Municipal Electric Aggregation

Municipal Electric Aggregation

Municipal Electric Aggregation Kane County Committee of the Whole October 25, 2011 Municipal Electric Aggregation A method by which municipal or county governments can enter into electricity purchasing agreements on

behalf of consumers within their jurisdiction Bluestar Energy Solutions, 10/2011 Consumers Residents Small Businesses Small Business = use < 100 KWH

Current Power Purchase Model Individual Residents Purchase Energy From Electricity Supplier Electricity Supplier invoices residents monthly Aggregated

Power Purchase Model County Enters into Power Purchase Agreement with Electricity Supplier on behalf of residents Buying in bulk allows better rate No change to electricity

delivery or invoicing Regulatory Authority Public Act 095-0481: Illinois Power Agency Act Specifically charged with preparing a detailed plan designed to promote, in the most expeditious manner possible, retail electric competition for residential and small commercial electricity consumers while maintaining safe, reliable, and affordable service.

Public Act 096-0176: Amendment authorizing municipal aggregation Process Rate better than ComEd Enter Contract

Agr. w/ Electric Utility Consultant Ordinance to Put Referendum on Ballot

X 2 Public Hearings X

Stop Bids for Electric Supply Contract Stop, No Contract Referendum

Stop Electric Utility Consultant Assists with Process Rate not better than ComEd Who is doing this?

2011 Results Source: Illinois Municipal Review; Illinois Municipal League/ Bluestar Energy Solutions; 10/2011 Local Rates 2011 Contracts Source: Progressive Energy Group, 2011

Green power purchase Can specify % green power (wind, solar) City of Oak Park 100% green power; maintained 25% savings (.0579/ KWH) Cost of green power now is low; may get 10% at no extra cost

Potential County Revenue Common in other states $/household fee Can pay for: Internal county costs to run program Energy conservation programs Cities of Fulton & Glenwood have

included revenues At time of contract with supplier (after referendum passes) Next Steps 1. Select Consultant Proposals due tomorrow,

10/26/11 Recommendation to be based on experience, plan, and fee structure Resolution for consultant hire to Exec on 11/2 and County Board on 11/8 2. Ordinance to place

Referendum on March Ballot To place referendum on March ballot, ordinance must be approved by Jan 3 Ordinance to committee in November, County Board in December

3. Referendum Referendum language spelled out in legislation Election is March 20th 2012 PROPOSITION Shall the County of Kane have the authority to arrange for the supply

of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program? 4. If Referendum Passes, Implementation Public Hearings Competitive Bid for supplier

Questions? Karen Kosky; [email protected] Chris Rossman; [email protected]

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