Modern and Mythological Heroes A Comparison and Contrast of ...

Modern and Mythological Heroes A Comparison and Contrast of ...

MEN OF STEEL WITH AN ACHILLES HEEL A comparison of Achilles and Superman The Heroic Archetype What is an Archetype A recurring pattern of images, situations, or symbols found in the mythology, religion, art and dreams, of cultures around the world. What is an Archetypal Hero

A hero with specific traits. Born under unusual circumstances, leaves family and lives with others, traumatic event leads to quest, receives supernatural help, and has special abilities. These series of events resemble Joseph Campbells monomyth structure. Born Under Unusual Circumstances Achilles Born a demigod as the son of Peleus and Thetis. Thetis

was the goddess of the water and Peleus was a mortal man. Superman Born on a world that was on the verge of destruction so he was rocketed to earth. Leaves Family and Lives with Others Achilles

Raised by his mother and centaur Chiron but not his father. Superman Raised by farmers on Earth after escaping the destruction of his world. Life-Changing Event Leads to Quest Achilles

Achilles was called upon by Agamemnon to fight the Trojans to win back Helen. His mother warned him that he was destined a good life at home if he didnt go or glory and remembrance of his name after his death if he did go. He decides to go for the glory. Superman The loss of his home and father lead him to use his powers to try to protect and later on save his new world, planet earth.

Receives Supernatural Help Achilles Athena was Achilles supernatural aid because shes a goddess and she helped him defeat Hector of Troy Superman Received help from his father from crystals that were

programmed with his planets science and his fathers memories. Has Special Abilities & One Weakness Achilles Superhuman strength, stamina, and immortality. His only weakness was the spot where he wasnt immortal which was the area by his heel.

Superman Super strength, heat vision, flight, etc. and immortality. Only weakness was Kryptonite. Are Archetypal Heroes Their lives or journeys are similar to that of Joseph Campbells monomyth structure. This goes on to say that Achilles and Superman are archetypal heroes.

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