Mobile edge computing - Aalto

Mobile edge computing - Aalto

MOBILE EDGE COMPUTING Report by Weiqing huang AGENDAS Concepts about MEC Characters and prime objectives Application scenarios Drivers of MEC technique

Challenges Reference CONCEPTS OF MEC Computati on Storage Why

5G Radio access informatio Threen party partner

Characters Objectives:: Optimization of mobile resource Low latency High bandwidth Optimization of large

data Providing context-aware services ProximityLocation awareness with the help of RAN info Radio network information Enabling

cloud service for mobile subscribers APPLICATION SCENARIOS Augmented Reality Connected Cars

DRIVER S CHALLENGES Standard Protocol Mobility Management Heterogeneity Scalability

Security REFERENCE IEEE_Conference: A Survey on Mobile Edge Computing Mobile edge computing: A key technology towards 5g Mobile-Edge Computing -Introductory Technical White Paper Augmented reality in urban places: contested content and

the duplicity of code. THANKS ! QUESTION?

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