National Wrestling Coaches Association - NWCA

National Wrestling Coaches Association - NWCA

The Case for Wrestling at University of Delaware Prepared by Mike Moyer, National Wrestling Coaches Association Why Wrestling At University of Delaware? The premier high school wrestling tournament in the nation is hosted at the Bob Carpenter Center each year. This features the top 100 high school teams across America. The Delaware Wrestling Alliance, which is comprised of high profile business leaders, is uniquely positioned to provide ongoing financial support for the UDEL program. This organization has provided over $850,000 in scholarship to deserving Delaware student-wrestlers since its inception. Delawares best and brightest studentwrestlers should not have to leave the state to pursue their academic and wrestling dreams. A wrestling team could be nationally competitive in three years which could significantly elevate the schools Learfield Directors Cup ranking with a very low cost ratio. Wrestling is an indoor sport with modest facility needs (42 x 90 practice room). Its easy to add and its a cost effective way to grow enrollment with strong students. University of Delaware would be an affiliate member of the EIWA Conference which features the Ivy League schools and other elite academic institutions such as Lehigh, Bucknell, Hofstra, American University, etc. UDEL has some very influential wrestling alumni such as Dave Dewalt, former CEO of McAfee and FireEye. The best high school wrestling in America is located within a 5 hour radius of UDEL. There are 13,500 high school female wrestlers and only 30 intercollegiate teams to support that interest. The NWCA has recently applied for NCAA Emerging Sport Status being that we have 9 member schools that currently sponsor wrestling and three more strongly considering it. Prominent Wrestlers from Delaware (NCAA (all divisions), Juco, etc. Clinton Burke, Wm. Penn, Oklahoma 2nd, 3rd NCAA Div. I - Year (1982 & 83) Henry Milligan, A.I. du Pont, Princeton 7th NCAA Div.1 1981 Earl Walker St, Andrews, Brown U. 2nd, 5th NCAA Div. 1(needs fact check) Sheldon Thomas, St. Marks, Clarion NCAA Div. 1 3X All American 5th, 3rd, 1st 1996 John Testa, St. Marks, Clarion 8th NCAA Div. 1 Year?? Jarrod Garnett, Caravel, VA. Tech- 6th NCAA Div, I - 2013 Chris Diaz, Caesar Rodney, VA Tech- 7th NCAA Div I - 2012 Bobby Telford, St. Marks, Iowa 4th NCAA Div. I 2014, 5th 2015 3X All American Aaron Harris Caesar Rodney, Lycoming College NCAA Div. III 5th- 1998 Chris Donaldson, Salesianum, Kings College, NCAA Div. III 6th 2013 Tommy Abbott JUCO National Champion Jason Moaney, Dover, JUCO National Champion Mike Welch, Hodgson, Williamson Trade JUCO 8th-2002 Darren Archbangelo, Claymont, York College NCAA Div. III 2nd - 1987 Wrestlings Demographics Since 2004, approximately 40% of the mens and womens U.S. Olympic team were minorities. Egalitarian Sport - provides opportunities regardless of size due to weight classification

competition. Across all three NCAA divisions, wrestling has the highest percentage of first generation college bound students. One of the few sports to provide mainstream opportunity to the visually impaired, deaf and disabled student-athletes. Womens wrestling is now an Olympic sport (USA finished 3rd in the 2015 World Championships out of 54 countries) and over 13,500 young women are wrestling in high schools across America (state championships are hosted in 7 states HI, AK, WA, OR, CA, TX, TN). Helen Maroulis 2016 Olympic Champion Anthony Robles/Arizona St 2011 NCAA Champion Wrestlers Perform on and off the Mat Below is some Academic Profile research data on 434 freshman wrestlers for the 2012/13 year. This data was provided by the NCAA Research Department (they mentioned that this data does not change much from year to year): Average high school GPA of wrestlers in core academic courses = 3.255. This is within .05 points of mens lacrosse, mens tennis, and mens ice hockey. Wrestling is near the average for male student-athletes. Average GPA across all male general student body = 3.24. Average SAT for wrestlers = 1084; average ACT for wrestlers (sum score) = 93. Averages for all male general student body = 1052 and 90 respectively. Many of Division Is most thriving intercollegiate wrestling programs are at elite academic institutions such as Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, Lehigh, etc. Wrestling Supports the Educational Mission NCAA statistics indicate that wrestling (all three college divisions combined) has the largest percentage of first generation college bound students. Many of our top NCAA Division I wrestling teams are at elite academic institutions. Many of our nations top corporate, political, military, and

