MPJ Going to University - Is it for You

MPJ Going to University - Is it for You

Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School UNIVERSITY 2018 IS IT FOR YOU? MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE Do not become frustrated with the seeming complexity of the choices you must make regarding your post-secondary education. Plenty of help is available to you in order to make the right decision. RESOURCES PRINT MATERIAL University admission guidelines and calendars School bulletin boards PEOPLE

Guidance counselors, teachers, university liaison representatives, university admission offices and personnel, athletic departments, tour guides WEBSITES individual university and college websites REMEMBER WHEN FACING A MAJOR TRANSITION IN YOUR LIFE, BEING PREPARED IS ESSENTIAL! YOUR ACADEMIC FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE! SUGGESTED QUESTIONS FOR UNIVERSITY VISITS AND UNIVERSITY FAIR Where is your institution located? What programs are offered? Do you offer co-op programs? In which areas? What are your admission requirements? What is the cost of attending? What are the deadlines for applications and scholarships? What are the values of the scholarships you award?

What criteria are considered in the scholarship process? Are only scholarships guaranteed for a specified standing? Do you have a campus tour program? Do you have an Open House or Summer Orientation? What on-campus housing is available? How do I apply? Is residence guaranteed? What extra-curricular activities are available? Can I change programs without restriction within your institution? What services are available on campus to help with writing, math etc.? What are the sizes of first-year classes? Is there a place where I can get academic assistance? How can I get more information? Ontario University Fair Sept. 2017 You can talk personally with students, professors and senior university

reps, get answers about programs, admission requirements, student life and much more. Dont miss out on the largest educational fair in Canada! Other Fairs When Sunday, October 1, 2017 Fair Times: 1 pm 5 pm Free Seminars: 12 noon 5 pm Where Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

Constitution Halls 105-106 255 Front Street West, Toronto, ON Go to websites for more details. Other Fairs Are you interested in going overseas to volunteer, work, study or just explore? This is your opportunity to connect with organizations that can help you make it happen! Come to North America's best-attended event of its kind. Dates for 2017 are: Toronto, Sept 23-24, 2017 Ryerson University, Kerr Hall

mbr (Gerrard and Victoria Streets; Dundas TTC) 23-4, Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 12-5pmptember Go to websites for more details. January 11, 2017 PROGRAMS Example 1 with mark requirement and course requirements

(4U Math preferred) PROGRAMS - Example 2 with mark requirement and course requirements Program Admission You must complete an Online Student Profile and pay and Engineering Assessment Fee of $40. If you have lower grades but have extensive extracurricular activity, you are still encouraged to apply. Offers of Admission for Ontario High School Students Basic Requirements for Admission All Ontario high school applicants are required to present six 4U/M courses, including ENG4U and all prerequisites. Failed and Repeated Courses While recognizing that there may be valid reasons to repeat a course, the University of Toronto reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course. Timing and Process for Admission Decisions Depending on the faculty, program of study, campus, and your academic record, conditional offers of admission based on final

3U/M and interim or final 4U/M results, will be made between mid-February and late May. All offers of admission are conditional upon final results and completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. PROGRAMS - Example 3 with mark requirement and course requirements Program Admission You can only apply to one Schulich program - either BBA or iBBA. A supplementary application (including leadership profile and video interview) is required by February 1, 2017. For Ontario high school students, the minimum admission requirement is the completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, and six 4U/M courses, including ENG4U. Students may also be required to fulfill faculty or program-specific prerequisites. Francophone applicants may present FRA4U, FEF4U or FIF4U. You must successfully complete the OSSD diploma, including six 4U/M courses and all of the prerequisites for your programs, and maintain the average used for conditional admission. Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the university. Failed and Repeated Courses

Yorks policy on repeated courses: Repeated courses are accepted. Admissions will consider the course with the highest grade, which may not necessarily be the most recently taken course. The Schulich School of Business reserves the right to review each situation on an individual basis. Yorks policy on failed courses: Failed courses will be considered. Admissions will review the course with the highest grade. SCHOLARSHIPS Searching for Scholarships Online One of the most effective ways to search for scholarships and bursaries is by making use of online search engines. Here are some useful online resources that you should check out: has thousands of awards listed. Search by school, field of study, or source. matches you with awards you are eligible for after you create a detailed profile. It will also send you email updates when new scholarships become available helps students find a school that suits them and features a scholarship search engine. of Universities and Colleges of Canada manages scholarships and applications for many private sources, primarily corporations. onCampus- offers a comprehensive search tool you can use to search for awards by school. enter information about your average, marks and family income and Globe Campus assesses how much you qualify for in loans and grants and suggests specific scholarships. Tip: When creating online profiles for these sites, answer the questions with as much detail as you can so you can find as many awards as possible. Doesnt it make you sad to think about all that education money sitting there, lonely and unspent, just because nobody cared enough to ask for it? Poor, poor little bursary, all alone in the financial-aid office, waiting for someone to come and love it. Will it be you? PRIVATE SOURCES Many private organizations offer scholarships and bursaries and give them out for all kinds of different reasons. The best place to start is to make a list of organizations that you and your family are associated with including places of worship, employers, unions, and community groups and find out if they offer scholarships. The Canadian Campus Companion

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