MTP Stage 1 - Recipes for IT

MTP Stage 1 - Recipes for IT

Eagle Programme : 4 Box Summary Programme Lead w/e James Ditmore 15/10/10 RAG Status A Mission Exit Exit the the current current contract contract with with xyz; xyz; Repatriate Repatriate IP IP on on strategic strategic Technologies, Technologies, Readdress Readdress the the balance balance of of the the provision provision of of Technical Technical services services between between In-house In-house & & 3rd 3rd Party Party Suppliers Suppliers & & Enable Enable management management & & Design Design ownership ownership to to remain remain with with the the company company Critical Milestones Milestone Recent Progress Baseline Expected RAG Approval of Business Case 12/09 12/09 Cmp Issue Termination 12/09 12/09 Cmp Confirm Termination 01/10 01/10 Cmp Termination Efffective 06/10 06/10 Cmp 26/08/10 26/08/10 Cmp Business Case Approvals Complete HR Due Diligence Commenced Cmp New MSA Signed by both parties 31/08/10 Cmp Staff Briefing 28/09/10 15/10/10 cmp HR DD Complete 29/10/10 29/10/10 A HR Consultation Started 01/11/10 03/11/10 G HR Consultation Complete 28/01/11 22/12/10 G On Boarding Start 01/01/11 01/01/11 G On Boarding Complete 31/01/11 31/01/11 G Joint Employee Briefings took place on time around the globe, Letters sent out by ABC on 13/14 Oct Recruitment Road shows scheduled for 18th/19th Oct, all decks signed off and resources ready. Heads up meeting with JKL took place agreement to 3/11 joint consultation plus Forum Rep Draft SoW issued with proposed Pricing. Currently being reviewed by workstream lead in preparation for response w/c 18th October. Next period Measures letter ( ) details the high level measures required under the transfer and is a legal requirement under TUPE regulations Preparation for Joint consultation in UK draft deck prep Post announcement communication process to be agreed (including management of FAQs) Detailed planning on ABCprocesses re-engineering workshops to commence Operational Readiness Workshops scheduled 21st October (XYZ) and 22nd October Risk & Issues India recruitment complete (all new staff on board) 01/12/10

01/12/10 G ABC India Recruitment Complete (all new staff on board) 28/02/11 28/02/11 G JKL India Recruitment Complete (all new staff on board) 15/03/11 11/04/11 G Corporate Cut Over to New MSA 15/11/10 15/11/10 G Retail Store Cut Over to New MSA 15/11/10 15/11/10 G XYZ Cut Over to New MSA 16/12/10 16/12/10 G GHIJ Service Cut Over 01/02/11 01/02/11 G JKL Service Cut Over 01/02/11 01/02/11 G ABC Service Cut Over 01/03/11 01/03/11 A Programme reporting Amber RAG due to the following: Transition dates are at risk scheduled for consultation to take up to 8 weeks, but could possibly take up to 12 weeks. If consultation take 12 weeks, transition dates will be pushed out. Transition planning for XYZ continues with a number of scenarios being tested. Hard dates set by HR and legal may prevent any material change but this is being challenged. Scope is agreed and will be baselined by end of October. 1 Eagle Programme Finance: 4 Box Summary Workstream Lead w/e John Manager 15/10/2010 RAG Status G Mission Stream Stream scope scope and and objectives: objectives: To To ensure ensure clear clear management management of of the the key key financial financial aspects aspects of of the the programme. programme. Critical Milestones Milestone Risk & Issues Baseline Expected DD/MM/YY DD/MM/YY Complete work stream business cases End July End July G Revise/Review final funding requirement post HR due diligence End Sept Mid Nov A Support/Drive transition to BAU for all key financial functions MSA (Dec10) Other (Apr 11) Recent Progress Involved in MSA Operationalisation discussions with XYZ Involved in MSA MI discussions with XYZ Working with Process re-engineering team As Shown RAG G Changes to the transition plans and HR due diligence may impact on the restructure funding requirement. This is to be confirmed when revised plans are received and HR due diligence completed. (Oct 10). This should also resolve the issue of a gap between JKL and the business cases, which impacts on budget plan. Timing of briefing to key client (Barclaycard). XYZ Tech finance will engage with company disvision finance but only after exec level briefing has taken place. Need confirmation that this has happened. Decision required around the repatriation of the JKL resources in Company X. JD sign-off if the decision is no. Next period Compile standard list of finance issues that need to be included in transition planning. Particular focus on transition for finance, invoicing, time recording etc. Treat each transition as a mini termination and apply key principles. Need to understand the ABC Operating model and how it compares with the original business cases. Session with Jim Ditmore to start this process. Helped identify Retail Store SOW issues Support HR team developing T&Cs for in-scope resource Clarified position regarding site FP development days. 2

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