Multimedia Definition and Aspects - BIU

Multimedia Definition and Aspects - BIU

Multimedia Definition and Aspects 1 T.Sharon-A.Frank ?What is Multimedia 2 T.Sharon-A.Frank Modern Multimedia (1) 3

The same story, information, etc, can be represented in different media: text, images, sound, animation, video All media can be represented digitally as a structured collection of bits: manipulated by programs, stored, transmitted over networks Digital media can be combined and integrated into multimedia. T.Sharon-A.Frank Modern Multimedia (2) Combination of media is actually commonplace (e.g., TV news) and natural we perceive the world through all our senses at once. Novelty of digital multimedia is that all media can be treated as data. Programs can manipulate data in response to

user input, so digital multimedia can be interactive. 4 T.Sharon-A.Frank Characteristics of Modern Multimedia Four necessary characteristics: 1. Digital Media 2. Multiple Media 3. Integrated Media 4. Interactive with Human Control 5 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multiple Media Conversion

maps audio pictures ABC text video graphics 6 T.Sharon-A.Frank Device Proliferation

7 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Workstation CD-ROM Communicatio n Frame Grabber Voice Recognition Unit

Video Speech Synthesis Unit 8 Graphics T.Sharon-A.Frank Audio Fax x Multimedia Overall Configuration

Videodisc player AUTHORING PLAYBACK Removable media CD-ROM Scanner Speakers Video display card Touch screen Sound digitizer Videodisc player

Desktop Multimedia Publishing Camcorder, camera or videodisc player Video or TV Monitor Videotape recorder Audio mixer CD-ROM Speakers 10 High quality video card

T.Sharon-A.Frank Sound digitizer Multimedia Application Types Local MM Stand-alone Networked and Distributed MM Network based Group communication oriented Need QoS (Quality of Service) 11 T.Sharon-A.Frank Online/Offline MM Delivery

Online Delivery: Uses a network (usually the Internet) to send information from one computer to another. Web is commonest form of online delivery of multimedia. Offline Delivery: Removable storage medium is used to carry the data: CD-ROM, DVD. 12 T.Sharon-A.Frank Linearity vs. Non-Linearity Linear Text 13

T.Sharon-A.Frank Hypertext/Hypermedia Linearity Film: fixed order of frames defines a single playback sequence. 14 Book: physical arrangement of text and pages implies a linear reading order.

T.Sharon-A.Frank Non-Linearity Hypermedia: links between pages permit multiple arbitrary reading orders. Flash: jumps between frames, controlled by interactivity, permits branching and loops. 15 T.Sharon-A.Frank Hypertext Hypertext is non linear text. It reflects the way we think and write

---- definitions -------------------------------------------models--------Link Thinking Models 16 Writing Models T.Sharon-A.Frank Node Hypertext on the WWW HTML 17 T.Sharon-A.Frank

Hypermedia Example 18 T.Sharon-A.Frank Hypermedia Multimedia 19 Hypermedia T.Sharon-A.Frank Hypertext

?!So what was the message 20 T.Sharon-A.Frank Communication History Wheel 3200-3500 B.C Paper 105 AD Telephone 1876 Automobile

~1900 Powered Flight 1903 Computer 1945 Printing Press 1450s Radio 1901 Fax 1843 Television

1927 The Internet 1973 l 21 T.Sharon-A.Frank Boundaries Between: Computing, Communications and Entertainment Communication Devices

Consumer Entertainment Devices Public Switched LANs & WANs Network CATV & Broadcast TV Computing Devices 22 T.Sharon-A.Frank

Multimedia Technology Fueling Convergence of Domains Tele-computers Video Phones Computer-based Text-display Video conferencing phone Portable Telephones Computers Cellular phones 23 Interactive TV Computing

Devices Communication Devices LANs & WANs Public Switched Network Televisions VCRs Consumer Entertainment Devices CATV & Broadcast TV

802.3, 802.5, x.25 POTS, ISDN Analog Coax FDDI, ATM, 802.6 B-ISDN FTTC/FTTH T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia in Communication Terms Media Order Media B/W

Low (10 B/S) Medium (10 KB/S) High (10 MB/S) GB/S??? Linear Passive BATCHY Text, Documents Plain Book Graphs Lecture, Slides Voice

Maps Graphics Color Display Photographs Recorded Audio Sound Television Films (2D, 3D) Video Audio + Moving Visuals Batch Multimedia Non-Linear Interaction REAL-TIME Advanced Book + Index, Cross References, Photos, Appendices

Visual Glossary Slide Show + Narration Computerized Chess Games Slide Show + music Audiovisual Show Pinball Machine Personal Computer Desktop Publishing (DTP) Hypertext TV Zapping Desktop Video (DTV) Video Game Multimedia / Hypermedia High Definition TV (HDTV) Teleconferencing Virtual Reality

?!So whats behind the picture 25 T.Sharon-A.Frank

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