My Life -

My Life -

PERSISTENT Diligent Resolute Hard-working Ambitious Determined Purposeful _ PERSISTE NCE What is it? Knowing what you want and going after it Overcoming internal and external obstacles Fatigue Difficulty

Opposition Uncertainty The commitment to keep going regardless Disappointment Possible Failure PERSISTE NCE What is it? DETERMINATION mental toughness

+ HARD WORK mental toughness in action From homeless to Harvard the story of Liz Murray Completing a 4-year program in only 77 years--the oldest college graduate ever PERSISTE NCE

How do I communicate it? Know what you want Speak or write your goals Be direct, articulate, assertive, confident Develop a plan Consult with others But do not cave to negativity Work your plan Adjust or modify if needed But dont quit! PERSISTE NCE

What is the result? PERSONAL You know you tried your best PROFESSIONAL Recognition, raises, promotions SOCIAL Admiration and inspiration PERSISTE NCE

What is the result? What if you LACK diligence and persistence? PERSONAL Regret, underachievement PROFESSIONAL Unremarkable, below average SOCIAL Unattractive to the successful

PERSISTE NCE Believe in yourself Celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures. When you get up after a fall, which direction do you face? Decide what you want and go for it! Dont stop till youve reached your full potential. How do I cultivate it?

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