Moving Cape Coral Forward

Moving Cape Coral Forward

Moving Cape Coral Forward FUTURE CHALLENGES Consequences of state actions Water quality Ratio of residential versus commercial properties Lack of large parcels for commercial property development Capital Needs ATTRACTING BUSINESS & GOOD PAYING JOBS

Streamlining the development process - recent Land Development Code update Increased density in key areas Actively marketing development opportunities (Bimini Basin, Academic Village, 7 Islands, Pine Island Corridor) Target industries: medical/healthcare, light manufacturing, biotech/med-tech, back-office operations, and corporate headquarters Evaluating utilities infrastructure for future development & continue to expand utilities to areas of North Cape PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Cape Coral-Fort Myers river crossing pipeline for reclaimed

water FGUA agreement which avoided an injection well near our drinking water source Continue to eliminate septic systems as part of the UEP project North 2 section will be completed summer 2020 (8,800 parcels) North 1 in NE Cape Coral construction expected to begin in 2021 (7,400 parcels) PERMITS FY2019 total permit issued: 31,111 FY2020 total permits issued to date: 4,600 New Construction permits issued in FY2019

Single Family: 1,874 Multi-Family (includes duplexes): 17 Industrial: 2 Commercial 51 New Construction permits issued thus far FY2020 Single Family: 303 Multi-Family (includes duplexes): 23 Industrial: 0 Commercial: 2 CITYS 2019 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Maintained public safety record (2nd safest city in Florida with a population of more than 100,000)

Cape Coral voters approved a $60 million expansion of the Citys parks Land Development Code rewrite complete Fleet Awards (Cape Corals Fleet Management Division was ranked No. 12 this year in the top 50 Leading Fleets by Government Fleet magazine, also ranked No. 15 by the 100 Best Fleets in North America program) City took 2nd Place at the Digital Cities Awards for technology initiatives and cybersecurity awareness training efforts Sustainability of Charter Schools Cape Corals Top Rankings

Cape Coral ranked 2nd in the Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey Best in Nation rankings for expected job growth. Cape Coral ranked 1st in Florida in the Happiest Cities in America in 2019, according to WalletHub.

Cape Coral was 24th in WalletHubs Safest Cities in America. Cape Coral was among 10 cities named Top Markets to Target in 2019 by real estate tech marketing firm SetSchedule. Cape Coral ranked 9th on Forbes list of Americas Fastest-Growing Cities in 2018. It was 1st in projected population and gross market product growth. Lee County was 10th in the nation on the U.S. News & World Reports Best 25 Places People Are Moving to in 2019. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers MSA ranked seventh nationally in population growth from 2010 to 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The area grew 22 percent to reach 754,610 people. Cape Coral ranked 28th on Kiplingers 50 Florida cities with the lowest local taxes.

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