MLA Documentation

MLA Documentation

MLA Documentation CITING BOOKS AND ANTHOLOGIES Bibliography Titles Heres a handy chart for remembering what title you should use with each documentation style. The title is not bolded, underlined, italicized, or in a larger font. Note the capitalization as well. MLA Format Rough Draft of a Bibliography

Working Bibliography Bibliography with annotations Annotated Bibliography A Paper Works Cited Underlining and Quotation Marks in Titles

MLA always uses italicizing for titles such as books, movies, music albums, magazines, journals, etc. Essay titles, songs, episodes from television shows, and poems should be placed in quotation marks. Examples: My favorite movie, Dogma, is written by Kevin Smith. I sang Rock with You at karaoke last night to audience of fifty. More on Underlining and Quotation

Marks in Titles Titles of longer works are italicized, while titles of shorter works are in quotation marks. See this chart for examples. Underlined In Quotation Marks Anthology titles Essays

Books Poems/Short Stories Magazines/Newspapers/ Journals Articles CDs/Albums Songs

Television Shows/Films Television Show Episodes Capitalization and Titles of Sources For titles in MLA, every word except articles, coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS), and prepositions are capitalized. Examples: Milo: The Story of a Lonely Cat Pleurisy in Uganda

Double Spacing and Format Your Works Cited page is placed at the end of your paper, and it is double-spaced. Every line after the first of the citation is indented one tab. Note the period at the end of the citation as well. Example: Frog, Kermit T. Gourmet Flies Around the World. Green Eats of America and Beyond 5 Mar. 2005: 43. State Abbreviations MLA does not require a state abbreviation, no matter how obscure the city. There is

also no need to put the country or country abbreviation. Names of Authors Follow this chart for examples of how to begin your citation with the author(s) name(s). MLA Format One Author Smith, John

Two Authors Smith, John, and Pam Green Four or More Authors Smith, John, et. al. Authors with the Same Name If you have two sources by the same author, heres how to cite that on the Works Cited page. Note that in MLA, arrangement is alphabetical

by the name of the text, since the author name is the same. Also note that in MLA there are three dashes to represent the repetition of the authors name. Example: Barry, Max. Company. New York: Doubleday, 2006. Print. ---. Jennifer Government. New York: Vintage, 2003. Print. In-Text Citations In-text citations are citations placed after a direct

quote, paraphrase, or summary. The authors name needs to appear either in the signal phrase or in the intext citation at the end. In MLA, you will need to put just the page number. Also note the placement of the period in the sentence. Examples: In MLA with author in signal phrase: John Smith stated, plums are the best source of Vitamin D (46). In MLA without author in signal phrase: The author stated, plums are the best source of Vitamin D (Smith 46). BOOKS

Citing a Book When you use a source in your paper, whether you are directly quoting it, paraphrasing it, or summarizing it, you need to put it in your Works Cited page. Below is an example for a book. Format: Last name, First name. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publishing Company, Year of Publication. Print.

Example: Kerouac, Jack. The Dharma Bums. New York: Penguin, 1986. Print. ANTHOLOGIES Citing an Anthology Below are the examples for an anthology/edited book. Format: Last name, First name. Essay Title. Title of Anthology. Ed. Editors

name. Edition of book. City: Publisher, Year of Examplepublication. Pages of essay. Print. : Wood, Fran. Attacks on SUV Owners are Driving Me up the Wall. Reading and Writing Short Arguments. Ed. William Vesterman. 5th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2005. 73 77. Print.

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