow removal Vendor Updates New company managing: o Proximity system (215 Secure) o Security (OPS) Expiring contracts will need three proposals for each service o o o o o

o Elevators Bainbridge, Biddle, Strickland HVAC 10/15 Landscape 12/15 Fire Sprinkler Inspection Biddle and Strickland Electric contract 5/15 Proximity (Keri) System 7/15 Services already out to Bid: o Dryer vent cleaning o Fire alarm inspection 2015 Objectives Complete transition with Toll Brothers 2016 budget

o Up until Fridays snow, the 2015 snow removal line was on schedule Strickland HVAC carpeting and painting of hallways Host another Goodwill Day due to the success of last years event Continue annual vendor fair Streamline new resident orientation o Electronically o Prescheduled days Call for Committee Members There are openings in the below committees: o Communications - 6 o Finance - 3

1 one year term 2 two year terms o Landscape - 3 o Rules & Regulations 3 Please see a member of management for an application! Arthur Z. Silver Volunteer Appreciation Award Chair of the Communications Committee since 2012 Involved in 34 issues

of the Naval Square Newsletter Changed editions from quarterly to monthly Arthur Z. Silver Volunteer Appreciation Award Deb Lyons Committee Reports

Communications Accomplishments Members Jean Bryan

Chris Cosgrove Deb Homich Deb Lyons Nancy Naftulin Aisha O'Connor Scott Sigman Wendy Steesy Nancy Stinson Andrea Thiel Communications 2015 Goals Finance Accomplishments Reviewed Quarterly Financial

Statements Reviewed 2013 Audit Report Prepared 2015 Operating Budget draft for Board consideration ($3.1M Total Budget) o 5 unique sub-budgets o Analyzed 185 budget line items o Performed reserves/deferred maintenance contribution analysis o Kept dues increases to a minimum o Completed draft budget by October 1st deadline Members

Maria Cianfrani Gary Gladstone Mark Molyneux Gayle Schultz Wendy Steesy Internal Dispute Resolution Committee Accomplishments Continued to hear complaints brought to it by residents concerning either

violations of rules as determined by management or violations as alleged between two residents Furnished written reports and recommendations to the Board if the complaint could not be resolved informally at an IDRC meeting Members

Cheryl Baker Matias Hochman Ron Levine Mark Molyneux Alan Snyder Internal Dispute Resolution Committee 2015 Goals o Continue to work to resolve complaints informally o Lower the temperature of inter-resident disputes o Provide the Board with recommendations based on Naval Square regulations, practicality, and common sense Landscape

Accomplishments Successful Spring and Fall Planting Days Installation of Pyrocantha Perennial garden with meditation bench Successful removal of 3 London Plane trees because of safety issues Creation of an Excel tracking sheet to keep record of ongoing and warranty projects that have been completed Members

Angie Hafner George Krieman Doug Linneman Ginny Minehart Constance Post Margie Renzi Wendy Steesy Landscape

2015 Goals o Resolution of Grays Ferry trees situation o Monthly walk arounds with Shearon, Committee, and our Excel project list o Enhancement of perennial garden o Begin installation of Freedom Garden with a red, white, and blue theme we are in the process of finding a way to make it happen o Shearon contract renewal o Monthly meeting with Shearon and Management Office o Spring Planting Day on May 16th (coffee, juice, and goodies will be offered to our volunteers) o Keep a close look at our tracking sheet as an ongoing effort to maintain and improve

existing landscaping projects Rules and Regulations Accomplishments The Committee sees itself as the eyes and ears of the community when it comes to solving problems, not just a creator of more rules. In this capacity, this year the Committee has recommended: o additional traffic signs around Governors Court as a child safety measure o amnesty for holiday decorations because of misunderstandings about

what could be displayed o reminder about prohibition of short-term leasing in light of the papal visit Members Mike Fung Sabrina Garibian Jeanette Litts Margaret Moran Maryellen Schwartz

Rules and Regulations 2015 Goals o Review rules and regulations related to safety to clarify and revise as needed Social Accomplishments Happy hours usually the last Wednesday of the month March 14 Tequilas April 14 Strip Joint May 14 Memorial Day Weekend June 14 St. Declans Well July 14 Breakfast with Comcast August 14 Friday, Saturday, and

Sundays September 14 Party on Parade Grounds October 14 Devils Pocket November 14 Thanksgiving December 14 Holiday Party January 15 New Years Eve Party February 15 R2L March 15 Seafood Unlimited Members

Florence Cohen Ann Fuchs Linda Hagdorn Carole Hayes Dan Kroll Linda Levitsky Deborah Lyons Ginny Minehart Mark Newell Margie Renzi

Laura Thomas Social 2015 Goals o May 2 Cinco de Mayo Party in Rotunda o June 13 BBQ at Circle Garden Transition Accomplishments

April 2014 Received final Transition Study Report from BIA June 2014 Letter and Report forwarded to Toll Brothers by Steve Sugarman June 2014 Toll requested 90 days to review report and provide a response November 2014 Received written response from Toll December 2014 Transition

Committee and Board Meeting to discuss Tolls response January 2015 Sit down negotiation meeting with Toll and NS board member and attorney March 2015 Andrew Scheerer hired as expert witness for Association Members

Brian Baxter Peter Bulkely Chris Cosgrove Antrainig Garibian Rick Litts Wendy Wiesmiller Transition 2015 Goals o March 2015 Tentative walk around with Association and Toll Resident Questions Naval Square Fun Fact Did you know that there is a tomb in the

basement of Biddle Hall? Rear Admiral J. Cary Jones is buried there! o Born in Alabama on March 2, 1892 o Entered the US Naval Academy in 1909 o Graduating from the Naval Academy in 1913 Naval Square Fun Fact Did you know that the commission to design the Naval Home came to William Strickland in 1826? If you look up from the main door of Biddle Hall you will see proof of this! Naval Square Fun Fact The 24 acre tract that Naval Square sits on was originally "The Plantation" owned by the Pembertons.

It was deeded to the Abbot family who sold it to the Navy in 1826 for $16,000.00 Naval Square Trivia Do you know what year the two mansions on either side of Biddle Hall were designed? 1844 Naval Square Trivia Do you know who was in charge of the Naval Home from 1838 to 1842? Commander James Biddle

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