community leaders have wrestling backgrounds. 13 United States Presidents wrestled. There is no professional level for amateur wrestling so our sport does not attract student-athletes who are simply trying to use college as a stepping stone to the professional level. . Ability to be Competitive on A National Level Historically, upwards to 85% of NCAA D-I institutions (that sponsor wrestling) qualify at least one wrestler to the national championships each year. Approximately 37% percent of NCAA Division I institutions (that sponsor wrestling) will have an All American in any given year. With nearly 250,000 high school wrestlers in America (7th most popular high school boys sport) and only 77 NCAA DI wrestling programs, University of Delaware can be nationally competitive in the first 3-5 years. The 2016 NCAA Championships were sold out at Madison Square Garden Increase Enrollment/Revenue Despite the fact that high school wrestling is the 7th most popular high school boys sport in America with nearly 250,000 participants, there are only 77 NCAA Division I wrestling programs. This assures University of Delaware will attract a healthy roster, many of which will be paying out-of-state tuition rates.

A fully funded Division I wrestling program only has 9.9 scholarships so with a roster of 30 wrestlers, most will be paying their own tuition, room, and board (this is consistent with most of the wrestling programs at elite academic institutions). By NCAA standards, wrestling has a low cost per student athlete. Modest Cost / Minimum Needs Wrestling has a relatively low cost per student athlete comparatively speaking to other NCAA male sports. Based on budget numbers from a typical CAA Conference mens wrestling team, the costs are as follows: $25,000 a. Salary & Benefits (head coach & 2 full time assistants): $85,000, $45,000, b. Operating Budget (travel, recruiting, anything other than personnel): $100,000 d. Scholarship (9.9 full scholarships): Start Up Costs 2 Wrestling Mats: $10,000/mat Modest facilities requirements - a wrestling room that is minimally 90 by 42 Uniforms & practice gear: $10,000 (Mens) Division I Conference Teams (Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association - EIWA) Ivy League Other

Brown Binghamton Columbia Drexel Cornell F&M Harvard Hofstra Princeton Penn Patriot League American Army Bucknell Lehigh Navy Sacred Heart Womens Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA) Participating Teams Adrian College (MI) NCAA DIII Missouri Baptist University (MO) NAIA Becone (OK) NAIA Missouri Valley College (MO) NAIA

Campbellsville University (KY) NAIA Ottawa University (KS) Eastern Oregon NAIA Emmanuel College (GA) NCAA DII NAIA Oklahoma City University (OK) Pacific University (OR) NAIA NCAA DIII Ferrum (VA) NCAA DIII Simon Fraser University (BC) NCAA DII Jamestown University (ND) NAIA Southern Oregon NAIA King College (TN) NCAA DI Southwest Oregon C.C. (OR) Life University (GA) NAIA

Lindenwood University (MO) NCAA DII Lindenwood Belleville (IL) NAIA Lyon College(AR) NAIA MacMurray College NCAA DIII Warner Pacific College (OR) NAIA NAIA Wayland Baptist University (TX) NAIA McKendree University (IL) NCAA DII Wentworth Military (MO) NJCAA Midland Lutheran College (NE) NAIA Menlo College (CA) C NJCAA

Springfield College (MA) NCAA DII The Univ. of Cumberlands (TN) Waldorf College (IA) NAIA NAIA National Trends to Support Adding Wrestling The National High School participation rate for wrestling has shown an increase the last ten years. (since 1999, scholastic boys wrestling has grown by nearly 20,000 participants). Since 1994, the number of high schools that sponsor wrestling has grown from 8559 to 10,600/boys. Over the past decade, wrestling in the inner cities has exploded in popularity through a Beat-The-Streets programs (New York City is growing the fastest). As reported by National Federation of State High School Associations, scholastic wrestling state championships are among the top five sports in terms of revenue production. This mirrors revenue production of the NCAA Championships. 154 new college wrestling programs have been established since 2001 at all collegiate levels (and 24 new college teams just for the 2016/17 season). Womens wrestling can qualify for NCAA Emerging Sport Status with the addition of one more team at an NCAA member institutions (high profile alumni at Arizona State, Franklin & Marshall, UPENN, and Columbia have expressed interest). Scholastic Mens Wrestling Programs vs College Opportunities WA P: 6,377 NCAA/NAIA: 0

