Monday May 9, 2011 - Mrs. Clifford's English Class

Monday May 9, 2011 - Mrs. Clifford's English Class

Monday April 23, 2012 Vocabulary unit 14! When Mrs. Rector and Ms. ONeil asked their classes if they wanted to go outside for independent reading, they responded with

alacrity. alacrity-(n) cheerful readiness to do something Synonym- eager action At the start of the U.S. Civil War thousands of

young men responded to the call to arms with alacrity. If you have a headache, taking Aleve or Tylenol, may alleviate your pain.

alleviate-(v) to relieve or make more bearable Synonym- to make something less bad Food drives are organized to help alleviate hunger in many communities.

Luciano Pavarottis opera singing was the antithesis of Eminems rap singing. antithesis-(n) the exact opposite of something

Synonym- a sharp contrast In the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is the antithesis of the Wicked Witch of the West. The world was appalled by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

appall-(v) to fill with dismay or horror Synonym- to shock someone greatly The state of Indiana was appalled at the

damage caused by the recent tornadoes. I wouldnt want to cross paths with a very bellicose dog. bellicose-(adj)

eager to fight Synonym- having a warlike temperament In 1941 after the Japanese attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, our nations attitude turned bellicose.

In the novel Sunrise Over Fallujah, Sergeant Harris makes disparaging comments about women. disparage-(v) to criticize in a way that shows you dont

think something is important Synonym-to undervalue It is a mistake to disparage the importance of good manners!! A trumpet and a harp playing together in

two different musical keys would sound dissonant. dissonant-(adj) harsh and not harmonious in sound Synonym-disagreeing in sound

When they argued, their dissonant voices irritated everyone. On the TV show The Big Bang Theory Sheldon is supposed to be a nerd who is quite droll.

droll-(adj) unusual and slightly funny Synonym- funny in an unusual way The American Author Mark Twain was famous for droll remarks like:

For every problem there is always a solution that is simple, obvious and wrong. Whenever I feel the urge to exercise I lie down until it goes away. Osama bin Laden issued edicts that

declared war against the U.S. government. edict-(n) an order made issued someone in authority

Synonym- an official order President Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation is an example of an edict. After a car accident, it is difficult to elucidate to an officer what happened.

. elucidate-(v) to explain very clearly something that is difficult to understand. Synonym-to clarify

When you read Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, the modern English version on the right side of the page helped to elucidate the old English on the left. The student athletes at Keefe Tech were

lauded for their participation in the sports program. laud-(v) to praise Synonym- to admire

The students in the Keefe Tech Health Careers shop were lauded for their recent successful blood drive ; a record 71 people donated! There are certain times of the day when you just want to do nothing but loll about

and listen to music or chill. loll-(v) to sit or lie in a lazy or relaxed way Synonym- to lounge or to loaf A great way to spend time in the summer is

lolling around in a hammock and reading a book! It is sometimes said that women are more loquacious than men, but all the men I know seem to do their full share of

talking. loquacious-(adj) talkative Synonym-wordy; garrulous The loquacious little girl didnt want to hang up the phone.

My friend made the magnanimous offer to lend me the money I needed to buy a new car. magnanimous- (adj)

kind and generous toward other people, especially in forgiving Synonym-bighearted With a magnanimous heart, he forgave those who had hurt him, setting himself free!!

At Keefe Tech it is mandatory to take final exams at the end of the school year. mandatory-(adj) required

Synonym- obligatory In Massachusetts it is mandatory for new drivers under 18 to take a drivers education course before getting a license. Big Box Stores like Walmart and Cosco

all look the same; they have no distinct character or distinguishing features; they are nondescript. nondescript-(adj) ordinary, plain

Synonym-not having noticeable or interesting qualities Do you prefer a shoe that is colorful and flamboyant or one that is more nondescript? The sloth seems to be quite a phlegmatic

animal; hes slow and doesnt show too much character or emotion. phlegmatic-(ad) slow moving; not too emotional Synonym-calm and not easily excited or

worried Having a phlegmatic personality means you are basically easygoing. Does this describe you? Keefe Tech students would be happy if the school rescinded the rule that does

not allow use of electronic devices during lunch! rescind-(v) to officially end a law, agreement or decision Synonym-to cancel

The young lady was surprised when her job offer at Cisco was possibly rescinded because she tweeted about her future employer. Keefe Tech freshmen are definitely a vivacious group of students; you are lively and full of

energy! vivacious-(adj) lively; full of energy Synonym-spirited and fun to be with Many musical performers are vivacious!!

The chef whetted the dull blade on his steel sharpener. The smell of the food from culinary whetted my appetite.

whet-(v) to sharpen; to excite Synonym- to make eager The Hunger Games movie has whetted many peoples curiosity about the entire book trilogy as well.

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