My Plate

My Plate

MY PLATE LIVESRTONG.COM Antonio Spadaro Use For High school Health Classes App can be found in App stores on smart phones/ tablets (For Free download) GOAL OF USING THIS APP: IS TO SHOW THE STUDENTS HOW HEALTHY OR UNHEALTHY THEIR DIETS ARE. How's it work? You first enter your personal

information Then, every day you enter what you ate, drank, and if you exercised This app will tell you how many calories you should be eating It will tell you how balanced your fat, protein and Carbs are It will also factor in how much you exercise NOT JUST A DIET TRACKER

This app is more than just a diet tracker! It has a work out section In this section you can selected from a variety of work outs It will then go through the work out with you to insure you now how to do it!

THERES MORE The App also has a Health and Nutrition Section If you are interested in more information about how to be healthy this is the section for you! Students can get more tips about how to lose weight, how to cook healthier food, or they can look here to find better work out

ideas Outcome Of Using This App Whether this app will make the students healthier is ultimately up to them! But, what this app will do is at least show each and every student if they are eating healthy and exercising regularly Once they know that, Then hopefully they will notice they are being unhealthy and use the app to change for the better! Or they will see how healthy they are, and use it as a tool to become even healthier!

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