MT P: 1,540 NCAA/NAIA: 2 OR P: 5,073 NCAA/NAIA: 4 ID P: 2,332 NCAA/NAIA: 1 WY P: 1,029 NCAA/NAIA: 1 NV P: 2,637 NCAA/NAIA: 0 CA P: 27,596 NCAA/NAIA: 7 ND P: 894 NCAA/NAIA: 5 SD P: 1,311 NCAA/NAIA: 4 NE P: 4,419 NCAA/NAIA: 7 UT P: 3359 NCAA/NAIA: 1 CO P: 5,322 NCAA/NAIA: 7 MN P: 9,137 NCAA/ NAIA: 9 WI P: 7,399

NCAA/ NAIA: 13 IA P: 7,044 NCAA/NAIA: 19 KS P: 5,283 NCAA/NAIA: 5 NY P: 13,666 NCAA/ NAIA: 17 MI P: 10,904 NCAA/ NAIA: 7 PA P: 9,920 NCAA/NAIA: 33 OH P: 11,531 IN NCAA/ IL P: 17,112 P: 7,615 NAIA: 17 WV P: 1,416 VA NCAA/ NCAA/ NCAA P: 6,934 NAIA: 12 NAIA: 8 /NAIA 5 NCAA/NAIA: 10 MO P: 7,345 NCAA/NAIA: 7 KY P: 1,926 NCAA

/NAIA 4 TN P: 4,436 NCAA/NAIA 3 AZ P: 5,753 NCAA/NAIA: 3 NM P: 1,432 NCAA/NAIA: 1 OK P: 3,060 NCAA/NAIA: 5 AR P: 1,092 NCAA/NAIA: 5 MS AL Does not P: 2,114 Sanction NCAA/ HS NAIA: 1 Wrestling TX P: 10,582 NCAA/NAIA: 1 New England (ME, VY, NH, RI, MA, CT) P: 10,306 NCAA/ NAIA: 20 LA P: 1,834 NCAA NAIA: 0 AK P: 1,436 NCAA/NAIA: 0

HI P: 1,310 NCAA/NAIA: 0 Source: National Federation of High School Associations report NJ DE P: 9,781 NCAA/ NAIA: 6 P: 1,126 NCAA/ NAIA: 0 MD P: 5,020 NCAA/ NAIA: 4 NC P: 9,740 NCAA /NAIA 11 DC NCAA/ NAIA: 4 SC P: 5,238 NCAA /NAIA 5 GA P: 9,041 NCAA /NAIA 5 FL P: 8,104 1 NCAA /NAIA 2013-14 Mens High School Participation vs. 4 -Year College Programs

P High School Participants NCAA/NAIA - Number of 4 year College Programs States in Red Text have no 4 year College Programs Scholastic Womens Wrestling Programs vs College Opportunities Newfoundland CIS: 1 British Columbia CIS: 1 Alberta CIS: 2 Saskatchewan CIS: 2 Manitoba CIS: 1 Quebec CIS: 1 Ontario CIS: 5 WA P: 1016 WCWA: 0 OR P: 131 WCWA: 3 CA P: 2099 WCWA: 1 MT P: 17 WCWA: 0 ID

P: 21 WCWA: 0 NV P: 68 WCWA: 0 UT P: 18 WCWA: 0 CO P: 62 WCWA: 0 AK P: 178 WCWA: 0 Arizona P: 191 WCWA: 0 ME P: 76 WCWA: 0 ND P: 9 WCWA: 1 WY P: 18 WCWA: 0 NM P: 96 WCWA: 0 SD P: 26 WCWA: 0 NE P: 128 WCWA: 1 HI

P: 440 WCWA: 0 MN P: 0 WCWA: 0 KS P: 108 WCWA: 2 OK P: 112 WCWA: 1 TX P: 2776 WCWA: 1 AK P: 178 WCWA: 0 New Brunswick CIS: 1 WI P: 0 WCWA: 0 IA P: 66 WCWA: 1 NY P: 271 WCWA: 0 MI P: 350 WCWA: 1 OH MO P: 66 WCWA: 3 PA

