STATE OF THE CHAPTER 2016 26 Years Strong! Mission of MiSGMP The Michigan Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (MiSGMP) is dedicated to improving the knowledge and expertise of individuals in the planning and management of government meetings through education, training, industry relationships and mutual support. Current Board Laurie Nickson President (Planner) Diane Dick 1st Vice President (Planner) Nick Hussein 2nd Vice President (Supplier)

Annette Pepper Secretary (Planner) Nate Melvin Treasurer (Supplier) Chris Ward Director (Planner) Aimee George Director (Supplier) Amanda Toy Director (Supplier) Debbie Kopkau Past President (Planner) 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 1st Strategic Focus: Membership Objective: Increase membership to 160. We are currently at 145! Membership drive happening now use the MiSGMP promo business cards to recruit!

4 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 2nd Strategic Focus: Education Objective: Provide educational programs to assist members. Published an annual calendar of events Increased monthly meeting attendance! All monthly meeting education sessions and AEC sessions approved by National. All can be used towards GMS certificate, CGMP recertification and CGMP certification and recertification.

5 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 3rd Strategic Focus: Communication Objective: Provide relevant, timely and consistent information. Quarterly newsletters produced Emails about programs and other relevant information are sent to members and prospective members MiSGMP has a presence on Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter and Linked In! 6 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 4th Strategic Focus: Leadership Development Objective: Grow leadership roles from within membership. Creation of Board FAQs document Increased participation on committees 5 Chapter scholarships awarded for 2016 AEC 3 Chapter scholarships awarded for 2016 NEC 7 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 5th Strategic Focus: Visibility and Marketing

Objective: Promote MiSGMP activities to grow awareness of the Chapter and the Society. Attended trade shows to promote MiSGMP Continued sponsor bundles MiSGMP stress balls distributed in November 2015 MiSGMP promotional business cards distributed in March 2016 for purpose of recruitment MiSGMP polo shirts available now! Order deadline is April 22nd! 8 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 6th

Strategic Focus: Relationships with National Objective: Maintain positive working relationships with National Board, National Staff and other Chapters. Election of Michelle Milligan as 1st Vice President of SGMP, July 1, 2015 Andrew Silver serves as a GIL Trustee and was 2016-2018 re-elected for

5 MiSGMP members appointed to the SGMP Blue Ribbon Task Force (Char Alexander, Anissa Damon, Leonard LaFrance, Jamie Ralph and Andrew Silver) Nate Melvin, Treasurer, serves on the National Nominations and Elections Committee and the National Finance and Audit Committee 9 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 6th Strategic Focus: Relationships with National,

continued Annette Pepper, Secretary, serves on the NEC Task Force Board members participate in monthly National membership calls and other relevant conference calls with National Monthly financials and reports submitted to National by Nate Melvin, Treasurer, and Laurie Nickson, President 10 2015-2016 Chapter Business Plan 6th Strategic Focus: Relationships with National, continued

2 MiSGMP members received National scholarships to attend NEC Slip and Fall: A Case of Personal Injury selected for mock court presentation at 2016 NEC At 2015 NEC, MiSGMP received 1st Place for Communications of the Year and 2 nd Place for Programming of the Year MiSGMP submitted applications for Programming of the Year and Communications of the Year awards, to be awarded at the 2016 NEC! 11 Membership

160 152 140 120 104 113 123 136 145

145 100 80 80 60 40 20 0 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 12 Revenue Budgeted 2015-2016 Budget Other Income; 4552; 7.71%

Revenue Share; 3000; 5.08% Monthly Meetings; 10500; 17.78% Advertising; 7000; 11.85% Currently at 75.36% of budget Auction; 6000; 10.16% AEC; 22000; 37.26% Road Rally; 5000; 8.47% Wine Wall; 1000;

1.69% Currently at 66.86% of Total Revenue Budgeted $56,052 13 Expenses Budgeted 2015-2016 Chapter Membership/ Administration; 2765; Marketing; 2035; Auction

& Awards; Website; 1200; 1.62% 3.72% 2.74% 2000; 2.69% Programs; 13700; 18.45% Currently at 21.16% of budget NEC; 26800; 36.09% National requires 80% of budget is used for education

Currently at 66.86% of Total AEC; 25750; 34.68% Revenue Budgeted $73,050 14 2016-2018 MiSGMP Board Michelle Milligan, SGMP 1st Vice President, will induct the 20162018 MiSGMP Board at tonights banquet. Laurie Nickson President Diane Dick 1st Vice President Nate Melvin 2nd Vice President Annette Pepper Secretary Stacy Yerby Treasurer Leonard LaFrance Director

Nick Hussein Director Chris Ward Director Debbie Kopkau Past President 15 Property Recognition Awards The Chapter is awarding MiSGMP Membership Longevity Awards at tonights banquet. 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years 16 Committee Opportunities Advertising/Sponsorships

Diane Dick Annual Education Conference Chris Ward Communications Website Community Service Education GMS Certificate Aimee George Nate Melvin Amanda Toy Annette Pepper Debbie Kopkau 17

Committee Opportunities Honors and Awards Marketing Annette Pepper Amanda Toy Membership Nick Hussein Nominations Debbie Kopkau

Registration/Door Prizes Scholarships Special Events Diane Dick Nate Melvin Laurie Nickson 18 New Committee Opportunity? The MiSGMP Red Wicked Mango Hard Ale Petting Zoo/Hotel/ Retirement Home/ED Center?

19 Whats Next? More Awards for the Michigan Chapter at the 2016 National Educational Conference? Membership Drivemarketing cards available at registration! Road Rally in Grand Rapids May 25, 2016 Increased member participation on committees! MiSGMP Governing Board Retreat June 20-21,2016 Banquet and Auction in Lansing September 14, 2016 More GMS Certificates issued! Outstanding monthly education programs! And more!!! 20

MiSGMP Website www.misgmp.org View Upcoming Program Information and Register Online Review Your Attendance (8/2008 to present) Read Newsletters Look for Preferred Vendors Contact the Board Print Invoices Purchase Sponsorships Purchase Special Items (MiSGMP Shirts Currently) 21 National Website www.sgmp.org Name changes Account changes Renew membership

Register for NEC, CGMP or National Programs Society Information 22 Questions? 23 Thank you! Mailing Address MiSGMP 5859 W. Saginaw Hwy, #144 Lansing, MI 48917 [email protected]


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