P: 85 WCWA: 0 IN P: 131 IL P: WCWA: 0 WV P: 0 P: 22 WCWA: 0 WCWA: 2 KY WCWA: 0 P: 28 WCWA: 3 TN P:146 WCWA: 1 AR P: 25 WCWA: 1 LA P: 14 WCWA: 0 AL MS P: 8 P: 0 WCWA: 0 WCWA: 0 GA P: 175 WCWA: 2 VA P: 115 WCWA: 1 NC P: 123 WCWA: 0 SC P: 39 WCWA: 0

FL P: 388 WCWA: 0 RI P: 20 WCWA: 0 VT P: 5 WCWA: 0 MA P: 70 WCWA: 0 NH P: 16 WCWA: 0 CT P: 82 WCWA: 0 DE P: 24 WCWA: 0 NJ P: 69 WCWA: 0 MD P: 99 WCWA: 0 2013-14 Womens Wrestling Participation High School and College P High School Participants WCWA: Number of WCWA Collegiate Teams

CIS: Number of Canadian Collegiate Teams Updated November 2013 * High School Participation Numbers as Reported by the NFHS How the NWCA Can Help ! About Us NWCA is a 501C-3 non-profit organization established in 1928. The mission is to increase the number of coaches, programs, and wrestlers at all levels. The three core competencies of the NWCA are coaching development, studentwrestler welfare, and promotion. National headquarters in Manheim, PA Six full time staff members and 34 Board of Directors The NWCA has educational programs that serve 230,000 annually. Membership includes nearly 10,000 coaches, wrestlers, officials, fans, affiliated organizations, college/high school institutions. Affiliated Members on NWCA Board National Collegiate Athletic Association National High School Federation National Junior College Association California Junior College Association National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics USA Wrestling National Wrestling Hall of Fame The NWCA Can Provide the Following The NWCA will assist with securing start up funds to establish a Division I program. Provide grass roots support for the University of Delaware wrestling program (8,500 of the 10,600 high school wrestling coaches in America are members of the NWCA). Provide assistance in hiring a coach. Provide FREE leadership training for coaching staff. Wrestlings Outstanding Americans Partial List Joseph Allen- Astronaut Carl Albert- Speaker of the House Hiraoki Rocky Aoki-President/CEO, Benihana of Tokyo Restaurants Roone Arledge-President, ABC-TV News & Sports

James Biggar -Chairman & CEO, Nestle USA, Inc. Norman E. Borlaug-Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Frank Carlucci III-Ambassador, Secretary of Defense John Chafee-U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Michael Collins-Command Pilot, Apollo 11 Mission Pat Day-Jockey Dan Dierdorf-Sports Broadcaster Kirk Douglas Dr. Kenneth J. Faust-Medicine Stephen Friedman-CEO, Goldman, Sachs & Co. Robert W. Hannan-President & CEO, Eckerd Corporation John McCain- US Senator Admiral James L. Holloway, III-Military John W. Irving-Author of Novels and Films Henry Kravis-Partner, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. General Charles Krulak-Commandant of the USMC James A. Leach-U.S. Congressman from Iowa Peter W. Likins-Past President, Lehigh University Abraham Lincoln-16th President of the USA Ronald Magruder-Past CEO, Cracker Barrel David S. Pottruck- Former President/CEO, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Theodore Roosevelt-26th President of the USA Philip Rauch-Business

Donald H. Rumsfeld-US Secretary of Defense, Ret. Edward B. Rust-President/CEO, State Farm Insurance Arthur C. Rutzen-Past President, The Pacific Bank Norman Schwarzkopf-Commander in Chief, Desert Storm Tom Sullivan-Author, Singer, Actor, Sportsman Howard Taft-27th President of the USA Billy Baldwin- Actor Joe Galli-CEO of TTI Greg Lanteris-Astronaut Dan Cathy- President Chik-fil-A Tim Syzmanski Rear Admiral (Salesianum Grad) -Actor-Author, Diplomat Your Wrestling Support Staff THE NATIONAL WRESTLING COACHES ASSOCIATION For More Information, Contact: Mike Moyer Executive Director P.O. Box 254 Manheim, PA 17544 717-653-8009 [email protected]

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